Thursday, 12 March 2015



All starts soon

     Be understanding how all starts responding, how all starts serving with greater truth and better serving answers. Be seeing a more trusted response as we calm all pain on Earth, and respond to evidence of healing ways with the many who will be serving with us, and who will better serve others. More than I can explain to you now answers you as arrivals become seen, and more than our answers to our truth will be seen by many as we walk the Earth.

     See these times be settling with us soon, and know all opens to better seeings and better serving ways at the time of great truth. Be understood by us, and be serving with us and others at the time of reunification. These days of old will be shared, and many will renew with who we are and shared knowledge of how Earth helps all to better live together as all evil is removed. 

     And as arrivals become accepted by all who are dealing with us and many others who return to open to the people of Earth with greater seeings than understood truth could not. Setu times are here in evidence of greater serving truths about the dealings of wars and beliefs about how all serves to answer to knowledge opening to the telling of lies living on Earth to hide who we are.

     At the settling of our time on Earth and at the certain truth shared, answers will be seen. All who ask for better ways of living and serving understandings, will be answered because we can respond to knowledge and better ways of living. And shared understandings will be serving with us, and better open to all soon. And all who open to us will be helped, and this will be the restuu of our ways. "Restuu" means to share and help so that all can live in peace, comfort and security renewed by the people for the people.

     See these evident answers renew with us, and be certain all better truth starts and opens to others. See this be done to prove many truths of who we are. Renew with us and be renewed. Onm with us and be knowing the truth about where you have emerged from. And know all visits from us are coming now to open to all who are ready and all who are serving with great knowledge only to open to truth at these coming days of reunification.

    Be understanding this is the time of reunification. All answers come from us, and not from the liars and deceivers who wish to only respond to wars and the depopulation of Earth to create a world of control, abuses and misery for my children and others' children left on Earth. Love will be the only healing way to answer to these times.

    Be seeing how this answers all. And believe this heals all who will be left on Earth after the great attacks on Syria, as Israel carves a path of destruction on all who oppose their greed. Hear my words and know my words, as this will be seen evidence of the coming days, and know we arrive to stop the settling days of deaths. 

     And be certain we are arriving, and no stone will be left unturned. All ways of wars will be stopped. And then we will begin the sorting of souls. These souls who served another will be dealt with, and corruption of truths will be sorted, and all lies serving these whores will end. Those who better see truth will become free, and with truth comes understanding, and with understanding comes freedom. 

     This heals onm. ("Onm" means light of understanding and true knowledge). This responds to trust and sharing lives of great seeing, and all will serve better answers to onm. Know now who we are, and be renewing with us as we are soon on Earth to walk the Earth with you all. Now be certain all is coming in evidence of our renewing times, but also know many on Earth are from other families also arriving with us. And as shared before, we are all united under the Universal Laws, and we have many places of emergence and greater seeings than shared on Earth.

     But to prove all lies are lies, you must first know the truth, and soon all will be shared, and all who see this will be free and onm with theirs. Evidence of our time to walk the Earth renews with all people of Earth as the skies will be serving the seeing of many ships. These ships are all different but we are as one.

     Be ready. Onm heals all. This is the time of reunification.


     Received March 12, 2015 by Za