Tuesday, 27 August 2013



Important message to friends

    Please share these words among the good people of Earth. There is little more to say as all is unraveling as He said. We have great reasons to share our sorrows as these monsters play out their games of horrors with Syria and the Middle East countries. My heart is full of sadness to know of the sufferings of the innocent. Difficult times are facing all on Earth. I can only hope for a divine intervention to save us from these war making demons and their works.

    The messages from 27/06/2012, 01/09/2012, 05/03/2013, 23/03/2013, give a clear description of what is being put in place to attempt a takeover of the Middle East region. 

     May God protect us.



Thursday, 15 August 2013


Trust in all good things to come

    This morning' messages were surely meant to be shared. As the needless violence continues to spread on Earth, words of hope for better times need to be shared with all people who are awakening.  
    "Now see these times begin to change. Open to all who are dealing with answers to a more truthful life, better serving of many truths with the serving answers to all who are as we are, Beings of light who understand the truth of all peoples, and who see to many questions to open to change. 

    With these words, you will be dealing with many more telling of other Setu (bridging) Seers who have opened to our ways and who see the answers serving them. With these answers, come better truth that will better respond to all who are dealing with the deaths of many, and who are searching for greater answers to open to; better ways, better words and better answers to open to. 

    Be well answered by us and be well understanding of all our truth. Be ready to understand all serving truth with the answers to our ways and our renewed ways of opening to better Setu seeings. Trust in all good things to come and open to, at the time of our arrivals and the time of reunification. 

    These days with questions will all be opened, answered, and renewed with better truth these liars have withheld from all good people of Earth. Be served, answered and trusted by all who are responding now to greater serving answers with the way of great understood answers to truth, love and care. 

    Be ready and be ready, and see all good truths be shared and opened. Be willing to answer to all who respond to our understandings and who serve with dignity, honor and grace. With us you will be answering to Apoonancies' (non-believers in the Universal Laws) lies and changing these lies to all truth, and you will begin to understand why these liars fear our time to walk the Earth.

    Be willing to onm (share knowledge and light of understanding) with us. Be willing to see how all can be changed, better serving all people of Earth who ask us to come to better their lives and hopes for better understood truths of who we are and why we have been away so long, and why we are believing in the time to return to Earth with great love and happiness at the coming time of reunification.

    Evidence of this day heals all who are proof of good people of Earth, who are bridging with us and who are renewing with many with the better seen truth of our ways. Be settling with Earth ways and believe all is near and ready to see all come as I said with the way of great understanding and great truth. Be well answered by us. God"

    Received by Za, August 15, 2013  


Wednesday, 14 August 2013




Their technology and belief system are more advanced than ours

    It no longer matters what new laws or new rules are put in place to placate the awakened. It no longer matters who is seen to be punished by corporation laws and who decided to resign. What matters now are the actions that every person is accountable for, every action that caused harm to another with clear intention to harm. These transgressions are seen by the more advanced Beings. They have better technologies than any corporation on Earth; none can hide from their own ill intended actions and none can escape the consequences.

   Presently, we the good people of Earth, are being held hostage by the works of evil and corruption. Freedom is ours to have and live. It is our Earth, our lives, our families and friends to care for, and change is on the way to give us back to ourselves. 

  I asked the question: "How are you going to get pass the attacks against you?" He answered: "With our ways we can easily be serving with evidence of our trust in better answers to overtake any attacks from ships made on Earth. Our technologies can take them any way."  

   The waiting is almost over. Here are a few more of His words that may be a comfort to the reader: "Now see to it you have all that you need to open to these times with understanding and kindness. Know with us that all heals and all heals with love and care. But for those who have transgressed, all greed, all hate, all abuses of humans and all actions of harm will be dealt with and serving a penalty equal to these actions with clear intentions to harm. Be not surprised to see these common thieves be healed by their own ways in evidence of how they treated others. This is the hell they created for themselves. Be understanding with knowledge about how we know how all things are to come. (...)
Be ready and see how all starts and how all begins." 

Truth rules over all lies. Be ready and be well.