Thursday, 17 October 2013


Because onm  is needed to open to our truth

    Be dealing with us now and be dealing with the truth. Be willing to onm with us and be better served by our ways. Be ready to onm with answers to onm that will open your eyes and better answer to evidence of our ways. Be willing to answer to our truth and be dealing with answers to our ways with us and many others. Serve with the truth of our ways opening to a great renewal on Earth. And know all serves to answer to great knowledge.

    Now listen. The serving with the spiritual way of wars answers to our arrivals. Be ready when you hear about Israel's attacks on the Palestinians opening to more troubles from Egypt and Turkey who will oppose these attacks. Be ready as these words of war open to more troubles, and see these times become more active. Be certain all answers start with these bigger lies that will settle the used truth of why all these lies are serving with understood uses of wars to open to a WW3. 

    Be well settling with these days of great deceptions. Know all settling answers open to greater truth with us and many others who are settling with Earth ways and who are ready to open to many more answers to great truth and great renewed answers. Be well answered and be dealing with great truth as all becomes well answered and well served by us and many others.

    Be willing to open to great truth with us, and answer to our answers. Be dealing with the coming destruction caused by these demons who are now being seen for who they are by the military of this world. Now these Generals as said, are being fired because they refused to shoot civilians as they renewed with greater lies because the truth is healing with them. They well see the causes for wars are all about depopulation, and the removal of many with the intention of supplying the leaving aliens with human flesh and better slaves.  

    I am knowing this is taking place in many places in the world but for many these trusted truth are not possible, because the veil is too thick for anyone to accept this truth. But this is the truth, and many wish to not open to this as it is so horrible. You asked me for truth, so here it is. Be willing now to see that all life believed to be sacred has lost all meaning for most people on Earth, as their lives have been corrupted, dealt with great harm and disrespect of their souls.

    And only we can stop these alien demons who are eating from the flesh of humans, and only we can stop the work humans are made to slave for. These ways have been seen by us on other planets and more answers were needed, because these other beings were being corrupted at that time. 

    We intervene in accordance to the Universal Laws. Now we are arriving on Earth to stop these atrocities renewing with humans beings, because these actions are more troubling than can be described. What is being done serves to feed these demons who have only ill intentions to use what they wish and they serve only this.  

    These times of great changes will open to humans with better serving answers. Understand the Universal Laws are created to onm with all people responding to our call, as we answered your calls from Earth. Your prayers have reached us and we begin to land our ships very soon to answer to all people of Earth, and to answer to better ways of living that will open to all better truth.

    Be serving the spiritual way with us, and be ready to open to our truth. Be willing to answer to the coming times of better truth and better living ways. Be well answered by us as arrivals start and becomes well dealt with and better seen. Be ready to onm with us more as we will become seen as we walk the Earth, and settle with these renegades who go through these used tunnels you call wormholes, and seek out the vulnerable planets to conquer.

    Be understanding how these thieves only serve themselves. They are known to all people who are seeking to answer to better truth, because of their time to onm with us and to serve with us. Now we are arriving through these gates created by these traveling ways that open to Earth, as would be serving others. This means we are coming through the paths created by ISON (International Scientific Optical Network), and this is why these satellites have been shut down, so these answers cannot be seen.

    But you will soon see many ships in the sky arriving in great numbers. All will begin to change and open to many more truth with us and others who serve with us. Know all starts with a war you call WW3. Understand these wars are only made to reduce the population of humans and cause chaos, as bodies will be removed for the flesh eaters and soul users.

     Be understanding that these demons have the dealings of souls well serving them, as they can clone anyone and open their soul to newer clones. This is the story you have dealt with through religions about soul taking. It is a true fact that these demons are practicing soul removals and cloning more bodies per soul. This is what we call fragmented souls who cannot be well as these parts are lesser than the whole. Better to see this than continue to be blind.

    Renewing with these truths will better serve with us, as arrivals become served and answers are settling with the proof believed as renewals become seen. Be ready and be opening to us, as this heals all lies told by religions and governments. They do not serve people, but they keep all in great darkness and fool only the innocent who believe these organizations of men and aliens respond to their well-being. Evidence of these horrors will soon open to all, as arrivals begin to land on Earth and exposing these deceptions and lies that serves as a prison.

    I am ready to open to all humans now. Be ready and see the truth.


    Received by Za, October 17, 2013

"Onm more tomorrow; more truth, more love, more hope".
(January 2013)