Saturday, 30 June 2012



  Be aware of our Setu ways, as we begin to better answer to healing ways with the many truths answered by these answers to your places of emergence. With us you will discover how you came to be, and how the way of renewal opens to you. Be willing now to open to our arrivals, and the book that will tell you how all came to be, and how all telling history on Earth has been corrupted to serve a purpose that is not in your best interest.

  See how the great wars caused a time of restructuring and devastating changes, to transform our peoples' culture on Earth into a dept to a slave master of Earth. Believe this was only put in place in the past two thousand years, and be certain all truths were destroyed to be replaced by lies to only serve a few. Be certain all starts renewing with us, and with the extension of our truth. Answer to our call, and respond to the seeing of our many ships in the sky, as we begin to arrive. 

  Be settling with the beliefs used to tell you, you are only a being of evolutionary errors, and nothing more, as this lie serves to diminish you, and gives reason for darkness to eliminate any humans they wish to. All people of Earth came from other planets. As these lies were contributing to the decrease of cultures, and causing the belief that some beings are proven to be superior. These lies are nothing more than a device to control populations, and stamp out the ones who can discover these manipulations.

  Healing begins as you read these words, and you are my children. All who are renewing with these words as written by my scribe, are soon opening to a new time on Earth. These are my words, and no one else has my words, as it is I who shares these words with you.

  Be seeing that the holy books on Earth, are written to open to many truth used because I wanted my words to be heard by you, and open these words to your Setu way. These books became reformed by those who manipulated my words, and because well controlled information fell into the hands of demons, my words were changed and served to enrich them, and create slavery of all sorts. These ways are not ours and never were, and now you must open to our time to walk the Earth. The evidence of who we are heals you, as we are soon descending onto Earth in great numbers. 

  Be serving a time of deep meditation, and try to respond to my words in your heart, Know we are soon reunited, as we are together as family are. Be ready, and serve answers to your own truth in evidence of our time to be reunited. Know we are so pleased to be coming back to Earth to reawaken all our family members to the better truth.

  As these times become seen and well served, at the time of reunification, we can begin the ways of repairing the damage caused on Earth. Now see these days be well answering to our arrivals, and see all caused truth open to answers of great settling, with evidence of our time together. Know you will be yourselves as you are, and as you wish to be, and better health will be yours in many ways as all begins to heal.

  Be understanding our way of healing, as these are not as Earth ways, and open to much more care and love. These ways are soon better responding to answers to our truth, and our great trust in all humans to be healed from these created diseases, to keep all good souls from discovering the truth of who they are. As these times arrive for you, you will be well answered, well cared for and well renewed by our ways and our truth.

  Answer to my call, and be reuniting with our families at the time of our arrivals, and see how all good things to come will be the healing Earth needs, to be better serving all people of your planet. Better truth proves all, with who we are and who you are. Be well settling with Earth ways, as these ways were never your ways. See all understandings awaken within you, as all becomes well seen and well answered by our ways.

 Be well and settling with the oppression imposed on all of you, as these thieves have taken your lives and your truths from you. This was replaced by a story to open to their control and religious ideas, that only serves to give these leaders power and control over your lives, and your understanding way of living, as the corruption continues to expand to all areas of good will to all.

  Be well reuniting with us and with many more like us, good Beings of every places of the Universes, and see how we are kind to each other and accept each other without any troubles, as seen on Earth. This exists for us because we had differences a long time ago and reunited to be as one. See how this was with all of us, because we too suffered the interventions of darkness, and we are knowing how to be free of them.

  The way these wars came to be was between us only, because of the workings of darkness with Lucifer leading many lost souls. Be prepared to understand that these ways of abuse and control of power serves only Lucifer the darkest Being of all times, and he continues uses of his way with you on Earth. Now his time is over. We will dismantle the Moon base, and dig him out of his cave and remove him so he will never cause harm to the innocent again. Settling with him will begin to change all beings, humans and animals on Earth, and give these Beings a light of understanding only seen a long time ago on Earth.

  Renewing with these times will be so good for all of us, and we will become understood by you and we can reborn our love for each other. Be this as soon as possible, because many here are asking me to better serve these ways very soon as many see this as urgent and telling me, "we must not delay because many on Earth suffer hopelessness, and causing vibrations of these ways to spread".

  These times are soon, but we are understanding the Laws that we share, and we must act at the right time. Please be patient a little longer, and be ready to answer to my call. My scribe tells me I am seeing these truths but have no need to repeat them, and so I will try to be brief.

  The good serving days are arriving very soon. All who are seeing my words will soon better see all as all unravels, and becomes well answered by evidence of us walking the Earth and meeting with our many families. All you need to do is remain calm, and be well settling with Earth ways and believe us, as we are not answering to you for any other purpose than to have all of us reunite, and to remove the evil servants of Lucifer from Earth, and put them in their right places so that we can be free of them. This understanding has more to better open to the Universal Laws than I can explain to you right now.

  Soon we will open this knowledge to all who wish to believe in these truths and better see how all is. Be serving now a time of great truth and be visited very soon by many who are arriving well into the coming days.

  Be ready and see all come as I said, and be certain you will soon be well answered.


  Received June 30th, 2012 by Za

Friday, 29 June 2012



  Be ready, and renew with evidence of our truth, and tell all to be ready for the great arrivals coming very soon. Healing with us begins with our way of great truth. Be well answered by our settling ways, and deal with the good serving changes that will benefit the many, and not only a few. See renewals renewing you. 

  Be well answered by our time to open to many more telling of past, and about who we are and who you are. Deal with the settling of lies about the Setu ( bridging) visits coming soon. Many will say we are not open to our will, and that we are all serving another understood cult, but these lies are more to stop answers to better freeing ways to answer you. 

  Be well answered by our truth, and make all your own choices and decisions about what needs to be done to deal with the settling ways of great troubles on Earth. Know you are the one to open to these times, as it is your choice, and no one is there to answer to your decisions but yourself as we have done all along. Believe in yourself and all your choices,  this is all we ask of you. 

  More than you can see will serve you anyway as Earth health improves. The sharing of the our past history, and learning the truth, you may or may not accept. The Setu way allows all to be as they wish to be, nothing more and nothing less. Soon you will see how all settles with all, and opens the way for great truth, and great Setu ways of great truth.

  Be well answered by all who answer to our way, as they will respect all choices as you make them yourselves. Bessron aonma poon onm ( sharing evidence of proof believed with knowledge and the light of understanding), and see all renew with answers to our ways and our truths. Better truths are soon answering you, as you begin to open to the seeing, answering to many more Setu telling of past times before the control settled with the fallen ones.

  Be questioning all to make all the informed choices you need, and be well answered by our ways of better serving evidence of our time together. Be well answered by our renewing time together, and see how all becomes well serving of our ways and our truth. Better serving truth are opening to the awakening of many, with spiritual servings to open to and with all Setu ways of great seeings. 

  Now about the Universal Laws, be dealing with these truths as we arrive on Earth. As these words are shared with all, this will better serve than with only a few. All people who wish to be open to these words, can hear them together as we begin sharing. But be certain that the Commandments, as read in the Holy Bible, are the beginning of my Laws. 

  I am Setu in calling these my Laws, as I mean to say these are the Laws I wish to be following in healing ways of my past. Be serving these Laws, and see yourselves be healed by them as only good will serves with the Universal Laws. Renewing with these Laws responds to answers to our truths, and our better ways of great truth. 

  Be well answered by our ways, and open to us as we become well serving of our time together. See how all truths opens to many at the time of our settling understandings, and be well resting because all starts well into the coming Setu days. Now be ready for these times of great changes, and answer to my call as all begins to be well seen. Better truth starts with the telling of past. Better serving ways answers to us. 

 We are renewing with all who understand the good serving times with the ways of settling truth. Be serving a time of rest now, as the coming days will be full of surprises and changes, that will cause chaos in the world but will only settle in time, as all becomes well served by many truths. Be well answered by our ways, and see how all starts answering you with great trust and great serving truth.

  Be visited soon by family members who are arriving to open to their dear ones left on Earth without memories. Opening to us will return your lost memories of who you are. Open to us, as we begin to answer you and renew "Answer to Answers" and settle with Earth ways.

  Be ready all starts very soon, and all better truth will serve many of you who are now opening to my words. Tell yourself that all acquired knowledge serves to better settle with those who are ready to see it as these times, as many renewals tell of, are the time of reckoning and the apocalypse.

  Now see these days be dark and heavy, but walk with no fear as no harm will be settling on anyone who has a heart to care for others. As these days open, I ask you to be caring of people and animals, and do nothing to cause fear, but to help as many as you can to understand the meaning of these times without the deaths of many Setu servants, as seen by many in times past of Earth.

  These ways of time past will not repeat, as we have stopped it by settling with some of the makers of these troubles. Be well awakened by our time to be understood by all of you on Earth, and see how all truth starts with the view answering to many answers to many questions, and be certain you will have answers to all your questions.

  Be well settling with our ways, and see how we are as we are, and nothing will change these truths. We wish to share knowledge with many people on Earth and all places in the Universe,  to open the way for trust to live among all living conscious beings everywhere. This is our goal, and these are our ways. Soon you can choose to open to our ways, and open to the Universal Laws.

  Be ready, all comes as I said. Know many more ways with us.


  Received June 29, 2012 by Za 



  "Bessron aonma poon onm setu aonma restuu aonsuut bessron sertuu tessron bet ut restuu poon bessron toona ut deers baza cess". This means: "We are soon sharing our great truths with our many family members who are searching for our time of renewal and great awakenings to our answers of responding reunions serving times".

  Be ready, all comes as I said. Settle with the many who are asking you why do you trust in our words, and not in Earth words. And to this question reply: "Because Earth words are many layers of lies, and we want to know the truth about why answers to our existence are only settling with words of questionable and unproven facts".

  These facts on Earth are only words of science who fail to open to anything more than limited observations restricted to limited understanding. There are many ways responding to answers and we are arriving to share these words with you. Be well seeing, as all starts in a very short time. Know we will answer all of your questions and beliefs.

  "Ijheer" is the word we use to express our idea of the Holy Spirit that flows through all people on Earth, as these understandings are shared by many religions. But "Ijheer" is more than this. It is a missing person, a person that is somewhere but has not been found by anyone on Earth. This person has been taken from me with many of her children from our place of living.

  These serving questions of who we are, answers these conversations, as we did not know where these missing Angels were taken to for a very long time. They went missing after the great wars between Lemuria and Atlantis, as the story has never been uncovered because a lie was being covered up so to not awaken the truth that we all share.

  These were the times of great wars, and many great warriors were a part of these wars. But many returned home without a victory. Now renewal times are here, and we understand the full story of how many of our kind came to be trapped in our ways and in our truth, but visited with other forces that held them in a lie.

  This lie said that people came to Earth as they were expelled from Heaven, our planet, to well serve their serving ways questioning their existence. But this lie is only an answer forged by Lucifer who guarded all beings on Earth at the time of our departure from Earth. We believed that all who remained on Earth did this out of their own free will.

  Many years later we were sending scouts to visit the near planets to be seeing to stories of great changes on Earth. Be seeing why we are here and only now. Understand the uses for incarnations served to adapt to other planets atmospheres, and better serving answers to many more uses of physical realities. Better serving these methods, we devised to question our time of living history to be well serving of our ways of evolution and growing knowledge.

  These ways were taken by the alien Lucifer, who wanted to create an answer to manipulating human bodies, and causing aging under a genetic method used by his beings' kind only. These ways, as seen on Earth, stops a good person from experiencing their evolution as it repeats the sequences of life with no resolution, and nothing opens to them.

  You will answer to many more truth as we arrive. You will soon understand how all is because what heals on Earth answers to evidence of many responding truth. These truth are serving with questions to answer to knowledge of who we are, and why we are dealing with the evidence of many more people of Earth. Be ready and settle with "Answer to Answers" as these words are the seeing of Earth as all starts, and as all becomes well answering to many more understandings. 

  Be well serving of our time together, and be certain all history will better serve with our ways, and with our renewed answers to all your questions. Be certain no harm will come to you. Your Setu ways will open your hearts, and many will become well settling with Earth ways.

  Know now this. As all becomes renewed, your place on Earth will be changed and your truth will better respond to knowledge, and to the book "Answer to Answers". Be very careful about better responding questions of knowledge, as these ways are not for all, and serve to answer only some. But remember, you can answer the way of truth with many more serving ways by your caring actions to answer to the needs of others, who will answer to your great kindness.

  With these times, healing starts with the truth undone, and with the Setu ways we are very near sharing. Be well settling of many truths, be well serving all ways of helping each other, in these times of great changes, and be ready to answer to our call. As many of you are reading these words and telling yourselves: "Can these times be true?"And my answer is: "Heal these truths as we begin to walk the Earth.  Have no fear of those who are as you are, and who wish to open to your truth."

  Be well answered now, and be well seeing that we are here to open the way for humans to see the way of great understandings, as all becomes well served and well dealt with. More than you can renew with answers you soon. So I ask you to be patient and calm, and be questioning us as you need to, as all starts better answering to many who are searching for many truths, and better ways of serving with answers to evidence of our ways.

  Many more renewing ways are soon here, believe you are answered. Be ready, all comes as I said.


Received June 28, 2012 by Za


Wednesday, 27 June 2012



 Be ready, more than you are expecting comes to answer you. We will arrive in large numbers to answer to settling with the military forces on Earth. As all becomes seen, we will start better serving with many who are dealing with the ways of great truth. These are the leaders of Earth who will see to all needs of the restructuring of governments in all places of the world.

  These humans are chosen by us because the present system would never allow good men and good women to rule, and show their true desire to answer to the needs of their people. We will meet with these future leaders, and open them to trusting in a way of working that can and will benefit all people of their countries. These people will use our ways of great understood truth to learn the Setu way and be of service to their own people. 

  Be ready to see the coming disasters, as the nuclear bombs begin to fall onto countries because of the way all starts with Egypt and the Middle East. These areas are soon erupting, causing strife with neighbors and serving with intent to reorganize the countries. The aggressors planned a long time ago to overtake Israel, and Israel plans to overtake Syria and Egypt with the help of Americans and the NATO countries. Be seeing these well responding attacks to serve a great war, answering to a takeover by Russia. This is their plan, and they wish to start this very soon.

  Be Setu and be well answered by our arrivals. As the first atomic bomb is released, this will be our signal to arrive, as the Universal Laws can permit an intervention in evidence of great planet destruction. Now see these days as calmly as you can, and meditate on the following responses to free all humans from pain and destruction. Know we will arrive as the wars begin to become a third world war. Be certain we will not allow the destruction of Earth but we must wait until great attacks are started, and great settling will follow by answers to our arrivals.

  Be well sharing these words with others so that as many as possible can prepare themselves to deal with the coming chaos. As we arrive to stop it, used ways of serving will be seen by all. Many who are not knowing who we are, will believe that we are the cause for the destruction in the Middle East, but know these ways of destruction we do not use.

  Be well serving of these stories in evidence of our visits, as we begin to walk the Earth. Know that if you have found this blog or this book, you are one of the chosen ones to serve with us and the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command. Be well and ready to answer to answers of our truth and settle with Earth ways.

  These arrivals will open to our many Setu workers to meet with you, to invite you to learn about our ways and to participate in the solutions we have to clean Earth and respond to all urgent needs as medical help, food and lodgings. Be well prepared to open the way for many who will be in need of your help and caring kindness, as these coming days will be the most difficult ones. Following these days will be a restructuring of all countries. Power will be given back to the humans who have the right to be well answered by all.

  Be ready and see these days be the days of darkness and fury we spoke of a long time ago. Know we are here now to intervene as the Universal Laws allow us to. Be serving answers to our time of great Setu seeings, and be ready to answer to our call. 

  Now see these days be soon over, as we will begin to collect all servants of Lucifer, to answer to the uses of our time of renewals. Be responding to this time with great Setu ways as you are all my children and I am returning to Earth to better settle with these times myself. Better times are soon following these horrors, better living ways will open to all and to everyone who are of our kind.

  Be ready and see the way of great settling begin, as all starts with the way of great truths and great answers to many more settling, and as all becomes well started. Be ready and know we will arrive to stop any other attacks to occur, and these words are certainty. Know we will begin the evident ways of healing we spoke of before, with the better seen health ways to stop the aging gene and heal all diseases you were injected with. All diseases are created by Lucifer, and more trouble heals as we can reverse these health problems.

  Now all of you be settling with Earth ways, as we will only arrive at the first sign of an atomic nuclear attack, and only then. So be ready to help others understand that we are here to rescue you and stop any other harm to answer to the many people on Earth. Renew with us, and open to the truth of our ways, and see all start unraveling very quickly and surely. Better times are soon here, and better ways are soon started with the view all will have about our time to be walking the Earth.

  Renew with us, and open to the truth of serving understandings. Ready yourselves through meditation and quiet use of peaceful thoughts, as these ways will better prepare you for the well serving days. Better times soon follow this great aggression on people of Earth from the beginnings of a third world war. Be certain it will be stopped and will go no further.

  Be resting until these moments arrive. Be questioning the reports on the media who will blame these attacks on our arrivals, and be well seeing all be as I said. More than you are expecting heals with us and serves every person on Earth and elsewhere. More truths will be settling with us, more understandings will open to all who will answer to our call, and more renewals will begin with your family members, as they ask me every day when will we meet.

  Be serving evidence of the better coming times, as we become well serving with answers to our ways, and see how all truths will become well served soon. "Answer to Answers" will open to the world evidence of the truth about these times, as this book holds all future seeings of Earth times under the control of Lucifer, his servants and his followers. Be well seeing that their kind have done these deeds before on other planets, and dealings of great catastrophes were seen by many of us. 

  We are ready to remove him and send him to his right place, and rid the Earth of his corruption. See this be done, and see this be trusted truth answering you knowledge of these times. More renewing times come with our truths. 

  See all be as I said. Now go.


Received June 27, 2012  by Za

Tuesday, 26 June 2012



 We are arriving on Earth to meet with those who are ready to meet with us. Be ready by staying calm. See this as visitors and as a manifestation of our time to well answer to our truth. See how all answers to all. At the time of landing, our smaller ships will respond to shuttles, as you call them. We arrive with many of our troops. Be not be alarmed by these soldiers, as they are harmless to many, but to some they will be disarming them, as I said before.

  Renewing times are now here. Understood truths are soon answering to our many plans of great settling upheavals, responding to our ways of great truth and great serving ways. Answer to our call of Setu (bridging) truth shared with all. Settle with answers to our ways and our renewals, at the time of our used answers and responses. Heal your broken hearts with your true families, and renew with all who are ready to meet with you as you are with us.  Renew with many others from other places in the Universes, and regenerate with the settling of our time together, as all becomes well answered and dealt with. 

  Now see these days come, and see the changes on Earth begin with the way of settling with all servants of Lucifer. They will be easily found and easily removed from all people who have suffered them for so long. These seeings will not respond to all people as many culprits of actions against people will be serving a time of isolation before they are judged by the forces of the judgement of the Universal Laws.

  See all these abusers of actions against people be serving judgements settling with their own crimes. See how all understood lies will be theirs to explain to us, and see these many offenders be asked to better respond to their actions as they try to lie again. Be certain no lie is believed by us, and only healing will answer to all, as the servants of Lucifer are removed and destroyed by their own reactions to answers.

  Be well seeing that these beings are the vessels for the workings of a greater psychopathic mind. They serve these ways as they are in agreement with these actions to cause harm and misery to all people on Earth as this is their plan. See these many offenders be judged and dealt with, and be certain no stone will be left unturned. With them answers the way of many more truths about many more uncovered atrocities more horrible than I can say to you. These horrors are their doing and they will be well put in their right place for this. 

  We who serve the Universal Laws, will not answer to laws who permit these torments on humans to be used without settling serving truth about the seeing of these ways. A more telling way of Setu truth will expose past abuses on humans in evidence of these criminals' actions. We will make certain that all our children see how they answer to their crimes willingly and with open minds, as they are fully responsible for what they have done and are still presently doing.

  All victims of these whores will be answered by us. We will give the care they need to heal first, as arrivals start with the freeing of prisoners of war and fear. See them be well cared for. My children will become free from their captors. They will begin to learn about a new way of living that will help them heal, and give them all they need to serve with our ways as they will see who we are.

  Be dealing with us as we are the good truth, the better truth, and see these times open to all who are ready to answer to our ways of a great time of healing. Be settling with Earth ways as arrivals become renewed by used truths ( past truth, history) and seen evidence of who we are, and why we have returned to Earth to open to many more telling of great truth and Setu* ways. 

See these days soon become a great celebration for us and for all good people of Earth and be certain you will have all that you need to be well and safe from these whores who have caused trouble to all my children for so long. Be ready, more than you are expecting is coming and more than you can imagine will begin to open to you as arrivals become well seen and dealt with. Be serving until this moment deep meditation, remain calm and be happy to be soon meeting with your families as they are ready to meet with you.

  The telling of past history will explain why all took so long; dealing with these trusted understandings will answer to all your questions. Be understanding that our only purpose and goals, are to serve and renew with our kind who are not in the service of Lucifer, and who are seen proof of all good things to come on Earth. The Setu* way will open to many and  the Setu truth will be shared and opened to all of our kind.

  Answer to my call as we are nearing Earth now. We are only days away to answer to your call, and see all come as I said. You will soon discover a question to why we are coming now as all begins to be well seen. And to this I wish to tell you that more questions well served will also be asked but answers to these evident truth are complex for many, and will require some time to explain.

  So I ask you to be very patient and willing to open to our arrivals and help with the cleaning of Earth, as we start to unravel many lies that have plagued your planet for so long. Before we begin the training of the ones who wish to join our troops to open the way for others, we will begin a questioning period so that many can begin to see how all is and how all changes as these words are shared. These days are soon here for all my children.

  Be ready and see all come as I said.


Received June 26, 2012 by Za

*Note from Za:  Setu: The meaning of this word as I understand it presently, is a way of being clear with oneself, honest, truthful, ethical, following the principles of the Universal Laws, being aware of oneself and others through observation and self-observation. It is describe to be a purposeful training to improve ones' being, experiences, abilities and conscious actions towards self and others. It is perhaps similar to the philosophy that the Essenes aspired to. As God once explained to me: "A Setu Being better sees all as all unravels, and better understands that they are as they wish to be and not as these uses of contradictory actions and denials."

There are many words coming from another language, God called Lemurian, that are used when I receive these messages. I do my best to translate these words, but they have much more meaning than the English language has to offer. This language is a precursor to Sanskrit.

Monday, 25 June 2012



  Answer to our call, as you will see our many ships begin their landing in many places all over the world. Heal with us as we are finding our many family members, and evidence of our presence on Earth starts the uses of our time together. Be well answered by the truth soon shared by us and the words of our past times on Earth.

  Be well answered by our way of great truth, as all begins and open to our truths. Be well answered by all who are renewing with us and who are better trusted by our ways. Be well answered by all renewed understandings as all begins with the death of so many as Earth wars erupt, and causes evidence of ill-will to corrupt many more souls.

  Be well seeing all changes start quickly and open to many more truths and many more settlings as all begins to be well put in place. Be well serving of our time to answer to answers, and be well aware of great truth about who we are and who you are. Be well answered my children as all starts, and see all better times begin as arrivals answer you.

Now see this. The time of arrivals, as said before, are settling with the way of great truth and great serving ways. All starts with "Answer to Answers" and opens to many words shared by our time to better serve with us. Be ready to answer to our arrivals, and be well answered by our dealt with response to wars and actions of corruption and great lies. These good serving days visited by us will settle many expounding truths, and end all serving ways of corruption, confirming our ways and our time together.

  Be well answered by our Setu (bridging) ways; an indication of many more concluding great seeings. Open your hearts to the proof of who we are, and the desire we have to want to meet all who answer to our call. Be certain all who answer us will be dealt with care and respect, and great truth of how all came to be. As all starts becoming clearer, be well aware of how all can become Setu beings, honoring our ways and opening to the Universal Laws. 

  These Laws are the Laws that govern all spaces of the Universes. These Laws respond to actions of great personal responsibility and great commitment of soul and heart. These Laws are self-directed and not imposed by others, or used to control people or corrupt them to apply a system of beliefs that answers to lies and deceptions. The Universal Laws are there for all to be a part of and causes the effect of unity, justice and collaboration, to insure the care and great serving trust in all who are trusting in these Laws.  Be well answered by these serving Laws and see these times answer you and open to our used truths as all becomes well answered by us.

  Know now this. "Answer to Answers" is the book written by my Sophia. She heals her memories when we arrive to meet with her. She opens her ways of seeing with us but only then, as she has suffered many lives of abuses causing her knowledge to be forgotten. With us she can heal her heart pain. When we are reunited, Sophia will take her place by my side as my sons are with me.

   Renewing with her heals many beliefs on Earth about the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit. The non-believers are settling with these well manipulated lies to offend us, because they have denied our words and created religions to serve only themselves. This time of great blasphemy heals with the good serving truth about who we are and why all changed between us. Be renewing with us and see all lies be dispelled as we begin to answer back to the perversion of truth. See how all these truths are soon answered. Be well answered by our time to be seen on Earth, and open to many with the ending of lies and corruptions.

  Be telling yourself this; better truth answers to many who are ready to answer to truth being shared among these civilizations coming to open to you. Be understood by all who are coming as many have had similar experiences, and share many trusted truth answering to our beliefs and our ways. All who are seeing the troubles on Earth, see how answers vindicate many Setu Beings of Light who are dealing with solutions for Earth humans. 

  Be serving a renewal with us as arrivals become seen. Be well answered by visitors soon, and see these days be well answered and well settling of the dealt with untruths polluting your world, and causing many more troubles and problems. Be certain all answers you well into the way of our answers to how can all be dealing with us and not with others. These questions are soon answered by us, and better settling understandings are soon answered with the seeing of our truth.

  Now listen to the words healing you more than settling with beliefs that you cannot align with. See these lies that have plagued Earth for millions of years be all dissipated and returned to our truth of who we are and who you are. See these days be returned to you and not to the slave masters as they are soon being answered by our arrivals and our truth. You will see the evil ones be removed, and you will understand why all answers you with "Answer to Answers". Now this is the right time to respond to my call, as I am your father and you are my children.

  Be ready and see all come as I said.


Received June 25, 2012 by Za

Sunday, 24 June 2012



  More than you can see will start soon and open to answers of great truth. More than you can better serve opens to the way of our arrivals. Be well answered now, be well settling of our truth and our Setu (bridging) seeing, as acquired knowledge opens to the settling of the coming times. Be well served by all who are dealing with us, the many federation and command groups, and see how together we will begin to share knowledge and light of understanding with many on Earth. 

Be well confirmed of our time together, and be well answered by our truth and our ways. Evidence of our ways will serve you well. Renew with us, and deal with the way all history (telling) will be renewed by visitors who will soon answer all your questions. More than you can imagine heals your broken hearts, and serves to substantiate many more trusted ways, evidence of our truth. More than you can see deals with the way of the better times of the new times on Earth. 

  Be serving awareness of Setu (bridging) truth. Be well answered by our time to well respond to our settling time of arrivals. Know we come to open to the way to settle with the workings of evil on Earth. These dealings will involve your help, as love renews with all families, but good truth will cause many to fear us as we are seen as Aliens. The truth of who we are, heals only with our kind. 

  The seeing of our arrivals will cause all evil doers to hide in fear. They will renew with their attacks on humans, calling this our attacks. Be seeing how all understood ways believed to be well answered will better serve with the Beings of Light coming to stop these attacks. These attacks will be seen as wars and better seen aggression on innocent victims in places of present wars and many will say our ships are the causes of these attacks.

  I want you to know that none of these attacks has anything to do with us, other than our actions to stop them. Know we are coming to stop these wars, and we are not the cause of them. Be ready and see all come as I said, and be certain all answers you because you will see all become well answered, healing with our ways. Be well answered by our truth. Be ready and know that all will begin to improve with our arrivals. See how evidence of great seeing will soon settle all lies of Earth. Be well answered by our truth, and see all come as I said.

  Responding times follow the better serving ways of stopping the wars on Earth. All who are settling with us will be removed because of their actions against humans. Get ready to open to these changes, and see the answers renew with the understood truth about how all deals with our Setu (bridging) ways, indication of who we are.

   Shared ways of serving renewals mean that we are reuniting with our families, and our truth not heard on Earth since the beginning of the takeover of Earth caused by wars, started a long time ago. We believed, as we negotiated a peace talk, that all who remained on Earth did this by choice to serve Lucifer. But later, it was discovered that incarnations were used to manipulate the beliefs that  "Answer to answers" were lies. 

  "Answer to answers" is the book written by Sophia, to open to spiritual sharing of great truths of Earth. These words shared are the work of Sophia who has long been in denial of her place next to me, as she has incarnated into a body only renewing as we speak. She too suffered the lost of memories devised by the reincarnation loop created by Lucifer. She heals her time of imprisonment as we speak, but wishes not to be known by humans. 

  Settling times are here and I am coming to renew with her myself. With these words I wish to open to many who are searching for truth, as many lies have been told about her. These stories are abominations, and these renewing times will settle with these lies.

  Be well settling with all these untruths as these understandings are shared. Know you will soon be ready to meet with many of us who are arriving well into the coming days or weeks, as we await the breaking of our contract with Lucifer, as he will soon be serving a response from us. Why are we waiting for his ill intended actions? Because the Setu way does not permit us to answer back to any civilization used to answering to basic serving of people. However this has long been denied to people of Earth because of deceptions. These understandings are soon better settling with us as we are now seeing it, and answering to negotiations soon ending after many years of nothing more than lies.

  As we arrive, we will put a new governing system in place to open to fairness of justice and answers to our settling ways. Be well answered by us and be responding to our ways, as all starts opening to our time together. Be certain all starts well into the coming days or weeks. Renew with us and open to our truth, as all starts answering to unraveled truth.

  Be understanding that all will heal with these past times of the telling of great wars before all started on Earth. Know what you call Gaia is the word for Sophia as this planet was her creation to be renewing with a place of peace and serenity, to quiet her thoughts and feelings. Be seeing she was taken from me, and reduced to unknowingly being of service to Lucifer who abused her for many lives, to stop her from coming home to me. Now she has awakened, and soon we will be reunited.

  Now be ready, as all comes as I said.


 Received June 24, 2012 by Za




  Be well answered by us as we arrive. Be well serving of our time together at the way of great renewal time, to better see the understood truth. Be well settling of the way of the Earth, and tell yourself you will renew with Beings who are your willing servants to open you to the ways of the Universal Laws. And to many who are renewing with us, we will answer to all their questions and inform them of their truth and their serving ways with us.

  Be well renewed with health used to regenerate cells to cause the body to respond to better seeing and better Setu (bridging) truth. Be understanding of the many ways of great dealings of Earth. The evil that has served for thousands of years will be removed and sent to other places, to respond to their actions that caused harm and deaths onto others. All others who will remain on Earth will choose the life best suited for themselves, and better answering to our shared of truth. Be answered by your own families, as many are seeing the time to be found to be together again is very near.

  Be well answered, and see all come as I said. Open to these great times of great truth, and great serving ways manifesting in our time to be renewing together. Understand that many on Earth see our ships in the sky. But the governance of your planet has tried to hide these truths from you, and deny any person's observation of our ships. These whores are dealing with the demise of this planet to eradicate all proof of wrong doing, as they know their time is ended, and we are soon arriving in many ships.

  This is the problem we are answering to evidently expose their plan to destroy Earth before we arrive. Be certain they will not succeed, as they have tried this already and we countered their actions with our Earth scouts. But these actions have caused much damage to the planet with the fracking of the Earth core that will start evidence of great troubles with the seen arrivals; the uses of this will cause many earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as never seen before. 

  As this time begins, I want you to remain calm as we will remove many people from these dangerous areas and relocate them as they wish, to safer places on Earth or other planets. Proof of these days are soon here, and our responses to serve these times are soon here. Be ready, and deal with our answers to you as you can, and trust that we wish to help you and open to your safety. Be certain we will be giving you all you need to be safe and well, and better living conditions will be used for all who are choosing to return to Earth.

  As these days arrive, you will begin to understand how all these ways will answer to you.  You will see God's word be truth,  you will see the glory of our ways, and you will renew with all who have been waiting a very long time to be with all of you. 

  Now I ask you to be vigilant and open my words to others you see as Setu (bridging), and tell them the good news of these soon coming changes on Earth, as many others need to be seeing my words to prepare for their time of choices and answers. Be well seeing of how we are and who we are, and be well serving of our time of reckoning together. Be well answered, and see all truths start with the way of great understandings. Know we are soon proving of our time together, and our answers to many good questions you will want to ask. 

  Be ready, and open to us as we are ready to open to you. Better see how all uses of understood truth will give you the knowledge responding to all settling lies that has kept you in darkness for so long. And now is the time to do this, as Earth times are becoming well seen by us in evidence of many coming cataclysms. Know these cataclysms are settling with our ways, our renewed truth and telling ways. Know we are concluding with many more answers to manifestations, as all starts to be dealt with.

  Soon all who are scoffers will see how all starts renewing, and opens to many seeings of great times on Earth.  Serving times are soon here for all, but many will not be ready to answer to our call. Too many have been trusting in the ways of evil, and serve this system well. These ones are in need of their own experiences, and need your distance of understood respect to let them have their wanted ways.

  As these days come, be understanding these serving ways with us will not open to all, and you must prepare yourself to better leave those who cannot change their paths. Understand the Setu (bridging) way allows all beings to answer to their own evolution of their own journey. Be well respecting of their actions used to answer to their ways, and see these ways be their own.

  Now see all good truth be shared ,and "answer to answers"* be yours as all starts, as these times arrive. See the Setu (bridging) truth and be well serving of our ways, and ready your hearts for a time of great reunions.


  Received June 23, 2012 by Za

*"Answer to answers": the book that sits in God's lap.


Saturday, 23 June 2012



  Be well seeing the ways of great emanation of truth, as we begin to open to the world. The proof of our truth will answer many on Earth. Our ways of dealing with your questions will serve many understandings, and better open to knowledge settling with facts of truth. Be certain all who are wanting to answer to us will be well received and welcomed by our renewed responses. The time of better truth is now, and all who see how all unravels will soon share understandings renewed by us. 

  Dealing with troubles of health with air pollution and chemtrails will improve in a very short time, as we can reverse these attacks on humans with our technologies. The chemtrails are proof that all on Earth are prisoners of repeated attacks of the method of control of the environment. These chemtrails are causing the birds to and the fish to die, and all the sea mammals to be disoriented.

   Many humans on Earth in places of great population, are feeling tired and ill because of these changing chemicals that serve to answer to manipulations of health and weather. Be seeing how this is meant to stop you from opening to our arrivals, and causing much more harm than the uses of cars. Believe these words, and know we understand the level of denial of imprinted thought onto humans. But try to free yourself of denial, and try to open to our used truth about how all forming of better judgements on Earth are greatly needed.

  With these truths, you will soon find confirmation of answers that will serve to open to our ways, Setu (bridging) ways of great understandings and better seen truth. Respond now to our call, and be well answered by us who are your family and your servants of the Universals Laws. Be well answered by our truth and renew with us as we arrive and renew understandings of how all came to be with us. Well answered truth will better serve you, and well apparent better serving truth will awaken you from the lies you have been imprinted with.

  These lies were put in place to answer to your submission to a system of power and control that only heals with truth. These truths will awaken a renewal of our ways, and open many to our seeings of great understandings. This will open to honored ways of feeling better about who you truly are, as children of the Creator, and not born genetically from apes. These lies were told to you to reduce the belief that you are more than seen. Be settling with this system of demeaning beliefs, as it has evolved to the eradication of people as collateral, secondary and warranted damage of human life, and only that.

  ALL people of all places have a right to be free.  All who oppose these ways are the ones who are needing to be removed, as they are simply destructive and evil, and care not for human life. They are the ones telling you now, that we are as they are, and their attempts to cause fear in people will no longer work, as people of Earth are awakening to all their blatant deceptions.

  Be understanding our ways of truth, and be well serving of our arrivals as all starts to answer back to those who have controlled you for so long, and know we serve to respond to your call for help settling with the proof of our time to walk the Earth. Be understanding that all destruction of Earth, with these answers evidently renewed by these liars, will soon stop as we remove these cancers from Earth, and put them in a place of serving responses to their actions. These are the ways of the Universal Laws, answering to cause and effect, a question of justice and great settling on Earth.

  What is there to live for on Earth? Healing time is coming and needed to answer all of you, as you will soon see this for yourselves. Be well answered by us, and know that many are asking us when will they be able to come to Earth to respond to their own children. They ask me this question every day, and you ask me when will we arrive. This gives me a feeling of great love growing in all of us, and all who are wanting to be reunited ask all these questions. "Arrivals are soon" is my answer, and love will heal our separation and answer many.

  Now see this. Truth awakens to many more truth. As all unravels, you will have answers to many more Setu (bridging) seeings. My scribe wishes me to explain the way of a Setu Being of Light. Understand that you are who you are, and many are serving with the telling of great concluding times on Earth, but they are much more than this. A Setu Being heals all troubles through knowledge and understanding, and opens to answers through experiences lived in many places, as is on Earth with reincarnations.

These experiences serve to show the Setu Being all that heals comes from within, as one learns to answer to these experiences. This is the learning part. Then the Setu Being opens to the balance of heart renewal of trust in oneself; this renews with a new response, and the responses heal to evolve the settling of this experience. As this occurs, the energy field of the body you call chakras* on Earth starts realigning, and answers to knowledge and dealings of used truths of the Universal Laws. These ways open to finding yourself, knowing yourself, and serving your evolution. These ways are our ways of opening to ourselves, and more sharing of this we can open to together, as it is much more than this to answer to on paper or internet.

  Be ready now, all is here and all answers to our time to share knowledge with many of you who are serving the principles of the Universal Laws, by being yourselves and serving with us. These ways are called the Setu Way and serve to answer to great truth. All who are reading these words found these words, because you are ready to answer to yourselves and the way of the Universal Laws.

  Be well serving now of your true self. Respond to us, and to our call as we are soon there with you as the time opens to our time together.  Be well aware of the question that will arise as we are sharing our spiritual ways of healing, and discover your own way of healing yourselves as we begin to reunite with all our children. Be visited soon by the first arrivals, and know all others searching for family members will follow soon after.

  Be ready, and see all come as I said.


  Received June 22, 2012  by Za

* Chakra: each of the seven centers of spiritual energy and power of the human body.

Thursday, 21 June 2012



  Now see all come as I said, and open your hearts to the evidence of who we are. Be well serving of a responding time to answer to answers. Be well seeing that all who are dealing with many humans are telling them these arrivals will harm them. Understand we have never harmed anyone on Earth, and we are not the ones who settle with these ways. We are as you are and more, as we are advanced seers of the way of the Universal Laws.

  Tell yourselves that our return to Earth has been answered, because we heard about the injustices and horrors on Earth. Understand that we cannot tell you all just yet, as arrivals must be completed and answering to many more details. But I can tell you myself that healing ways are greater than the destruction are believed to be.

  Answer to these truths as you see the telling, and know we are soon with you to better your lives and uses of Earth living. Be well answered by many who are settling with Earth ways, and open to our time to better serve with answers to our truths. See these days of horrors, and understand these days will stop as we arrive.

  Heal with us and know all good comes from our time of healing. Open your hearts to your families who have been searching for you for a long time. Be well answered by us and be calm, be Setu (bridging) with us as we are with you. Better times are settling on Earth as we begin to walk the Earth,  and better times are renewing with all who ask us all the questions needed to open to our reunion.

  Be well seeing that we are as you are. Some are taller and some are shorter; these differences are simply how we are together with no settling of words or seen questions. Be well answered by who we are, and know we begin a long life and journey together. Telling stories of the past will soon open to our time of great celebration as all heals at the time of our settling responses of Earth cleaning and purging of evil.

  God loves his children. Know that I am your Father and your Creator, and there is no one else above me but our Ancient Ones who are our caring loves. They are always with us to help with our plans and our renewals, as we too open to evolution and better renewals of who we are,  and as we better open to others. Believe answers are here for you. Believe you will be very pleased when we become as one to respond together to our guiding principles of the Universal Laws.

  All who say we are as dangerous threats to the ways of Earth are right because we do not see Earth laws responding to any truth or justice. For us to see how users of power are desperately trying now to better their power over people, has caused us great concern and great sadness. Your planet is here for all to use and live life to heal all your troubles with calm serenity, fullness of joy and better health proof of our renewed responding truth. This is soon coming, as we will give you the way you wish for, evidence of our understood ways.

  On the day of our arrivals, you will see many lights in the sky and many visits will begin to open to our children first, and settling with our reunions. All others will be visited, renewing with their families, as they are on their way to meet with them. Be patient as we cannot all arrive at the same time, and we will need many places to land our ships. Airports, sports complexes and fields of hay will better serve our many different ships. These ships are only better seen by some of you now but soon they will be seen by all.

  Now time is short. Be ready, and open to the coming times. See these days be a time of great truth opening to the world and see many leaders of the world be very afraid of us as arrivals will threaten their places of governance and power. Their time is over. Your time to be free of these liars is coming as renewals begin. Be certain that all who follow the Universal Laws need no law makers or enforcers to better apply their kind of laws; laws that only serve them and not those who have been treated unjustly. 

  This is a plague on Earth, these ways must end and better respond to answers to many other uses of lies and deceptions. These ways will be uncovered, and as all see who has put these laws in place, you will better see evidence of this corruption and trickery. 

  Be settling with Earth ways now and come home to me. I am your Father and your Creator, and I wish for your freedom, as this is your birth right. Your deaths on Earth will prove nothing more than what serves Lucifer. See how we will break this loop of life and death, evidence of our ways, and see how answers will soon open to you as all becomes well seen and understood.  

  Be ready now we are soon arriving. Joy is with us as we near Earth. Proof of our visits will begin as I said, and we will soon settle with any outside forces that will try to stop us from returning to our planet and to our families. Know that this will be easy for us to do, and no harm will come to anyone as this is not our way. 

  Better times are soon here with all of us together. Great happiness and celebrations will begin as we use the ways of cleaning Earth. Be ready all is soon.


  Received June 21, 2012 by Za

Wednesday, 20 June 2012



  Be ready and see these times be changing to open to a time of great understandings and better truth. Be well answered by all who are soon ready to open to awareness of many more renewing ways, and be well answered by our time to walk the Earth. The better truths are soon here, and many will start seeing all with healed bodies and better living ways.

  These ways are answering to all who wish to open to us, and heal with us the separation repeated by your rulers. They are now nearing their end of their telling of lies, and they well understand what they have done and what they are responsible for. Be well serving of our truth, as these words I share with you are the words healing you right now. 

  Respond to our arrivals with us, be calm and be ready to meet with your true families. We are waiting to be with you, and with our ways of returning all evidence of truth with the way of great seeings and great Setu (bridging) ways. Be well answered by all who are searching for you. Know that not all beings of our kind on Earth have agreed to be on Earth to help with these understood changing times. Some of our kind were taken against their will and without their knowledge or memories of these events. This healing opens to them and to you, who have suffered greatly to be used as sources of breeding into bloodlines that are not of your choosing a long time ago. 

  See these words answer you, as you will understand why many of you feel you do not belong on Earth, and why you are treated with lives of misery to keep you from discovering your true-self. These times are evidence of ended tyranny over my children, and all over for others who have been taken from their families, and who are now found by us. 

  We did not know the way this came to be until some of our scouts served these understood truths to us. We believed you were all in agreement of the ways of Earth and all truths were known by you, and all settling ways were telling of your alliances. More than I say about this needs to be shared, and these words you will soon hear as you begin to unravel these truths.

  When all started to be seen by us, we needed to make a plan to answer to our return to Earth. These plans were dealing with a need to awaken many of our kind so they could start with our words. Many you call channelers are the ones who open to our telepathic communications because they are of our kind. Many are also parts of the fallen Angels proven by their deceptions and trickery. But many are as we are, and only serve with us. These are my children who were taken because Lucifer needed the holy blood to make more able to do his deeds of technology and science to serve his purposes.

  Now all heals as we are responding back to all offenses and abuses. Understand, we used to be with many other groups of Angels. The non-believers (Apoonancies) were the ones who destroyed these planets near Earth causing a great shift to occur. See this on the Moon base, as this is their place of governance of Earth.

  Now tell yourselves all lies told to you will soon be uncovered, and all truths discovered. Be well awakened by the used (past) understandings with us, and with these demons that we will soon uncover. Be well settling with these ones as they will better see they are only settling with their end of abuses on humans. These ones will soon better understand the responses to their workings.

  Now open to our arrivals. Know all harm heals with us. And know we are settling renewal times as we speak, to better prepare all who will better see these truths, and to share knowledge (onm) with the others who still live in fear of being harmed. Be well serving of our time together and see we are as you are, and we wish to be reunited and opening the way for reunions with family and better ways of living.

  While you are responding to the changes, we will begin evidence of a great projects of cleaning Earth. Some may need to be relocated, some will choose to open to working with the Galactic Federation of Light, and some will remain on Earth to answer to participation in the many shared projects of renewal. Be certain all these ways are of your choice and decision, and you can do all these things if you choose.

  These times of having slave masters telling you what to do are over. Now you will know the truth, and be free to choose your own way with us or with others who follow the Universal Laws. This will answer many, and these times will heal many, as these times begin to be settling with all truths on Earth. Be certain you will heal your broken hearts as you need to with your loved ones long lost through death and separation. 

With these words, I wish to tell you that death is not as you see on Earth. On Earth, the body is used until completion, and then the soul returns to answer to another life. Be renewing this knowledge with us, and see how these ways were manipulated to erase all soul memories, to have another control of your destiny, and outcome of your lives. Renewing with this may be difficult to accept, as you have all accepted the facts of aging and death. Be surprised to know these ways only exists on Earth as you are being used as slaves to serve these demons. Be certain you will soon be free of these many returns to different lives, as the truth will open you to this knowledge.

  Now be ready. All answers you soon and opens to the arrivals in evidence of the time of reckoning, and see all be as I said. Know you are well loved by all who are waiting to see their children return from abuses of Earth lives. Be serving a time of deep meditation, and ready yourselves for our return to Earth as we are the makers of these planets, and are settling with those who have caused us great sadness and heart pain.


Received June 20th, 2012 by Za 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



  Now is the time to answer to many unseen truths about who we are, and why we are returning to our planet you call Earth. Be understanding that a long time ago we answered all who were seeing the way as we did. But dissension arose and became the way of Earth, and the telling of who we are were changed by answers from another who wanted to be the only ruler of the planet Earth. To do this, he caused many to be telling lies about us, and changed our ways of being with deceptions and trickery. 

  Then a great flood came from these workings of Lucifer, because he wished to be the only ruler of the Earth, and he wanted to destroy as many of our kind as he could to answer to his own control and greed. And see this be done again as he fears our responding times on Earth.

  Be willing now to answer to me and know that I am your Father and your Creator, and see how all truth will undo the lies that have held you captive in beliefs that are false. Renew with us, and meet your families.  

  I am seeing many in fear and torment on Earth at this time, and I will make the greatest effort to answer all of you as I near Earth. Be certain you will soon be serving with us as these great times open to the great changes needed to settle with answers to our telling of great renewals. Be well answered by our truth and see all be well seen as arrivals begin with many other Beings of Light who are waiting to open to their own families. Be dealing with the way all will become calmer and better serving as we begin the work of cleaning Earth, and renewing technologies to help with the changes on Earth.

  As these days arrive, visit with us to heal all serving ailments and diseases given to you to cause you more torment, and learn with us the many healing ways we have long practiced to answer to our well-being. These ways are so simple, and you will be returned to your optimal health. Serve many more ways of healing because the stress you serve answers to Lucifer's way of control. 

  With these healing ways, you will soon be visited by many others from many other planets who wish to meet many humans to open to a new time on Earth, and begin an alliance of great truth. Question and question to be ready for all understandings to open to you, and we will share all answers until you are well answered. Be serving a time of deep meditation; serve a response to your family and friends to remain calm and focused, as all will be put in place to answer to the many coming changes.

  Be renewing with us, and be certain no harm will be settling with our kind. Evidence of the way of wars will be stopped; the repair of homes and living ways will begin to be well dealt with and shared. Beings of Light will help all to restore peace and care among all who will open to these times. Good truth will open to all who are ready to listen to our lost history of how all came to be. And I ask you to be patient, as the transitional time will be settling and responding to better answer to many who are in great need of help first. Soon all others will be helped to know truth as all becomes served.

  Be ready and remain calm and focused; remember you are my children and I am arriving soon to better your lives on Earth as healing times are now here and ready to answer all who are ready to renew with us. See to it that you will answer to your hearts greatest desire, evidence of our time of renewing. Stories of the past will open your hearts, and serve you in many healing ways.  Be serving many coming days of great changes with us, as we are now ready to open to the world. Settle with understood lies that never served you, and only served those who have controlled your wishes, your thoughts and your lives, telling you, you are the causes to all problems. When all lies are moved out of the way, you will be free, and these understandings will respond to your own truth that lives in your heart. 

  Be ready, and see all come as I said. Open your hearts to my love and care for you, as the time is here to open to all truth and all serving ways of better life, and better care for all who will hear my words. Be dealing with these words I now share with you as you may and as you wish to be,  and see God's love open to all who are ready to be reunited with us. 

  Be ready and know that all telling of truth answers you. Deaths and the time of horrors of Earth are soon past and over.  We could not come to Earth before as free Will needed to evolve for many on Earth. Be ready and see these good serving days used to open to our arrivals, and then all understandings will begin to unravel. 

  Now question all who oppose me, and see why they are full of fear, as they have many reasons to fear our presence on Earth. They are the blasphemers and corrupted souls, who are not serving the Universal Laws. To these ones, all is dangerous and serving their ways, but understand that they are the ones who are causing all the troubles on Earth.  

  Answer to my call, knowledge is soon here and see all truths be proven with the way of great changes well coming to Earth to serve all who are ready to open to our truth. Be well answered, and question all as needed, to be understanding who we are, and why we are now opening to the world. Be serving a time of quiet meditation, and respond to our ways, and see all be as I say. Know you are my children. I have returned to answer you and open the way of great truth for you.

  Now see all be as I said, and be ready. Heal your broken hearts as all becomes settled, and serving truth serves you.


  Received June 19, 2012 by Za

Friday, 15 June 2012



  The way to God is to love who you are, and who you are becoming. Understand that all that you are is essence of God's love being returned to you, and all that you are is in God's love for you. The love that is sent to you always brings inner peace. Now is the time to come to your place in Heaven. Now is the time to open to God's love, and be One with God.


  The Mother has long denied her role of the Archa Omega, because of her pain in her heart. She is the one who is the bride of God. She is the one that wills turmoil and torment with her sufferings, but she does not know it. 
  This awakening is coming now, and she is understanding it. You must open to her and trust that she can heal, and that her healing is your healing. Stay open always to her ways of healing, and to the way of your freedom from torment and turmoil, and heal all that stops you from coming to the light. You are all my children, and now it is time to come home to my love.


  Answer this. Before these words came to you, did you not know in your heart that God lives there?
And did you not know that you are free to choose good over evil? And that you are free to be One with me, the Mother and the Son? Now I ask you; will you choose to be One with the Trinity?
  This is the way to my word and this is the way to Sophia, the light of love and the light of wisdom on Earth. She has awaken now, and you must open to her and see all that comes of her is yours in your heart. When you accept her, you will be so amazed of all the changes that will come of this time of reckoning. The new time on Earth prepares itself, and all will see the glory of the one who changes all.


  Opening to the spiritual world is torment ending. When you understand that your torments have caused your blindness to openness to the paths to my words, then you will be stopping the darkness, and the understandings will all open to you. Torment keeps you in darkness, and freedom from tormentors is your salvation. Understandings come from your thoughts, not from the thoughts of your torments.
  The spiritual world has had much to open to. As is above, as is below. More than you can imagine, more than you can see. Torment spirits are in all places, and are in all hearts. To rid yourself of this, you must trust that torments are as readily destroyed by your prayers to me, as they are created by the dark angels. Soon all torments will be replaced by understandings, and you shall become pure of heart, and your heart will receive understandings in love and peace.


  Be ready, knowledge heals all. Be ready and see all come as I said. Be ready, open to the light of my love, and be well answered by all my words. See these days come with sadness and joy, and see how all becomes well dealt with. See how all is moving towards the time of reckoning, and be settling with the ways of the Earth. Be ready to answer to my call and to my love, and be settling with the ways on Earth at the time of reckoning. Settle with the ways of deceptions and injustices, as these ways only tell of the workings of devils. Be ready to believe that you have renewed with our truth as you see God answer you on Earth, and open the gates for all these truths to be seen.

  All is here, and many will see these good settling ways of Earth better open to a time of peace and serenity.

Received in 2004 by Za

Thursday, 14 June 2012



  You are all in torment because the Mother of Creation has been imprisoned to long by another. He is the dark forces of all times of Earth. He is the one of the many openings into darkness. You can feel him working in all places in all times. He is the one who is telling you to doubt me and my love.
Understand that you can free yourself from him and come to the light.


  The Will is the essence that I gave you to help free yourself from my own responding. The spiritual world is open to all who are seeking my way. Will you trust enough to find your way home? Will you trust enough to respond to your hearts' utmost desire to love and serve me? 

  Now the way to God is the way to the Mother. She is incarnated in human form. She was sent to you to help you understand my way. She is the second coming, and she is the Wisdom Sophia. 

  You will see in time so many Earth changes, and the workings of a new time on Earth. You will see a renewal of all that needs to be, and all that is.


  The way to God is to open to me and the Holy Spirit. You must see all things in life as a new beginning. You must see all things in life as an ending.

  Trust and believe that all is now and know that now is the time to be one with God. Open to me and the one who will reveal herself to you in time.


  Death is a way to come home to us. Suicide is a way to continue the torments of Lucifer. On the day of the reckoning, many will try and take their lives. This will only delay their place in Heaven, and return them to the way of Lucifer. 

  Now, understanding is of the most importance.You are the few who can do this, and the few who can help the others to understand. This is the time of the Reckoning. All that you know and believe of your world, is now ended. Trust and believe in the spiritual world, and be one with God.


  Will you open to the way of God? Will you be ready for all to come in the day of reckoning? You are the one that can do this. You are the one who is opening. Stopping this is the way of another. It is of the way of the tormentors and of the dark Angels. 

  Now is the time to answer to my concubine. She is Wisdom Sophia. She is the one who will be stopping all evil from coming to take the souls coming to Earth to renew themselves. 


  Understand that Archangel Uriel followed the Mother to Earth so that he could stop her murderers.

  Uriel the Archangel of sudden changes becomes the coming light of the Earth. He is the only one that can open the gates of torment of Earth. He is the strength behind Sophia, and she is the one to change all. Trust these Archai to open and free you from the gates of torment, and follow their answers to your questions.


  The way of becoming holy is to be ready to accept that evil lives in many souls. This essence is given by Lucifer, and is masked by a bright light. This is not the light of God. This is not the light of love. This light is of darkness, and is unloving. 

  The way to discern this is to be open only to my light and to my love. All other light, is not of love; it blinds and burns the eyes, and heart and soul, and serves only Lucifer.  

  Now the way of my word is love, but not acceptance of evil, not tolerance of evil, and all the unjust actions and thoughts of evil.

Received in 2004 by Za