Sunday, 15 November 2015



Renewals are soon opening to many

     Be seeing this now more. Be dealing with beliefs about your world, and how death serves Lucifer.
Know more about the non-believers renewed attacks on the innocent, and be serving with us. Be serving these truths as we begin to share knowledge on Earth. Know all who are with us will be understanding the manifestation of how all serves and how all opens with us.

     See how all is unraveling now to answer to the good days of our time to walk the Earth. All who serve with Lucifer will be removed, and all who harm people will be dealt with and answering to evidence of our wrath. Be certain of these trusted truths and know we begin the sorting of souls as we arrive.

     Better to be with us than with them in evidence of what they are and who they serve. Know all healing comes with us, and know all love and care comes with us. And know these demons are soon all removed as they ask "why" with lies on their tongues. Be renewing with all truth only with us at the time of arrivals. See to it that you can answer to us with greater truth than seen on Earth.

    Know who your enemies are. Be certain they have answers only to better confuse the truth, and change this into deceptions and lies. Soon all will be dealt with and all my true children will be free of the seen proof of murders and thievery. Be certain all answers to this and nothing more, and know they will be all found out.

     Apoonancies (non-believers) think that they can cause all answers to serve them; but know this is only confirmation of their own self-deception as they renew with the greatest of all liars, Lucifer.
Be serving these good arrivals as we begin to answer back to all who cause harm, and who cause others to do the same.

     Be dealing with our ways as you begin to see our actions that will better all life on Earth. Evidence of this will open to shared knowledge with many who are soon seeing all as arrivals open to our time to walk the Earth. And see to it that you are ready as visits begin with the chosen ones. Be certain no politician will be a chosen one, as seeing this will better open to our own better serving souls as we are bridging with them.

     And as this comes to be seen, many will heal with us and understand all explosions of truth in evidence of opening to knowledge, and to the knowledge of who we are. Better days will soon follow our arrivals. All who are settling with Earth ways will be free of all abusers and beings of dark ways. Be renewing with us soon and know all comes to those who know how to better see answers and truth.

     Be renewing with the evidence of who we are and know we are the ones who answer you, and who will reopen to all truth of who Earth serving people are. At this time, you will better understand how the evidence of who responds to who, opens to the great reunification. 

     Apoonancies (non-believers) fear this more in evidence of their guilt. They know it is our time to return to Earth and see to the evolution of humans, because proof has shown us that Lucifer can control from the depths of the Earth, seeing to all the wars and torments caused on Earth. See this better serve with us and others, as all opens to better renewing with us.

     Be dealing more now with the good serving days coming, because knowledge opens to many who will be ready to hear this. Be dealing with the destruction of Syria in evidence of the ones who open to this in answering to land expansion of Israel. Be seeing their plans be stopped by us, and be dealing with the seeing of this tragic act. 

     We arrive at the settling of this as this heals with our Laws. Know all has started to open the ways for our time to return to Earth. These days are here my children, be ready.


Received by Za, November 15, 2015