Friday, 19 July 2013



Be ready for us now

    All heals with us. Time apart will open to our truth because we will return soon to our home Earth. When you hear us speak with people you will understand the truth of who we are, but answering to us directly will answer you well. Be dealing with your initial seeings and fears, and then be opening to us and many others who are with us, and many others who serve to answer to evidence of who we are.

    Be willing to make the steps to respond to us, as we begin to open to the world, and see all as it heals with you and many others. Be well answered by our truth with great openness because many who serve with us are not as seen before by humans, and these others can appear to be frightening when not seen before. But deal with these ones with the same respect you would have for any other unfamiliar culture.

    Give us your trust for the first few weeks to allow us to begin the sorting of souls, better seen as removals of evil working beings. And believe, these ones must be removed as their plans are to exterminate millions of people from Earth. 

    More starts the understandings of who we are and why we have come home to answer to great times on Earth. At the time of our arrivals, you will see many thousands of ships in the sky. Be ready to answer to our call and be opening the way for others to better see this as a great reunion and not an attack as you have been programmed to respond to. Be certain we are as family and not enemies.

    Be seeing we are soon opening to the world with great ease and openness, to reunite with many who have already been speaking to beings of light through telepathy and other means as my scribe uses. Be well serving these times with careful thoughts and better seeings as this is all we ask you to do. Answers are coming soon, and we will answer all of your questions with great details as we can, as there is so much to share. So many see this as impossible, but believe we can do this one step at a time, to ensure all are seeing truth for themselves.

    You have been in darkness a very long time, and we will open the way for you with others, to fill you in all the travels we have accomplished since we first left Earth to seek the ways of great unity with unifying cultures. Some cultures have responded to another being (Lucifer) settling with his lies, but more have opened to the way of reunification and great serving of our mission.

    Now listen. Be dealing with your feelings of knowledge about who we are as this will cause all religions to fall on Earth, as shared with the children of Fatima when my wife appeared to them to share the messages of our answers coming to Earth. These children are our children as they reincarnated on Earth to open to the ways of great seeings.

    Knowledge of these truths were hidden by the Vatican and many other knowing people because these words were a threat to their organizations. Be dealing with these deceptions, and know we could only hope that these words could be shared as humans have free will to answer to us and share many truths. Because Theresa was silenced then, we knew these coming days would be difficult to answer to.

So now we are arriving and settling with those who serve with darkness. I am very pleased to answer you now as healing will serve all of you and free you from the chains of slavery. But there is still much to be done and shared, so I ask you to be patient and calm, and be serving with great dignity and openness. This will help all to navigate through these times of transition with great ease and better responding seeings.

    Renew with us and be free of slavery and torments. And see to it you are prepared because as said, these times are starting and transitions will be dealt with. You will be in need of supplies for a short time in evidence of a few weeks. Be serving with great care all who have not well prepared, but settle with us and others as we become well serving of all urgent needs first.

    Be certain we will first meet with our diplomats and the urgent needs. Soon after all people can be used to our presence and open to many more trusted truths. Be well serving with us soon and better see understood ways. Be coping with your feelings and see to it your fears are well dealt with, as these emotions can shut your eyes and keep you in darkness.

    Better understandings shared will help in many ways as all begins to evolve and develop into the truth of Earth of who we all are. Be settling with Earth ways of money and greater lies, and settle with a new way of living that will serve all good people of Earth and serve greater change than you can imagine. Healing together these feelings of great resistance to new ways will quickly vanish as these free energy systems are all opened to you.

    See how we will answer you and well serve with you. With time, see how we will be one to each other. Understand visits are already serving with some people who know of our ways on Earth. And know we began these opening times with them but better evidence serves with all of you humans very soon as arrivals are opened and well dealt with.

    These moments are near and will better answer any serving questions with great ease and knowledge for all truth shared. Be ready to meet with us and see all come as I say.


    Received by Za, July 19, 2013.

Thursday, 18 July 2013




Knowledge and light of understanding is opening to the world

    Heal all lies with us and see to it you have the renewed truth of who we are and why we are returning to Earth at this time. Be serving understood words, better renewing with us face to face. Know we are all ready to open to all people of Earth. More than you are expecting starts with us very soon as arrivals become served and open to many who are searching for better truth and better serving answers.

    All is coming well and soon. Be soon reading "Answer to answers" and be serving this book with great joy at the time of sharing as this will explain our ways and our position in the Universes, and serve all who open to this to better open to all responses. This is the book that opens eyes to better understandings and this book does not exist on Earth and serves only with us.

    The way of the word heals all serving questions used by many all through the Universes and we use these words to guide our thoughts and actions for the betterment of many societies healing with us, as we renew with them. Be understanding that the written word lives with many cultures throughout all places opened by us in evidence of our contact with them.

    And I can tell you, we are all united under the Universal Laws that has given us peace and harmony in many more planets that you humans know of.  Evidence of this, you will soon open to, as this is the time for Earth to be serving with us. The seeing of our arrivals starts very soon. All who fear this will be cared for gently, as force is not our way, and we call on better responding people to open to us and speak with us. Then we will better serve with the better healing of many who are in need of medical and health ways.

    Be understanding much has to be done and many humans are well ready to cooperate in the healing of Earth. And I promise you, this can be done. Soon you will see us on Earth walking among you and soon you will be serving the truth of how all came to be. You will answer to truth with us and settle with all better ways of great telling.

    With these words, you will be settling with Earth ways and understanding all better used truths with greater knowledge. The Setu truth heals all who will open to it and all who are ready to answer it. Heal with us and open to the truth and become yourselves again. Answer to yourselves with God's words shared and see all better answers to living ways be yours and be with your loved ones.

    These ways are our ways, as we do not serve darkness and slavery as seen on Earth. These abominations will end as we arrive. Those who cause harm with intent will be removed and dealt with as they dealt with others. This heals all who walk in the path of righteousness and truth. Be understanding all slavery used to control your time, your movements and your living conditions will start falling one by one, and these telling of lies will all be uncovered and changed to truth. 

    Be serving better ways with us and see to healing all better seeings in evidence of these good serving times. Answers are soon here. We will meet with our chosen diplomats first and we renew with all people as the diplomats are settling with the words I shared before. All starts the great changes for the betterment of all good people of earth.

    Things like money and deadly foods will no longer be renewed. And things like wars and prisons will no longer be needed, as all who caused these harming ways will be removed. And believe, these ones are many in number as Lucifer has worked his evil through them. These ones will all be used to their own ways in another place, as they can see to their answers without these slavery ways.

    Be certain this will be done and be certain we will deal with these ones well and fast. Kissinger will see how all people suffered under his plans, and he himself will reincarnate into a world of harm to experience all and every troubles he caused. This will heal him as he does not see the harm that he causes as he is self-serving and dangerous. But also see that he may not heal, as the depth of his evil horrifies even us who see all evils.

    Be ready to see these ones be removed and learning through the caused actions onto others themselves, and one by one. Life will be used to serve with these evil actions for they are the cause of their own demise. This will be understood by each one of these abusers of people from Earth. This is the judgement that awaits Kissinger and others like him, who serve the ways of Lucifer knowingly and openly, as we see all lives of horrors shared by these ones.

    They cannot escape my judgement, nor serve to be free from all their actions. This is my promise to you my children. Be understanding that this is necessary to serve all who suffered under these tyrants and devils. 

    As arrivals become seen, many of these devils will want to go underground and destroy Earth from these hiding places. But know we are well knowing of these plans, and these ones will be dug out and dealt with as no stone will be left unturned, and none will escape our time of judgement and great serving answers. 

    Be well answered by us and know that all who suffered countless offenses against them, will be vindicated in evidence of how we account for all ill-actions against them, as we see all actions of ill-will and ill-intent heal with the knowledge of what was caused. These abusers have had many years to change their ways and better seeing what they have done and continue to do. This serves to our judgement against them. At the time of arrivals, they will be quickly gathered by us and renewing with us evidence of their guilt.

    There is no judgement on Earth as long as these devils answer to their master of ill-intentions. Be certain we will remove all devils from Earth as they are the causes for trouble for all. Be ready and see all actions of good faith be renewed by us and yourselves, and be responding to our ways, and settle with us. 

    Now see this. Because of who we are, many will be in fear of our arrivals. But soon after, as they see our ways, these fears will be changed into welcomes. Be dealing with these emotions with kindness and care, and tell them to remain calm as we begin the sorting and remove all servants of Lucifer from Earth. 

    As this is done, and peace begins to grow into a garden of healthy renewals with us, we can start the reconstruction of Earth and the healing of many in urgent need. Be renewing with us very soon, and believe all starts very soon. Now be ready and be careful.


     Received by Za, July 18, 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Sharing times are here

    Heal renewals with us and be ready to open to answers with us. Be well answered by our truth and our ways, and know all starts very soon. Now listen; we are in place to arrive on Earth as said. Be more trusting in who we are, as we are not coming to harm the innocent and vulnerable. Be visited soon by friends as this is who we are. None will be harmed by us, none will be dealt with without cause, as we are well knowing who are serving with darkness and evil intentions.

    Be renewing with us very soon, and know we are all ready to come and meet with many of you. Better truth starts well and soon. Be well serving with us and answer to our call to come and meet with many others who are wanting to meet you. Be surprised about how we are as you are, in body, and better serving with our ways.

    Answer us with serving trust and better seeings. Be dealing with our way of being as answers begin to open to you and as you will respond to evidence of great Setu (bridging, reconcile, reunite) seeings. Be well answered by our truth and be certain you will have all you need to validate many answers with us and many others who serve with us.

    Know you will have all serving truth answered to better see who we are and why we are coming home. More than you are expecting starts well and soon. Be well answered by us and know we are well answering all questions with many people, and many more renewing ways will be dealt with. Be dealing with us now soon and be well served by our words and actions.

    Bessron aonma poon onm starts at these times on Earth, as was said before, to open to our time of reunification and better serving ways. Be dealing with these truths yourselves. See to it you understand how all heals with us and others. Better serving times will settle with us to answer to all our children stolen from us a long time ago. 

    Now all begins and will be as it was at the first when we created Earth, to make a place that was as our home before the great wars destroyed our planet, and divided us in many places around the Universes. Be willing to open to these truths with us. Beware of the servants of lies and deceptions, as they are the ones who have caused much chaos and torment to all people of all planets and distant places in the Universes. Be certain we are now coming home. We will remove from our home all that causes harm and disharmony. 

    I am seeing many worry about their own actions on Earth, and I will say this. If you have caused harm to another in any way, with knowledge to be doing harm under no duress, be certain you are more trouble than we want near us because you are a servant of evil. But if you have been 'brainwashed' or manipulated into a belief system that caused you to harm, you will be opening to us, if you are ready, and we will open all truth to you.

    Be responding to many who will answer you. Heal all settling problems with us that will renew with all better seeings and better ways. Be willing to answer to our truth and to our ways with great seeings of great ways of living and serving truths, but understand not all can make this transition as they have not been restuu (serving in a spiritual/evolutionary way) with betterment of the soul and restuu truth of being with us.

    Many are not ready to understand our mission and our purpose, and see themselves as superior beings to be given all our technologies for the sake of control and wealth. These ones to us are also harmful as they see only to their own serving riches and greatness. These ones are knowing about our arrivals, and wish to use us as a resource and nothing more, as they cannot evolve their greed and cannot heal from darkness. These ones will only serve with great losses, as this heals them more than anything else, at these times of great changes.

    I am seeing many live with the intention of causing harm to animals to feed themselves. Because of this, we will show many what harm they cause to the Earth, to animals living on Earth, and many trusted friends of ours who appear as animals to humans. The eating of flesh here on Earth, answers to a problem of evolution that must be removed because of all the harm it causes, and answers to the way of darkness.

    Those who believe that one is nourished by flesh and blood eating from any animal, has not opened to many understandings about true health and better living ways. Dealing with these truths will be well answered by us. Be ready to open to these better serving truths with us and be understanding how all will be dealt with, better served with us, as all is opened to better seeings. But see that all flesh eating must stop.

    Be well answering to our call as we begin to walk the Earth. See all great truth become well answered by us as we open to answers from many others who will also share with Humans as all start believing who we are. And see to it that you are well prepared for the coming days as the troubles begin with the resistance of our ways to communicate with our planet Earth and our children. Be certain all starts well and soon. Be telling many about our arrivals now as these times start and open to all good people of Earth. 


    Received by Za, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013



Used (past) truth as known to us does not live on Earth

    All historians and anthropologists who tell their constructed stories of how they view the past, the ancient past, have all been deceived by the lies written to corrupt your beliefs. It is unknown to them who we are, what happened on Earth and how we lived in our great ruins left a long time ago when we had to leave. 

    These truths are only serving answers with us as no one has the truth on Earth about who we are and why we had to leave our homes because of the fallen ones. Understand we were as you are, living on Earth with great ease and with much better care for all ways of life, but these devils arrived from another planet and began tunneling our Earth. They soon attacked us so badly that many of us had to better serve by leaving to find reinforcements.

    As these times are now past, and serving of these times are not seen by you on Earth, nothing has been said about who we are as we are. Now we have returned to Earth to rid these parasites and uncover what lives in the depth of the Earth as shared before. Be well answered by our version of truth missing in the history of truth, rarely shared on Earth as healing times are soon here.

    These healing times have much to do with our way of being and of our ways of shared knowledge, that will override the corruption of Earth and the responding slavery. This shared knowledge of truth with us, will cause you to better see your true lives have been corrupted. Be well answered by us and many others as we begin to open these truths and show you the nature of all great seeings.

    These opening times are known to some people of Earth. But many will be responding with great fear because all they will see here with us will be a threat to their ways of living and the ways they have believed in. I say to you now, understood past truth will open to the healing of all people. These visits arriving soon, will renew with many who are responding to great healing ways. Be serving with great truth and be dealing with better answers to better visits with us. 

    Know now my words and see to it yourselves that you have the truth with you, in you, as you become well informed about the ways of great serving truth with answers to evidence of your own past, and your Setu (bridging) ways with us and many others. Be dealing with the better answers to knowledge shared with us. Be ready to open to all settling ways with us and others from other planets, who are with us, and who serve the Universal Laws.

    Better answers are soon settling all myths and stories made to make you believe you are lesser beings, serving only as slaves to your slave masters. Be renewing with us and see these trusted better seeings and many others, as all starts to open to our ways and our truths. Be well answered by our ways as no one who serves with us does this as a need to live, but rather out of choice and destiny. 

    We are together to see to all knowledge of all lost children, stolen from their original families, who need to be reunited with us as all truth becomes evident to you. 'Bessron aonma poon onm' (shared evidence of believed knowledge) will serve all of you well. And from these truths, freedom will be undeniable with answers to all healing ways, and all dealt with understandings about Earth history of who you are and who we are. 

    At the seeing of these truths you will answer to many better serving understandings about why and how these thieves worked their way into governments and all areas of great control as with medical institutions, education laws, and better settling with the seeing of societies who oppose each other in evidence of wars. This system is well known to us, as we have seen these ways before with the Reptilians and the Greys, who have been caught infesting other planets. All this will be stopped, and only helping ways will be put in place serving humans.

    Then we will remove all who have been corrupted by these demons. We will place them in a place for healing and remove the possessing devils that have overtaken their souls. When this is healed, they will be put in a place of reincarnation, to allow a new life to take place by giving them back to a life of better responses to heal their evolution if they can. 

    Many will never heal because the corruption is soul deep, and these ones will be served with great control to avoid their ill-actions onto others, as this is our way. Be certain many are corrupted on Earth. All who will be bridging with us, will understand why uses of reincarnation must settle with these souls to answer to better ways, and better settling answers with better serving ways.

    Be serving with these ways to answer to many with these times of removals, because many will see Earth family members be removed as these ones are greatly corrupted and are dangerous to others, even to their own families. Find these ones telling you, 'more renewals with us will be your death', when in fact it will be theirs, as they are corrupted to open to darkness, and are possessed or partly possessed at these times.

    Be seeing these words as you may, but remember, loyalties to these believers of ill-will and ill-intent are only the using of others to cause harm; and believe, they must be removed. This heals many as the harming ones will be gone to heal their lies and deceptions with better serving ways to answer to the 'Apoonancies' (non believers in the Universal Laws) renewed lies that will unravel in most cases.

    Be ready to question us well and receive the answers you need to open to our ways, open to better seeings and renewals with us. Understand we are very happy to meet with all good people of Earth very soon. Seeing these times will better serve all, and because all ill-will and ill-intent will be dealt with in great numbers, you will begin to live as you once did, in peace and harmony with us and each other.

    These days as said are soon coming. All who open to our truth will see how easy and much better their lives will be, as freedom is returned to you and healing opens to you in all good ways. Be ready, all comes as I say and said.


    Received by Za, July16, 2013

Sunday, 14 July 2013



Be certain we are coming

    Shared knowledge will free you from this darkness and these lies you have been told about who we are. You from Earth call us angels and gods but my name is God Yahweh, and I am who I say I am, and only these words I can tell you through my scribe, and only these words say my name. Be seeing how we are as superior beings in many ways because of who we are, but we are more than you know of, and less than these stories of magic and superstitions written in many books.

    Be understanding how we are responding to evidence of who we are and know all telling shared will come to pass as I said, because this is known by me and others. Better Setu (bridging) truths will serve many of you well as you begin to see all as I said. Be serving with us, join our cause to open to all nations, all worlds, all universes, and all people as these times of reunification are here for all good people and beings who serve with us and who open to the Universal Laws. 

    Be seeing soon how all starts on Earth as we begin the sorting and imagine, if you will, how all starts with the coming of Jesus my son, accompanied by my son Gabriel. They will first meet with the chosen diplomats from Earth and by us only. No more rulers on Earth will dictate to us our roles and intentions. These times of tyrants and thieves who tell you they are chosen by me to deal with you as they wish, and abolish your rights to better living ways, are now over. These liars and thieves will be the ones to be removed from Earth first , believe these words. 

    Be certain all heals after the removals because all who will be left on Earth are those who live by a true moral compass, and serve to answer to beliefs in good intentions towards themselves and others. This is how we serve, and this lives on Earth with the true children of our ways. Soon you will see this yourselves, and be with us as we were at the first with each other. 

    There is no control of peoples lives serving with us because all who are with us understand who they are and how they wish to live, without the paths of destruction and hate. We follow the Universal Laws that begin with 'to cause no harm'. Tell me this lives on Earth. Onm (knowledge and light of understanding) lives with us, and does not live on Earth because 'will' is controlled, bought and sold as a commodity, and no one is free to move from one place to another without being taxed or serving a price.

    The mark of the devil is already with you, as none can do business trading without the paper beliefs (money). And the sharing of good faith in each other has gone. Who on Earth can tell you they see to it that serving ways and renewed help from others are not serving money. All are caught in the web of this simple evil. As these ways are dealt with and removed, watch all corruptions be dealing with force to ensure the slaves keep working for a bag of grain, as this is their plan. 

    Heal with these times and open the way for your will to grow and heal yourselves from ill-will and ill-intent. Understand these truths are better answering to evidence of many responding peoples from other planets who live in caring ways for each other and seeing to the care of all living things. Be dealing with a better understanding about how all this is possible and even better than any system of authority answering to one good rule first: DO NO HARM. 

    God has seen all horrors on Earth and God will arrive with my Angels to stop this. This is my promise to all who are ready to see and understand how all renewals begin with us. Be ready because as we arrive all will be dealt with and all will be changed by us. All who believe or think these times cannot come are well serving with evil and can only see these ways of forced labor to have the right to exist. Be certain this was never of my way and never of our ways.

    We have no salaries, no seen possessions of great wealth but we are all wealthy in knowledge and rich in caring ways, and none go hungry or live as lost beggars with nowhere to go. Be responding to our ways and see how all these ways of healing are possible and simple for all to achieve. Better living ways as renewed and shared, will open the way for all good people from Earth. 

    Be very ready to answer to our call and see these changes coming soon to answer you as you are the ones Earth was left to when we needed to leave and open to others. Answers are all here for you with many others. Soon we will answer to all ways of great seeings with all people of Earth with our good serving ways. These times are soon here with us, and then your 'will' will activate to serve yourselves and each other as care and cooperation heals all and opens to many better seeings and better ways of living. 

    Onm now our ways and see to healing with us as you were made to open to the soul way with your own souls and be as you were meant to be dealing with your evolution and better understandings of yourselves and all others. These days are here for you and many others, and will respond to you well. God sees this as the Universal Laws opening to all people who will remain after the sorting. 

    There will be trouble coming from those who will not respond to these changes because of their fear and desire for control. But all others will be free from tyranny that has occupied Earth and caused man to fall from grace with us, but soon after you will better serve with grace and truth, and return to better seeings and living ways. Be with us and be settling with Earth ways and see Earth heal.


    Received by Za, July14, 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013



Settle with the lies and deceptions of Earth ways

    Dealing with us will be better for all who wish for peace and all who wish to serve with great truth. Be seeing how we are arriving very soon to open the way for all truths proven by our actions and our understandings. Be well answered by us and be well vindicated by us. See how we are answering to great renewals with our answers to evidence of our ways. Serve with us to answer to better serving of out truths with us and others.

    Better Setu (bridging) truths starts very soon and opens to our ways with great healing answers, and better serving telling of who answers to our better ways and better serving evidence. Be certain you will all be well cared for and well informed of all developments coming to create a better place for living and cleaner ways of living.

    See these uses of our people sharing with Earth people to open to all better ways of life. Great happiness will follow, and also a better healing of all ill beliefs about serving with us. But see to it these answers are yours to have. And see to it you have what you need for a short time, because all truths comes soon and all urgent needs will be cared for first. So be ready and serve these few weeks carefully with provisions and better water and power sources.  

    As we begin to walk the Earth we will share our truth, take care of the diseased and the needs of the most vulnerable, and soon we will be answering all who are ready to bridge with us. Many will be removed and dealt with as said before, and many will be serving each other to help all who are in need. Healing starts soon with us and serves to answer to many with us, and soon all will be dealt with and healing to better open to better times.

    Be dealing with the troubles coming with our arrivals at first, because the governments will cause trouble as we begin to land, as they do not want us to remove them from their positions of power, and they will try to answer to evidence of great responses to our arrivals. But no matter what they try, they will only see their end to control. All who will try to oppose us will be removed, be certain of these words in evidence of who we are and how we are able to do this.

    Be dealing with our truth and be dealing with our answers at the time of our meetings, and be certain all starts very soon. Heal with us and be healing your own true self and soul, as your freedom opens to our visits and our shared ways. Be responding soon to our arrivals and be caring for each other as we begin to walk the Earth.


    Received by Za, July 13, 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013



Be questioning all governments who serve with lies

    Now all is in place for our arrivals. Be serving with us soon and open to the greater coming of truth as you renew with us and open to better servings. Be well answered by us when we are renewing with you to open to all superior knowledge about the Universes and all peoples living with us and others. More than you are seeing will answer you soon, and more than you can imagine will be yours to contemplate and respond to. 

    All these telling of old and written history will be changed as the truth starts to open all to the way of great healing with us, and then all will begin to change. Be renewing with us and be certain you will be free of the slavery usage. Know all serving truth will follow your dealings with us and others, and will answer to evidence of who we are and why we are returning to Earth.

    Be settling with Earth ways as these ways will no longer be used. No one will have a master to serve with debt beliefs and living servitude to paper beliefs (money). Be ready to understand that Earth was yours to have. All is there for all people to share, and use, and better serve with many others as all can be living in homes and with answers provided by simple ways of living. And needs for energy with electricity become well used without wires or dams, and will be easy for each person to have as they need.

    These ways are serving many planets, and are settling with us, and soon with all on Earth. Be ready to onm ( to share knowledge and light of understanding) with us, and be dealing with us as we become seen in all places of Earth. Know we can serve with answers that will cause all control to fall as all people of Earth will begin to answer to our truth and our ways. As these times are renewed, you will see many be visited by us to answer to the better serving uses of free energy and better resources of clean food, clean water, and clean air and easy travel ways. 

    And then, these responses to killing animals for food will no longer be needed, and will be seen for what it is, as a conditioning to share with the easier killing of humans, and this responds to the ways of the Greys and the Reptilians. Be seeing why these ways answered humans, as they were only vegetable eaters at the beginning of times.

    Evidence of our ways will show all people who they are as the truth about these words as shared are hidden in the Vatican vaults, and are serving only those who wish to believe in their power over others. Seeing this will cause all religions to fall and all governments to flee and hide because they have lived from the enslavement of beings who gave them their power and their comforts.

    Arrivals begin in the places we choose with airports, fields, sport centers and other places we have landed before a long time ago. Soon you will see all kinds of ships land to open to all people of Earth and all places of Earth. Renewing with us serves all good people well, and others will be removed to onm with a healing that will continue until better ways are understood.

    With these truths, renewing with all comes an answer to all restored understandings better answering to us and our ways. Be ready to be renewing with us soon. Know we are ready to meet with all our chosen Diplomats from Earth. All better serving truth will answer to us with better answers to evidence of our ways. Be serving with us well and be dealing with us soon, as arrivals become well served and well serving with the Universal Laws (the spiritual way).

    Understand we are here to open all truths to you and share all better ways of health and living ways. Know we will remove all settling ways of control and depravity from Earth and open to all people to answer to their own needs without having someone profit from it. These days of slavery are soon over. Onm more care for each other is coming. Heal with us soon.


    Received by Za, July 12, 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013



Know I am coming

    Understand we answer to many truths with our responses to our arrivals. Better to renew with us than to be dealing with the evils of Earth, as they are multiplying attacks on many innocent victims. Sharing times are soon approaching to evidence of all seeings and all serving ways. More than you are expecting starts soon. See all serve with us and better settles with the troubles of Earth. Know we will stop all aggression as these ways are abominations to us. 

    Renew with our ideals and decide for yourselves how you will use these ways to better your lives and better all other lives. Know so many other planets answers to our ways to be serving good and responsibility of soul. Be responsible for yourselves through actions, through care, through living ways, through understandings, through love and through care for life and harmony.

    These are our ways and these are the principles of our ideals. Know these are the words shared with us through the words written by my wife, the mother of all. She remains hidden and is healing from her last life on Earth with the settling of these times, and she returns to us as we arrive to meet with her again. 

    Be serving with understood truth now. Be dealing with us and others. Know all things shall well come to pass as said and all who will try to defy us will see their end of Earth life. They will be given a place to heal with their own kind and with their own understandings. 

    All who see these truth and wish to remain on Earth will be given all needs to live in quiet peace and serenity or choose to explore the Universes with others, with good serving knowledge and great serving ways with great truth and great renewals of knowledge. Be certain all can be renewing with all these answers as they wish.

    Soon knowledge will spread to other planets that are bridged with us about the opening of Earth. These understood ways of great serving will answer to many others who wish to visit Earth to open to a Setu ( bridging) understanding with them. All these other cultures from the Universes will begin to open on Earth and share many answers to knowledge about who all are, and how they use these ways of technologies shared by us before our return to Earth.

    Healing helps these renewals with others as humans have not met many other cultures from other places, other than the seen Greys and Reptilians who are masters on Earth. But as these demons are removed, many truths will begin to surface and beliefs about these past truths will be confirmed and dealt with. Soon all other responding hidden truths will be opened. This is what some humans call another dimension to the Universes.

    Healing starts with knowledge. Then these truths serve all who are serving with us and all who are ready to answer to our truth. All others choosing to live without renewed truth will be dealing with their own denials and questions. Be serving these ones respect to acquire knowledge in their own time. Be renewing with all ways of great seeings with us and others very soon now.

    Be well answered by all who are settling with Earth ways and understand we are soon landing our ships to open to the world. Better truth will serve you and better answers will open your eyes and heal you. Be serving with truth renewed with great understandings and see your lives be well changed and well served by us and many others. 

    Now be ready, all starts well and soon, and be certain you will have all you need to be feeling better about these times. Now listen, the coming days will be renewed with wars and great shared seeings of truth. Be serving with us and be serving with truth. Know we are as family to most people of Earth but not all. Others have their families waiting with us on our ships or responding planets.

    Be surprised about these ways as you may but understand we are dealing with answers to our truth with many others who are as we are, searching the Universes for our stolen children. Be serving soon with us and be ready to answer to evidence of who your family is as all starts healing on Earth. Be ready and be well answered very soon and respond to us.

    Received by Za, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013



Be responding to our arrivals and see who we are

    We are the ones humans call gods. We are renewing with Earth again at the time of our arrivals but many of our troops have arrived before us. They are as you are, among you, walking the earth. They are positioned to be renewing with the governments and powers of the Earth, and of our Setu (bridging) times to open to the world.

    But these troops tell me many are only fearing them, and not opening the way for arrivals. They ask us to stand down until many are settled to better open these visits together. These renewed answers are settling with us and better answering to us but we do not take orders from abusive governments of any country.

    Be seeing more troubles come from the satellites and HAARP EMF waves with these actions of non-compliance with us. But all efforts to dispute who is allowed on Earth belongs to humans and not the overlords. Be ready to see more problems become seen. Know you are serving with great truth as we begin to walk the Earth.

    These disasters you see in the North Americas, Canada, are settling with attacks from other governments who are seeing a refusal from Canadians to comply with the authority of the NWO. Be not surprised by these actions and by these attacks because evidence are serving answers to knowledge about these technologies.

    Be well answered by us soon and know all these destructive technologies will be removed and will be dealt with care so only answers will be seen. Be well answered by our arrivals and settle with Earth ways and be dealing with us and many others at the death of soon so many as the wars will erupt in the Middle East causing a third world war (WW3). 

    Be Setu with us now soon and be certain we will stop all wars with care and ease. Understand we are the ones who left Earth a long time ago because of the dark beings who fought us. Know we are many more now and we return to Earth, to our home, to stop all aggression and the destruction of Earth.

    We left a long time ago because the Nephelim, as you call them, who became strong and many. But now they are weak and few but use methods known to us to control and subvert all people of Earth. We are not the enemy, the enemy lives on Earth and we must remove them before the destruction of Earth starts reducing the planet to rubble, as this was done on Mars and many other planets Lucifer has seduced and destroyed.

    Be used to his name being used by us, and open to the truth of these renegades being alive and living in Earth as insects do. Lucifer will only be seen once he is removed and be certain the sight of this demon will be atrocious. Be ready to see this evil see his end. Then see all answers become understood as all truth will be yours to have and better answers with the way all starts and all opens to better seeing.

    Be ready now as all starts very soon and serves to open to answers with us, and with many others from many other places. But renew with the truth of who we are first and understand all truths and lies were used to answer to religions in evidence of creating a powerful enslavement of beliefs. These religions will only be seen as untruths when the explosion of truths are evident. But until words are truly understood, first these events will open to the world.

    The first event will be our arrivals to Earth.
    The second event will be the removal of all demons and evil ways of corruptions and abuses.
    The third event will be dealing with the new ways of living and better renewals with us.
    The fourth event will answer to the way of the will of all people of Earth to live together in peace.

    Be ready, this is coming and this will be seen by all who serve with love and care. Be dealing with the coming changes in your lives. Understand all starts very soon. Answers will serve all who walk in the path of knowledge and in great truth, and who care about living in peace with each other and many others from many planets in the Universes. 

    Know now this understood truth with us about who is who, and why all responses on Earth became spoiled with the workings of evil. Be seeing these actions against humans as a serving commodity for this alien race who caused us much harm before it attacked Earth. They began using our healing ways to serve as manipulations of humans with genetics and other methods as with transplants and other abominations with drugs.

    All these healing ways we use are transgressed to actions of horrors and nothing more. Be serving with us now and see these ways be stopped. And because we have answers to evidence of all better healing ways, we will begin with the weak and the those in need, and serve them better health and better living ways.

    At these telling, renewing with us will be well answered and well served. As all see how these ways are good and because all will have what they need, we can together reconstruct Earth and return healing ways to all living beings and nature. Evidence of this practice is our work and our healing ways.

    The Setu times are near and many ask me why healing ways on Earth are not serving humans and animals. I say to them: ' Evil has only one intention and that is to harm, destabilize and destroy. And this is how all is on Earth now. These are actions of sadistic cowards who have only horrors to speak of.'

    I am settling now with the last preparations for the landing of ships in all countries on Earth. Be serving with us soon now and see to your time of great truth as all becomes well served and well answered by us. Be well settling with Earth ways and be ready to open to answers as we begin to prove many answers to many truths. 

    Be well answered because all starts with us and others as we begin to walk the Earth. Be ready and be serving with many more truths very soon. Know more tomorrow. More truth, more love, more hope.


    Received by Za, July 9, 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013



Better seeing opens many more truth

    More truth, more care, more Setu (bridging) ways will open to you soon. Be serving with good truth and good answers to beliefs about how all starts with us. Be well answered by our truth soon and open to all answers to all questions you have about our time to be walking the Earth again. Be certain the planet belongs to us and to our children, and not to the demons that coveted it, as we were away renewing with many more telling of great truth.

    Be willing now more to open to these times of truth with us. See these times change with many more better ways to answer to evidence of great seeings, and be certain you will be seeing many more ways of better life to open to all who will remain on Earth, as many others will ask to go to their own how planets where they belong with their own families.

    Dealing with these understandings means to better open to the whole truth and not to the lies that were shared with you to indoctrinate you to believe you are evolved from animals. Animals are amazing and good, beautiful creations we wanted to see grow on Earth but they are not as humanoids and are only on Earth because we brought them here.

    And all these stories about evolution are certainly stories made to belittle the human spirit to better control it, as this was an excuse to enslave anyone who appeared to be different. Renewing with these truths will open many questions that could not be responded to before. But soon you will hear the truth and be dealing with more settling answers and better serving answers.

    Be well answered now by us and begin to unravel the knots of lies that you are serving in your lives. More truth will answer all your questions about all things and all places in the Universes. Many who are Setu with us will serve to open these truths to others who will be ready to hear them. As all people on Earth begin to understand the seen truth, they will also understand that Earth is plentiful and can heal.

    I am renewing here more because healing time has come and we must put an end to all causes of abuses with the demons who answer to Lucifer, and who are now knowing of our return, and who are acting out against humans to confuse them to seeing us as the dangerous ones. They are the ones to fear us now for their actions against my children.

    Be serving with this truth as you see it and be dealing with our truth soon as you will better open to answers with us. This will not be difficult to understand because healing with the truth serves to strengthen you and not to diminish you, as has been the uses of Earth controlled by evil. Be ready now to answer to our call as we begin to land our ships in many places to open to many more truths of who we are and who you are, seeing to know all these lies that have kept you in darkness for so long.

    Now is the time to answer to your families from other places and to free yourselves from these constructed lies about who we are and who you are. Be understanding why all this has taken so long and be dealing with the deaths of soon so many as the eruptions of wars start shaking all the Earth, as this opens to our arrivals to engage in the stopping of these actions.

    Be certain we will arrive at the right time and we will open to many more armies with our simple ways in evidence of who we are. Better to understand and see all than be told these words. Know we are arriving to stop the great WW3. Be settling with earth ways of money and beliefs in money as this to must end.

    Be renewing with us and be telling all that answers will be known and better serve with us than with the demons who have been working you for a very long time. See how they can only live by enslaving others to serve all their needs and all their purposes. When all see this and refuse to serve them, these demons will all perish and renew with us, as we have many settling to open to them.  

    Be Setu with us and open to better ways of living needed for better health and better evolution. Be settling with us now and be free from all dept that should never be your burdens. Be ready to open to better lives without the controlled ways answering to every way you turn and need. Basic needs are all yours to have, and are only yours to have, and cannot be controlled or taken from you as with water, air and earth.

    These are yours to have and many are seeing to control all needs to enslave all people of Earth. As we removed all the corrupted souls, you will have all answers answering you and you will be free to live as you were meant to live, in peace and in harmony with each other and all living things on Earth. This heals all. You will answer to us when we arrive because you will see all better changes opening to you, and how easy this will be for all good people of Earth. 

     Know now this. As we become seen in the skies, you will be dealing with anticipation and some fear. Renewing times with us will come after the sorting as we must remove all troubles and death makers from Earth. Be certain you will better open to us at the following days and we will be starting with our conduits of news through your own telecommunications and internet. 

    Soon after we will meet with all our chosen diplomats who will better serve with us to answer all questions and to open to all urgent needs first. Then, as this is done, we will begin the healing of earth by changing all sources of power to an easy and simple solution free for all who require this. And as all becomes served in these ways, we will reconstruct cities to create better home for all who are needing better homes, and better health ways will soon open to all.

    This is how we do things and only this. Be certain all heals with us and all comes well into the good serving days. Now be well answered and be ready as we are coming home.


    Received by Za, July 7, 2013

Saturday, 6 July 2013



Be dealing with great truths now as arrivals begin

    Heal all lies and see better truths with us. Understand we are answering to your call at this time, and serving understandings of who we are. You will know us by our good actions. These actions will be to open to all truth about the lives from all other places and planets in the Universes, and all Beings who live there with us in peace and harmony. 

    All others, as you humans on Earth, are being contacted and helped when these troubles occur to destabilize and create chaos. This starts with the ones we call the demons of the Universes. They have now plagued Earth and they use healing ways to corrupt you and soon after destroy you to open to their well controlled plans.

    Healing ways are seen on Earth as an answer to diseases and helping the weak minded to evolve, but this is not what their intent is. The demons' intent answers to a better crop of slaves, seeding their needs of corruption and exploitation, and then responding to a great takeover of your planet, all living beings and resources with their plans devoid of all care and consciousness.

    We call them demons and in our language they are called "Apoonancies" which means non-believers in the truth of care.  I am seeing many humans on Earth working with these beings who answer to Lucifer the fallen one, and I am seeing many clearly knowing how they are serving evil with no care or remorse, and I am seeing these days ending this abomination on Earth. 

    Responses to these times are soon answering to all who cannot align themselves with these works of harm and corruption of the soul as this was never in them to do. But evil deeds spread like a cancer that poisons the heart and remains there to poison all.

    Humans do not live well under these conditions. Many are dying and serving poor health and are weakened to not respond to better seeings. Be vigilant and be dealing with these coming answers. See this for yourselves at the time of our arrivals, and open the way for others to open their eyes and hearts to the better seeing of the truth of who we are. 

    As this time on Earth answers you, you will meet with many who are settling with us and who are opening to evidence of great explosions of responses. We are coming to clean up the mess made by these demons and remove all corrupted souls as said by Jesus my son. Renewing with us will show you who we are as true living Beings who walked the Earth before the fallen ones came back to better use it for their own greed and ill purposes.

    These ones are called many names in many places, but we are seeing them for who they are. And I can assure you, they have only one belief, that is to conquer every good soul, and reduce these ones to slavery, and uses of these demons' choosing. All who are seeing us as the aggressors are only serving to allow these demons to better enslave humans and turn Earth into a prison for their uses. 

    I am understanding of the situation of great fear and great denials, as we begin to sort these possessed bodies by demons. But remain faithful to your own moral compass and be safe in your homes for a short time as we answer to all initial attacks and problems occurring as we begin to walk the Earth. Know all better Setu (bridging) truth will open to you to heal your doubts and your fears.

    Be ready and take heed of my words. Better to settle with us and be well renewing with us as arrivals become seen. Many more will begin to land with intent to come to respond to answers to heal all who are open to us. Some of you are now seeing our ships dropping smaller ships. These troops are sent to open the way for our arrivals. They are part of your cultures, as they are taught to be integrating.

    Healing means many things for us. It means to open to better health, better living ways and better learning of all things from all places in the Universes. These healing ways become well answered because so many are serving and seeing with better truth. They see your planets state of answers to conditions that are unnatural answers to strange poured rains and floods, and other anomalies caused by weather manipulations of controlled methods.

    Better seeing how some countries are experiencing these weather wars and better attacks on non-complying countries with visits from dignitaries after the fact, makes a clear answer to power and subversive methods of wars that are dealing with control spreading over many continents. But more has to do with more experimentation over places deemed to be restructured to serve a leader or an elitist.

    See these places be under attack as gifts for the future leaders and their great plans to open to responding actions of enslavement of those who will be lost in this torment.  See these creators of illnesses causing fear among the weak and the unknowing recipients of these medical treatments. See them not healing only their own created diseases but causing more illnesses with vaccines, and serving horrors of radiation and chemo therapy.

    All this is a lie and is only a cause to create a medical system to exterminate people and not to cure them. This is seen by us as the worst of all deceptions. Cancer can be treated with herbs and better living conditions and nothing more. Deceptions in the medical fields are an active way of an ongoing extermination plan created by ill-intended actions to serve evidence of an economy to drain more resources from individuals and families. 

    It is a system of elimination by force by causing people problems in certain areas chosen by the elitist. These elitist will then consider a problem of overpopulation in areas they choose to occupy and to exploit as they wish. You will serve this truth yourselves as you become ill and are chosen for a new drug and treatment. 

    These evidences are facts and are answering to deceptions. The medical systems are well imprinted to report only great telling of healing ways when in fact heals only certain injuries but creates diseases to better inflate the economies of countries. 

    Give yourself a test. Go to a doctor and complain about a pain. He will give you a test and ask you about your life and then he will profile you as training requires, and then you may be chosen for a new drug or health change of life. But in fact you were not ill and the doctor will still find an illness. This is called profiling. 

    At these times, trusted truths from doctors are nothing more than the abolishment of healing. They can only serve the system of medical practice and nothing more. Most rogue doctors who do not comply with these ways are not allowed to practice or are exposed as fraudulent.  

    Now be prepared for many more illnesses being created by answers to many more vaccines. These vaccinated children as seen, are showing signs of great troubles in neurological systems because of the infected vaccine. Sharing with this helps to renew with the truth of why these infections are settling later to well heal nothing and cause infertility and cancers of other kinds.

    The whistleblowers are quickly silenced and their families are threatened. So be careful and do not accept this healing of vaccines as they have nothing to offer but future illnesses and new diseases. Be dealing with only herbal remedies. Be ready to meet our healers as they will show you the way to stronger health and improved living ways. 

    Know now these words and be ready for our arrivals. See how we will prove many answers to a serving of greater truth. Be ready for all better serving ways as we begin to walk the Earth and renew with all who are ready to open to truth. Soon after the reunification, we will have exceptional seeings and higher trust in each other, as we become better serving of all bridging ways.

    Now healing time comes to all who are ready, responds to all greater truth and better responding answers to all healing ways. Be certain we will help your planet recover from all these abuses. Be renewing with us well and soon.


    Received by Za, July 6, 2013