Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Be dealing with our pain and yours as these events are seen

    Be ready to share knowledge and light of understanding soon. Be dealing with our truth with great serving ways and know all will be very, very soon. See to it you are ready to answer to evidence of great truth, and serve with us and others as answers are settled. Be renewing more with these trusted beings that will be with us and be understanding of why they wish to meet with you.

    Serve with all who are settling with these ways that open to corrupting the soul. Know we will call all who are well answered by us, and the many who answer to our better truth and better ways. You will see the evidence of many more answers to vindicate all who are waiting to be freed from all these devils.

    Be well answered by us very soon now and expect to see us with others arriving well and soon. Open to our spiritual serving ways with these telling about who we are really. Many on Earth have called us gods but these words are a cause to better explain how all heals and how all serves with us and others. Be ready and open to our bridging truth soon.

    Know all starts very soon with the first bomb on Iran and Syria because now the Israelis are angry that the American people answer to all telling of the Zionists who are causing all the troubles with all peoples of Earth by greed, lies and better deceptions. Serve with nobility of soul with us and be free of these whores. Renew with our ways and see we are serving with better answers to open to many.

    Better answers will be dealt with soon and many opening truths will cause Lucifer to fall and be terminated. All will see how Earth has been corrupted and destroyed by users of death ways and great corruptions of the soul. Be certain we will cleanse the Earth of all evils. Be visited by certainty of soul and great seeings, unaffected by horrors traumatizing all innocence and childhoods.

    Share these words if you will, but know we are arriving as the Israelis become the seen aggressors that they are, as they destroy these two neighboring countries. Be dealing with these words more now as all comes as God said, in evidence of who He is. Respond to our arrivals soon.


    Received by Za, September 10, 2013