Sunday, 31 May 2015


Heal with us

     Be ready more is coming. The truth is about to be served in connection with the war on Russia. Be certain all opens now, and serves to answer to evidence of our truth. Be dealing with us in manifestation of how all opens to greater seeing. Be bridging with us very soon, and believe, evidence of our arrivals will be responding more now to answer to greater truth with the way of better answers. With these truths, many will open to knowledge with us. 

Soon we will begin the sorting of souls, and with this comes many surprises because many are hidden evils not seen by human eyes. This will cause the truth of who opens to dark ways with no serving of justice or care. Be dealing with us, see the non-believers' truth with us, and understand how they have caused many troubles, and how they will be dealt with as we remove their actions from Earth, and allow Earth to be served by good intent and good actions.

     Soon all will be renewed, and life with us will be renewed with all evidence of good and better seeing. Be dealing with us soon and be dealing with the truth about your places of emergence, and be bridging with your families from places past. But also know all opens to greater eruptions of events, as all better answers become well opening to all who ask who we are and why have we returned to Earth knowing all help was needed a long time ago. 

     To this I say, we are here now and we are bridging with many who can be served by our truth and better serve with answers to better ways. Be bridging with us and be understanding we are returning  to answer to the calls through prayers being seen by us, as we hear your calls in evidence of our time of reunification.

     Better to be believing in the truth than to be lied to by the servants of Lucifer who are wishing to open to the dark ones face to face (CERN). And in all truth, do you think these ones, the fallen ones, are there on Earth to serve humans? Answers to this are beyond doubt the corroboration of great troubles and the destruction of all good people, trust. 

     Be dealing with our time to answer back to the ones who expelled us from Earth, and who used these ways of looping the souls on Earth through the practice of death ways of aging and death, to cause the soul to never remember their families and places of emergence. Renewing with these ways will respond to greater seeings with us and others, and settle with our truth.

     Be dealing with us soon, more than you are expecting starts with the first bomb on Syria. This causes answers to our obligation to return to Earth as these actions will cause evidence of great dangers in other places in the Universes. Be certain we are near Earth, and responses with us arriving to stop all further troubles, because these dangerous actions of wars will cause many other planets to be in great danger if Earth tries to self-explode.

     And know this will not be served because we can stop this, and we will. Be certain of this, and see all responses to us more now at the time of meeting and opening to the world. 

     Heal with us and be healed by us, and better answer to yourselves with us. And know all answers will serve all good people very well. And be forgiven for your actions that were only a response to your environment and the conditions of your slavery; as slaves have no other choice than to be enslaved, and their actions are only the choices given to answer to.

     Be seeing how you must also accept to forgive yourselves for actions answered by the seeing of others, proving of what they serve. And these evident answers are mostly caused by deceptions and lies to make people act in unnatural ways that are serving to be the destruction of good souls. Be freeing yourselves from the guilt you carry in consequence of actions you would not have committed if you were free to obviously not commit.

     Deal with these truths and be freeing yourselves from all guilt that was imposed on you by other's beliefs or fears. The non-believers see this as a burden to keep you from freeing yourselves, and they use these ways of guilt to open you to the seeing of control and dominance. But with us, you will be free, and with us you will be seen for who you are, as we know the ways of evil and their better lies to deceive the young and the innocent so they can serve all evil ways.

     Renew with us and be renewed with answers to our truth. Be understanding how all opens more now and be responding to greater truth with us. And know all starts soon to answer to better serving truth. Be bridging with us soon and be ready.


Received by Za, May 31, 2015

Sunday, 3 May 2015



Be questioning everything

     Know we are understanding how all answers on Earth and how all settles on Earth, at these coming days of wars and deadly deeds renewing with these death Beings. Know we are opening with greater truth than what is seen, and with all who are ready to answer to us. But also know many will choose to evidently try to open to knowledge with these demons first, to serve them and their ways, and this will be telling of what they choose.

     These ones will be dealt with because all who oppose us will meet their own actions and their own death, as they would have done to those who are being saved by us. And know we are better serving all serving truth and all trusted answers to knowledge and truth. This will be undeniable and evident, and not one man or woman or child on earth will be faced with deceptions as we arrive and open to the world.

     Be ready, proof is very near. And all who ask why this has taken so long will understand that we are knowing about the troubles from Earth for a short time, and we are on our way, but many decisions had to be made responding to these times. Because we are many, some are responding to answers from a long time ago. But know answers to knowledge are greater than seen on Earth.

     All who serve with us tell of the proof of change needed to be gradual to open to knowledge more on Earth, and to open to all. This heals with us, but it answers also to many people who are bridging with us in preparation to these coming days. Renewing with us opens to many as it is with you, and renewing with us are the ones whose souls are serving these days of responses, believed to be the End Times.

     Know we are the ones who are seen in many ships. And only renewing with our ways are renewing with greater answers than seen on Earth. All who are bridging with us will first be contacted. The non-believers will be used to answer that we are the lie they have shared, but know we are answering the serving call for help many have asked for through prayer and meditation.

     Now be seeing how all starts as the war clears many lies told of who causes all these atrocities on Earth. Know these lies answer to Lucifer and his demons first, and then are serving his slaves who are seen as the servers of war and power on Earth. And these are many who are servers of death who believe they can gain power with their acts of murder. Renewing with this only serves Lucifer who will better serve only himself and believe, he has only one loyalty in him, to himself. 

     Be settling with the belief that he is the creator because all who trust in him will soon see what he is. Only renewed lies will answer him. More truth about his place of emergence will cause many to be settling with our seeing, and be renewing with who we are. Open to knowledge now about how all serves more with us, and be the renewed knowledge in evidence of who you are, and where you have emerged from.

     Deal and accept his lies and be lost forever, as these are the days that end all days of great deceptions. These serving days are now here and all who respond to truth will be saved. All who deny the truth will be more trusted by their ways and actions against all that answers to greater ways than what serves on Earth.

     Be ready now to open to these last days on Earth, and be dealing with us and others as these days are now here. And know all who are ready to answer to greater truth will be answered and amazed. This is the time of reunification and freedom from chaos and lies. Heal with us as we are your family returning to better the lives of our children and our friends who are among you now as these times of preparation are soon answered.

     Know all who blaspheme my name in the time of reunification will be seen for what they serve. All who are bridging with us will better their lives, and open to greater truth. Understand that now is the time to answer to knowledge and to answer to truth. Be serving with us and be free. Evidence of our ways will better Earth and all who live there. Better serving with us will answer all.

      Know who we are at the time of meeting because you will be dealing with the truth of your own being, your soul and your place of emergence. And better renewals will answer many who ask " Why has Will left us and renewed with the ruling of evil?", and "Why has God forgotten us and left Hell on Earth to be renewed war after war, and death after death?". And to this I answer; we had nothing to do with this, but we are returning to remove the cancer on Earth, as we are united and serving the Universal Laws, answering all souls in all places in the Universes.

      And know now we arrive and settle with this demon who causes this response to others, and who deals with death, and the eating of human and animal flesh. Be free of this trap of denials and open to greater seeings than what is serving on Earth.

     Be ready to answer to an explosion of truths, and be seeing how all who are ready to share knowledge and understanding with us, will see how all God's truth will better their lives. Answer to greater renewals with all others in the Universes serving with great understandings about how all heals, and about how all responds and opens.

     Here is the thing; more true knowledge opens with our time to walk the Earth, and the time is near. And I am asking you to trust in our reunification to better your lives, so why be afraid. We are settling with many but only those who cause harm. So be renewing with us and be free. Be seeing all truth arrive soon. More truth, more love, more care, and be serving with us.


Received by Za, May 3, 2015