Monday, 25 February 2013



    Evidence of our truth answers to you with evidence of our visits. Many are dealing with us and others, with the truth of who we are, known to them but hidden by many. This is why the Vatican are keeping so many secrets, and cause the death of so many who are dealing with these times of horror. Be ready to hear from our settlers of truth, as they will be seen arriving first.

    These ones are called the "Nordics". They come first to answer to the moving out of all governments from all Capital cities. And then, we will arrive to settle into positions of law, and answer to all injustices according to the ten commandments and the laws dealing with the Universal Laws. These laws are more than any other, and deal with the truth, and not tricks to take from the innocent.

    All who were robbed, will soon open to us with the dealt with truth of why these traitors acted this way. All will know how these devils answer to suppress evidence of great truth with the way all becomes well answered by us and with us. Be serving with us, and see all these thieves and liars be taken to be used to repay all work stolen from others, and who will be dealing with the lies these understood serving answers open to.

    Better to be serving with us because these times of reparations will be well serving and well evident to all. Not one will escape our justice, and not one settles with us to open to many lies. More people will be answered, and more will be saved because of unnecessary laws only serving the rich, will be abolished. The new laws, the Universal Laws, will be put in place to answer to all needs and all better ways to share knowledge with us. 

    Better Setu (bridging) times come soon. All who will oppose us will be dealt with, and all who try to harm us or anyone else, will be found and dealt with. These are the times all good people of Earth have been waiting for, and healing times are soon here. Understand Setu times are settling with us now, and we are ready to answer to our time to open to the world.

    Be ready, and deal with these good serving days with open hearts and clear understandings. Better to open to us now than to be used by these whores forever.  Be well answered by us and be serving with us and others, as we answer to your call, and better answering all who are renewing with understandings and truth. 

    Be dealing with us, as you will soon be renewing with who we are, and why we are returning to Earth. Open to all who serve truth and justice, and who are ready to unite with the good ways of the Universal Laws.

    These Laws will be served to all who settle with these times of renewals. Many will become open by them, as renewal times start. But with us on Earth, we tell all how these ways of openness are shared, and how we are as one, to better live and better see all truth as it is, and more than these truths will be shared.

    A new system of power to give to all, renews on Earth. This power will be easy and free to use, so nothing will harm the earth and its inhabitants; a new way of living to better serve all health needs, shared truth to open to all true justice, living  in safety and the stopping all useless wars. 
I am asking you only to be patient as arrivals begin, and stay calm as all good things are soon  coming to all my children and others' children.

    Be serving a time of peace and meditation, and answer to us as we will become seen in all places of Earth to begin the sorting of evil, and the good care of those in need. Be well settling with Earth ways, and settle with the view all have that we are Alien creatures come to deal with humans in horrible ways. 

    These others Aliens have already come here to cause pain and horrors. These ones will be dealt with first, as they are the cause for many troubles on Earth. You call them the Greys and the Reptilians, and so they are as evil as they are. Only we can rid Earth of these parasites, and this we will do first.

    Be ready and be ready, all starts soon.


    Received February 25, 2013 by Za.


Sunday, 24 February 2013




                                              About the resignation of Pope Benedict.

  A more troubling time comes to the Vatican, as all who are corrupted are seen for who they are. All who see the truth vindicated and all who open to our arrival, will better serve with us and know who we are, and why we answer to this time.

Question: What has caused the Pontiff to step down? This is an unusual step, he said: "We are all sinners, may God have mercy on us."

Answer: "We are all sinners ...", only includes the servants of evil and those who are settling with these times. They worship their demon god who lies, deceives and abuses the innocent to gain their power, and they settle with the thievery of the poor. Be willing to open to the coming times, and with truth, you will heal many sorrows and many other truths.

 We answer to our better serving children first. Then we will sort all those who need to be dealt with, as many see this on Earth with the religious wars, and the deaths of the innocent. But know this, all who oppose God now, are directly being seen by us. Better serving with many more answers to understand how all starts with our time to answer to our children. Now we are arriving to answer back to all these thieves and liars.

Question: What about the lighting strike on the top of the dome of the Vatican?

Answer: These are not our ways. These actions made to answer to evidence of power, belong to the demons who control the weather with lasers from space above Earth, and they see this as a way to maintain the false renewal of our kind. But these actions belong to the weather beasts of Earth, satellites and lasers. These satellites are capable of causing lighting strikes, and it helps to show prophesies to serve their purpose of the mysterious, and the power of the unknown.

  Be well answered as all starts, better seeing of how Earth heals once all the lies are dealt with and serve to prove all better truth. Answers to darkness becomes light and truth. And know we are all serving these times of great serving truth with our words and our trusted ways, and our well sorted populations allowing the good to live in peace, tranquility and healthier lives.

Question: What about religions?

 Answer: All these forms of religions only serve evil plans of control, domination and inculcation of fear among the most vulnerable. This heals as I myself will put a stop to this and other kinds of blasphemy against all Angels and Creators of Earth. Heal with us now, and be ready to better answer to our time of great truth.

 All comes as I said.


 Recent messages to share with those who understand. Za



                                NEW MESSAGES FOR THOSE WHO ARE LISTENING

                Share more knowledge with us tomorrow: more truth, more love, more hope.

 Be with me as we will start the sorting with all our ways of dealing with the corrupted beings who cannot better themselves in any good serving way. Be understanding how all will better answer to those who are pure of heart and pure of soul, and who can unite with the knowledge of the Universal Laws.

 These stories about the way of meteorites are dealing with more than this. What fell to Earth was another American experiment, to shoot down anything that could cause harm to Earth. These meteorites were shot from space and landed in Russia, and now the Russians are angry at the USA for causing these troubles because they are careless of what they harm.

 Now listen. The way all starts comes very fast, and one event will answer another. Understand you will believe evidence as you see it, and see these things are happening. God gives you back to yourself, and then you are free to be the way you are with the settling of times.


Received in the last few days by Za.