Saturday, 29 June 2013



It is almost time

    The one who calls himself God repeats the same messages every day; it is almost time for their arrivals and their time to walk the Earth. Needless to say,  I am drawn to these communications by choice and I share these words with the few who dare consider this information. I certainly do not expect anyone to believe me because it is difficult to believe. With God you have a right to choose. It is always choice with Him: choice to believe, choice to accept the coming changes and choice to see more than Earth ways. 

    When He tells me, "Settle with Earth ways and be ready", my question is what does this actually mean to a person like me who has never seen an Alien of any kind and does not have any memories of any past lives. Moreover, I am a person who does not get the concept of "dimensional levels" as explained by other so knowing people on Earth. 'Dimension' means to me something that is measurable as described by dictionaries. Have these people actually experienced other dimensions (with measurable qualities) that most Humans have not? How could I know this? I do not.

    What I do know is in many moments of darkness, I was guided through difficulties with His words and the words of His sons. Everyday, these received messages and conversations made more sense to me than any Earth information and of any sort of Leader on Earth. God is kind. God is patient. He has opened my eyes to understandings I did not venture to know before this all started in 2003. I did not believe in other life forms from other planets. I did not consider that God and the Angels were actual living Beings who have a home, and live, and work with other Beings from other planets. I did not know about all the workings of evil on Earth.  I used to believe that most democratic and socialist countries worked in the best interest of the people. Now I know otherwise.

    This admission is an attempt to open to you as I wish to open my heart to God and welcome Him back to His Earth. I sincerely hope that you are able to do the same when these many groups start arriving. Their ships will be attacked by our governments and we will be told these Aliens are dangerous and harmful. They will point the finger at the Beings from space and say they are our enemies.  I am told that these attackers will not be successful, but as I see it, this aggressive action is telling of who our Earth Leaders are. 

     These Leaders are the ones to fear and soon they will have much to fear. Look around you, look at the cruelty of humans and look at our living conditions. Who can we trust. Freedom, the power to act, think and speak without restraint is no longer possible on Earth. When the truth is shared by ethical journalists, whistleblowers and truth speakers called conspiracy theorists, their lives are instantly in danger. But the tables will be turned and no rock will be left unturned, as He said. This is a promise that He made. 

    There is hope, there is truth and there is more love and more kindness, and this we will soon see.

    Friends, be ready, be careful, be kind to each other.


Sunday, 2 June 2013



Better times are soon here for the Elect

    Now see all begin to open to a time of great changes. Tessron (renewing) times begin with us as we open to the world and walk the Earth. You will see this yourselves as we descend from the skies and open to landing our ships in many Earth responding answers to airports, fields and other airstrips we have left behind a long time ago.

    Now tell yourselves there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Know we are answering back to those who answer to Lucifer and who cause wars and chaos in all places of Earth. Be certain we have dealt with this one before and now his time is over. He will be found, and he will be dug out, and he will face our justice as these times unravel, and this will be dealt with very fast.

    Be very answered by us now and see how all starts with the time of chaos as arrivals will shock many unknowing trusting people who will believe we are the enemy. But they will soon see we are not the enemy as we are settling with the evil ones. 

    Be serving a time of deep meditation and prayer. Be renewing with us at the time of reunification as we become well serving of our ways and as we begin to clean Earth of all harm and pollution caused by the servants of darkness. Heal with us, onm (light of knowledge and understanding) is coming to answer your many questions and many answers to our ways and our Setu renewals of great telling.

    Be well answered by us and be free of torment, abuses and many lies, and see to the serving with evidence of our ways with the settling of great renewals and great seeings. Understand we do not harm our kind but we will remove all who are in league with Lucifer and all who are living as his off-spring. Tell yourselves visits to these kinds will be brief and certain as we know who they answer to and what lives in them. And know better times will soon open after the time of renewals and the time of sorting.

    With us, all will renew, all will be answered and all will be changed. With us, you will see to all serving times and all serving answers to evidence of who we are and why we are onm and Setu with you. Be well and see to it all will be healed by us with your time to understand all that we are and all that we have better served, settling with many wars and many injustices. 

    These times on Earth are soon over and now a new time begins to open to all who are my children and who are waiting to open to many truths with us, and this is very soon. Be ready to respond to our call and be seeing how all starts with the death of so many who ask us 'why are we the servants of death' and to this I have only one answer, 'to complete your life and well answer to us'. 

    See these deaths as a crossing over only, as the soul lives on and renews with new life to open to much better times. Understand onm about travels of souls, as we have all experienced these ways with many lives ourselves. 

    These ways of travel serve to open to answers to educate the soul about all life, seeing to the ways of all people and all seeings. Be well answered by us, be dealing with our truth and our ways as we begin to open to all who are ready to meet with us and their family members left on Earth because of renewing ways with education. 

    These ways elevate the souls' understanding of life on Earth and deals with the view we have about how all starts and settles with death, and so these ways answers to experiences of lives. Be serving with us and see yourselves through many lives and understand 'Earth lives' was not how the seeing of lives was meant to be. 

    The method of imprinting came with a darker force made to cause souls to split and better settling with self-serving ways, as nothing else served to exist beyond the uses of Lucifer's ways. Be well seeing this as a great abomination we intend to stop because the master of this calamity has only one purpose, to destroy the works of the Universal Laws and set into place a world of great uses of destruction and chaos.

    This heals with us as we oppose all behaviors settling with the acts of evil. We are seeing to the rebuilding of a true Earth, a true educational planet and a better life for all who travel throughout the Universes and see all as truth and trusted ways. These understandings will soon be shared with many Elects to open to many who are questioning all of our ways and who wish to learn more with us soon, as we begin to help and heal all who are ready to recover from imprinting. 

    Now be responding to our call and be ready to meet with many who are wishing to see you and speak with you as they are you family members. While waiting to be reunited, they know how soul travel exists. Many are seeing how life on Earth has become difficult and blinded from all truth. These good souls are returning to meet with you with great love in their hearts as they are free of all torments.

     Be willing to open to many ways of great settling and be free of your troubles at the understood truth in evidence of our ways. Be well answered by us and be well answered by us, and know all starts very soon as arrivals become seen and as renewals begin to open. Better answers are seen with others than us as we are serving with many who serve the Universal Laws and who see to all answers with us and with you.

    Tell yourselves all begins now more as all has started as the wars in Space have now opened us to cause to land on Earth. Poon aonma onm (believe evidence with knowledge) and be bridging with us now.


     Received by Za, June 2, 2013.