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                       Be well and be one with God.

                       Johanne Howard/ Za

Wednesday 18 January 2017



God's children are not group specific

     Israel is not a place for us. You see a map but it is not there. Israel is not a country, it is a place inside people. I am saying this to open your thoughts to these words. Be understanding this truth and be understanding that Israel meaning is the 'home for my children'. This place is in your heart and not a country.

     All Israel is, is a place of commerce and nothing more. Many ask 'why are many humans renewing with this?' And I say to them: ' All these humans want is to well control a place of commerce near and through important water ways. So, they are creating a lie and a great deception to answer to this control of territories and only this.

     There are no Holy places on Earth and there never was. All is about money riches and control; to make the Temple of Jerusalem a holy place with the control of great leaders of money riches; to serve them a control of territory. All to answer to them with the lies they made of my words to declare this. And know we are not renewing with places many humans built to better themselves in a wealth of possessions only to control people into believing that my words answer (only) them. 

     They well renew with evidence of another who uses these lies of 'God's children' when it is not our truth. Be understanding all has a purpose now as arrivals become seen and served, and answers are renewed with us only. Be prepared to share knowledge with us and others, only as visits begin, and the true children of God are answered.

     My children are not tied to any religion or any groups or any country or any serving governments or any religious leader. They are scattered on Earth among the people and are placed, on their time of conception, in a place not suited for them. They are on Earth to open to the knowledge with/of the inequities of their lives experiences, to study all ways of evil and are settling with answers to many trusted truths. This answers to evidence of greater responding truth soon opening to them, only them.

     This excludes all who see themselves above all others, and these ones will be answered by me and my armies, who will find them under any rock or in any hole. 


      Received by Za, January 18, 2017

Saturday 31 December 2016



now listen                     

     The ways of our arrivals become renewed with the way of the bridging truth. All who oppose us answer to evidence of their own ill-will. And all who serve with lies will soon be telling all that we are devils better serving with troubles on Earth; but the troubles we answer to are about the many who are asking to be helped and freed. These owners of souls believe they can evidently use better people to open to us, and abuse children to control them through fear.

     All this ends now. Evidence and support comes to free all who are prisoners of these whores and all who have greater souls than those who control the innocent. And be certain we ask you to answer back to answering this truth, and be renewed by answers that are only truth. Know now these words shared by all who serve with us, and who open to greater seeings than those on Earth.

One: Renew with truth only.

Two: Be bridging (setu) with us as arrivals begin in all places responding to the support of God's children. (Za's note; not countries who discriminate against people by religious or cultural laws)

Three: Be serving with the truth of who you are and why you are on Earth.

Four: Be serving with God's answers to better living ways and do not better yourselves without better evidence of greater responding truth. ( Za's note; e.g. religious leaders)

Five: Be respecting all life on Earth and be understanding why respect is healing you and others.

Six: Be seeing to the needs of the living when you are able to.

Seven: Be responding to all serving ways ( helping) in evidence of how renewals are shared by us and others arriving with us.

Eight: Be serving with love and be renewing with us at the time of the sorting of souls.
This means no harm will be served by us, but those who are dealing with evidence of abuse (those who cause harm) will better be served by the troubles they caused onto others.

     Believe knowledge heals all, and this will set you free, and then all will open to their own truth.
Share this and know these words yourselves as these words will better serve you and better open the way for you. And know you will better know the truth with all who will respond to my words and share these words with others.

     These are instructions to know and to share in evidence of the questions by all who are serving with us and others at the time of meeting. Be serving this knowledge and understanding more now. Be renewing with us and others as these days open to answer to the proof of who responds to who, and respond to the truth.

     More than you are expecting answers you, more than you can understand is opening to you, and more than you can see arrives soon. So be ready and know I am coming and I am answering you and I will serve the truth of all ways and all answers. Be renewing with us in confirmation of who we are and be ready for all to open very soon.

     See to it that you are ready to open your heart to me in evidence of the good truth starting to answer all my children, and better answers to all who are ready to meet with us and better their lives without the control of these evil devils who act as of the people. These devils respond to their plans of population control and renew lies of wars responding to freedom when this lie only responds to depopulation and control.

     And know we will stop them.


     Received by Za, December 30th, 2016



Friday 26 August 2016


Our time of meeting is near

       You will renew with us and see the truth of what I said. And you will open to evidence of greater seeings, and better open to answers to your setu (bridging) truth, and then you will be free as you open to our help to all. Because knowledge has many explosive truths, and because all opens to better answers with us, and because we will open to better serving truth with all who are seeing as we are and who settle with Earth ways.

       Many will renew with us in belief of our ways, and many will renew with stories of old by their seeing of religion, but proof of our arrivals will be renewing evidence very soon. Tessron (renewals, reunification) are here and shared knowledge with us will change all truth and answers to better seeings of our way. 

       Be renewing with us now and see all be evidence of the truth of who we are and know how all came to be. 'Tessron' is reunification time, and this means these days are here. Apoonancies (non-believers), as said, are knowing all I am responding to by their means of lies and corruptions, and they understand we are arriving to begin a sorting of souls.

       With us answers are open, but with these murderers, only actions of abuses and hell responds to them because they are devils without souls, and because they wish to control all places and all life seen in all universes, they cannot be trusted with us, and so they will be removed from Earth. 

       As all becomes unraveled, and you begin to see the way all is on Earth, you will be understanding how all opens to better truth. And because you are dealing with many on Earth of this kind, you will begin to understand how all settles with us, and how all answers open to us. And because a more trusted truth opens to all people of Earth, you will see the proof of many more renewals of responding truth.

       And this will respond to the light of our deepest desire to open questions to answer. And know we have many teachers ready to share seers' truth about who we are, and who you are. Be renewed by our ways, and be certain all comes as I said, as you will see this yourselves. And know God gives you back to yourselves.

       Understand this, we are answering you and opening the way for all who are ready to open to our truth and respond to better days. Aonma aonma aonma (evidence, vindication, proof) opens the way because all starts now. You must ready your hearts because many will die in the war of liars and thieves. 

       Be renewing with us and see all be dealt with by their own families, and understand these times of death wars, and the culling of humans is healing with us. And understand we well serve with greater seeings of how all heals. At the time of meeting, you will be certain of who we are. When this helps, seeing the truth, you will be angry at these terrorists who are serving Lucifer. Be certain of this, they care not about any life.

       And all who are fooled to believe more lies will better open to our responses to them, and they themselves will answer to their actions, and be seen for who they are. Be dealing with these days of truth, and be understanding the setu times are here. More than you can imagine arrives soon and know we are here.

       These words are truth, be ready.


       Received by Za, August 25, 2016

Monday 11 January 2016



Answers are here, see this yourselves

     More troubles start in the days coming to open to our ways. The seeing of our ways answers evidence of serving people with us and not with the lying governments. Soon you will see all these liars question all who deny them by responding to greater growing troubles because many will become dealt with by force and incarcerations.

     Because of these attacks on all, the governments of the West will increase the serving of laws and dealings with the Apoonancies, (the non-believers in Gods' return to Earth with His Army), trusted ways with force. These laws will ask all to disclose their wealth and be renewing with returning these assets to their governments and bankers.

     But these renewed laws will be opposed by all people of all places. Healing truth will start to be shared about the plans to be understood by all, and this will open to civil wars everywhere in all western good serving countries. 

     Now about the Mohamed renewed serving of lies. Understand God has only shared truths with this response to answer to truth. We never created religions, people do this to control others. Understand Gabriel shared words with Mohamed, and beliefs were renewed by others who used this to create a society of responding people to better control, only this. 
     Here is the problem with all religions proving what they serve. Responding to humans is only serving the belief of God who returns to Earth with His Angels, but people created a belief in words that are only serving themselves to open to greater control of societies. This evidence of lies answers to Lucifer, and all who serve this are an abomination, and they will be dealt with as they dealt with others.
     Be seeing how all this opens to the End Times because I will end these acts of violence against all who are the victims of atrocities being called my wishes. This will be dealt with and all who are with us will better the seeing of this, and end all troubles caused by these servants of Lucifer. 

     And know all comes soon and opens to greater troubles. Understand we arrive soon but we are not Apoonancies servants, and we will arrive at the time when Apoonancies tell all we are here, but they are not answering to our past truth. We visit only with our kind, be sure of this. And know when we arrive many will better serve with us and others because you will see this eruption of events, and only I can tell you the truth of how all serves.

     Now be ready and answer to my call at the time of meeting and see all open to better days with the good serving truth answering to greater bridging seeings. No one speaks for God, God can speak for Himself and I will. And know all who deal with the religions have accumulated wealth and only use this for their own plans, answering to only greed and lies.

     Soon nothing more answers them and they will be judged by all who suffered their lies in evidence of the generations of billions of people who lived and died serving this evil being Lucifer, disguised as an answer to control the weak of mind. 

     Answers come soon now as all will see these lies dealt with and the punishment of evil that will deal with these leaders of mass deceptions that will be understood by all; as the truth will open their eyes and golden light of truth serves all who are as we are; as the truth will renew on Earth and all who are served by understandings and knowledge will open to many; and renewing with who we are and why we are returning to our home Earth. 

     Be only seeing this time be renewed by us, in evidence of all that is coming more now. Deal with the days of great sorrows at the time of the bombing of Syria by Israel who continue to murder and hide behind many armies. They plan conceived acts of violence to control the Middle-East. And know these attackers from other countries are all serving this plan through other groups of religions, but all in fact answer to Lucifer, as he culls his servants and sorts them for a better battle. 

     Be seeing how all these lies will be seen when all peoples of Earth are pushed into a greater deception and opening all lies to settle with a "greater threat" as they will call it. This helps us, and we are the believers of peace and serving all. This time is not only for these servants of lies who believe themselves to better their plans and only this.

     Evidence of this causes many to be confused, but see this as all unravels and open your heart to better seeing the truth. See to it that you are opening to knowledge and understanding, and all evidence of greater seeings. Proof of all this starts soon, and you yourselves will be the proof of all you can be, without the lies and deceptions. Open to evidence of truth.

     Soon you will see us arrive. Be ready to share knowledge with many who are ready to understand who we are. As the truth opens, many will see these truths be seen and shared, and all will open the way for greater answers and greater bridging trust. All will be serving as they see this for themselves, and not as a response to propaganda and mind control.

     This heals all and answers to better trust with who we really are, and why serving with us answers you, and settles with greater truth than the renewed lies of leaders of Earth. Be ready now, knowledge is coming and opens to all. The Apoonancies will be serving with their own problems soon, and soon my children will be free. See this yourselves and be ready.


Received by Za, January 11, 2016

Friday 4 December 2015



All will be revealed in time

     Answers are coming. Be certain all will be revealed, and be understanding all opens to our time to answer to truth.  Know and share understanding of my words. Be sure all truth comes with our words. Know we are dealing with greater seeings than seen on Earth, as all opens to these trusted ways of all great used truth.

     Here is the thing about the flat Earth beliefs. These understandings are based on the uncovered truth about the Arctic and Antarctic places. These places are serving cold weather in conformation of how they are land masses moved away from the Sun. Here is the truth about this; these land and ice masses are covering great cities of the times of our seeing.

     These places were settling with many others, and responding to greater civilizations. But all ideals were changed by Lucifer, who answered to our truth, but only responded to causing harm. With the evidence of our arrivals and our return to Earth, determined to better the world, we had to open to freezing him into a place of security before we could serve with a better army.

     You see this now, but you do not understand why he was condemned by us. He visited many places to better his ways, and he destroyed many places (like Mars) to better his needs, but he tried to do the same on Earth, and served visits to other places (and other races) to keep all in place.  

     Be seeing how this is helping these possessed leaders of the world to cause chaos, by believed declaration of climate change chaos, that does only serve the rich and impoverishes the servants of laws. People are only living as they can, and are troubled by these taxes that only serve the rich to answer to their protection as we arrive. As they know we are arriving, they will be settling with us.
     Know they plan to start greater troubles. The users of lies are bridging with their own demises. Understand this was serving all renewed proof of how we are. Other users of truth were serving these times also. Our armies were depleted, and we needed to go across the Universes to open to greater seeing in manifestation of our bridging ways with others.

      We became well known in all places and learned many truths with others, in evidence of all these places. And with this knowledge and greater seeing, we are now returning knowledge and light of understanding to Earth to stop these plans (the control and destruction of all souls) from occurring. 

     These leaders of lies are serving with Lucifer's ways; they open to greater lies. But all lies will be dealt with at the time of questions because many other lies must be dispelled. Be seeing the works of Lucifer in all places of the world where inequality of people, poor care of children, the evidence of great wars and atrocities lives, as it did in his (Lucifer) time of great worship.

      He does all this again because he sees we are returning to Earth. He believes that with his helpers, he can cause more chaos in display of his manipulations of spirit possessions.  Be dealing only with these words for now, as there are more troubling seeings of how all settles on Earth. These ways are becoming evident with the practices of the hadron colliders that open the gates for the spirits to pass through.

     Be ready as these days will be full of troubles and deaths, and be seeing how all serving truth will be only lies coming from these renewals of dark ways, in evidence of our time to return to stop the "Apoonancies" non-believers of our ways and users of lies. 

( Za: Alice Bailey is a writer who's books are found in the United Nations library. In her writings, she tells of the importance to control people by removing their rights to open to the ruling time of Lucifer. We see this proof now of these actions with the deliberate killing of people in well prepared false flag events and the horrors of murders through encouraged "religious extremist wars" escalating in all places on Earth).

     This is the possessed ones who cause this, and many more with weakness in them will be settling with this banning together as in one mind, but know these actions only serve the ones who are completely indoctrinated with the teachings of Lucifer in proof of this working deception. This is the reason why we are returning at this time, to remove the "Aponancies" (non-believers in God's ways) from Earth, and heal Earth from Lucifer's grip.

     Know this time is soon, and will heal all to answer to the growth of shared truths and care for each other. These answers can be renewed with all, and here all words answers many. Be understanding we are returning to our Earth, our home, and we will make manifested many truths with people, believing in greater knowledge, who serve with us and who open to truth.

     Here is the thing about the satellite called the "Black Knight". It is responding to our uses and our technologies, and it serves us information as our orbs do, to better see to any help we can provide without causing interference of how all opens to better serving renewals. Be understanding all levels of information answers to us, and this is what is being reproduced by these possessed leaders who better open to believing they are equal to us in technology. But be certain all are lies, and no destruction can equal construction.

     Better serving truth of our ways, believe, will serve all with greater seeing, and soon we arrive to open to the world.


      Received by Za, December 4, 2015

Sunday 15 November 2015



Renewals are soon opening to many

     Be seeing this now more. Be dealing with beliefs about your world, and how death serves Lucifer.
Know more about the non-believers renewed attacks on the innocent, and be serving with us. Be serving these truths as we begin to share knowledge on Earth. Know all who are with us will be understanding the manifestation of how all serves and how all opens with us.

     See how all is unraveling now to answer to the good days of our time to walk the Earth. All who serve with Lucifer will be removed, and all who harm people will be dealt with and answering to evidence of our wrath. Be certain of these trusted truths and know we begin the sorting of souls as we arrive.

     Better to be with us than with them in evidence of what they are and who they serve. Know all healing comes with us, and know all love and care comes with us. And know these demons are soon all removed as they ask "why" with lies on their tongues. Be renewing with all truth only with us at the time of arrivals. See to it that you can answer to us with greater truth than seen on Earth.

    Know who your enemies are. Be certain they have answers only to better confuse the truth, and change this into deceptions and lies. Soon all will be dealt with and all my true children will be free of the seen proof of murders and thievery. Be certain all answers to this and nothing more, and know they will be all found out.

     Apoonancies (non-believers) think that they can cause all answers to serve them; but know this is only confirmation of their own self-deception as they renew with the greatest of all liars, Lucifer.
Be serving these good arrivals as we begin to answer back to all who cause harm, and who cause others to do the same.

     Be dealing with our ways as you begin to see our actions that will better all life on Earth. Evidence of this will open to shared knowledge with many who are soon seeing all as arrivals open to our time to walk the Earth. And see to it that you are ready as visits begin with the chosen ones. Be certain no politician will be a chosen one, as seeing this will better open to our own better serving souls as we are bridging with them.

     And as this comes to be seen, many will heal with us and understand all explosions of truth in evidence of opening to knowledge, and to the knowledge of who we are. Better days will soon follow our arrivals. All who are settling with Earth ways will be free of all abusers and beings of dark ways. Be renewing with us soon and know all comes to those who know how to better see answers and truth.

     Be renewing with the evidence of who we are and know we are the ones who answer you, and who will reopen to all truth of who Earth serving people are. At this time, you will better understand how the evidence of who responds to who, opens to the great reunification. 

     Apoonancies (non-believers) fear this more in evidence of their guilt. They know it is our time to return to Earth and see to the evolution of humans, because proof has shown us that Lucifer can control from the depths of the Earth, seeing to all the wars and torments caused on Earth. See this better serve with us and others, as all opens to better renewing with us.

     Be dealing more now with the good serving days coming, because knowledge opens to many who will be ready to hear this. Be dealing with the destruction of Syria in evidence of the ones who open to this in answering to land expansion of Israel. Be seeing their plans be stopped by us, and be dealing with the seeing of this tragic act. 

     We arrive at the settling of this as this heals with our Laws. Know all has started to open the ways for our time to return to Earth. These days are here my children, be ready.


Received by Za, November 15, 2015