Sunday, 16 November 2014



Better bridging times are near

    Now be dealing with our time to walk the Earth and renew with who we are. Know all starts with the great destruction of Syria to answer to the greed of Israel who visits with their demon masters to open to helping themselves to land that is evidently not theirs. See this as a treason against God's children, as they claim they are, and are only seeing to their own telling of lies.

    God's children are all who see the truth of how all is unraveling, and who see the cause of more troubles for all who respond and serve truth and justice. Truth and justice heals all, construction and not destruction. Now be serving with us and open to better truth with us.

    Know we are the ones who are responsible for the Earth serving wealth. This wealth heals all as is the seeing of truth. Be understanding how this evident truth is yours to have and onm with each other to better serve with greater answers as all opens to the times of renewals and reunification. Be certain all heals with us.

    More onm has to be shared in order to obtain the understandings that we can answer to with all who are ready to open to be Seers. With us you will be dealing with an upsurge of good ways that will enable your better truth to be renewed. With us you will open to greater serving answers to better ways. And with us you will be understood and accepted, as these days of wars and horrors believe must end and they will.

    Be certain with us you will be yourselves, living your lives in peace and better serving health. This is what a father wishes for his children. And as I am your Father, I am wishing for you to open your heart to me and my Angels who ask only that our place on Earth heals all. 
    Be renewing with us, trust in our ways in evidence of how care is healing for all who serve justice, care and peace, as these messages were shared by my sons words to you through Teachers of our kind. You will answer to my sons on Earth to renew with you, now see them arrive and open to answers to greater truth.

    Be dealing with answers to many as all becomes well answered by us. And know all will be serving to answer to greater times than ever seen on Earth, as these are Lucifer's last days on Earth and anywhere else. Be dealing with us more now and be ready to answer to our call at these times of greater sharing. Know we are willing to answer to all people of Earth, but with us answers are well responding to those who see the better ways we will share.

     Be understanding we are the believed Ancient Beings of Light who with more trusted truth can show you. And know we are dealing with better answers than any on Earth. As arrivals renew, we will meet with our diplomats who are among the serving readers of these words, as you are prepared to answer to greater truth than shared on Earth.

    Be understanding your lives are protected by us in evidence of why you incarnated for these times. We will be seeing each other soon; be ready and be serving with us. Be dealing with understandings you did onm a long time ago before you were on Earth, and for many these are many lives ago. 

    Remember your soul has been corrupted by tortures believed to change you but you can never be changed by anyone or any torture. Be knowing your purpose has not been forgotten and your lives have only served you more to learn the workings of evil.

    Be dealing with these words now and prepare for our time of reunification rising to answer to our serving ways with you and all who serve the seeings of the Universal Laws of serving truth and respect for all life seen serving as we are. Be willing now to open to your own truth and know evidence is yours soon.

    Now be ready and be serving with us.


    Received by Za, November 16, 2014
    May God be with you and in your hearts. Za