Thursday, 9 January 2014



Humans are not a slave race
      Be dealing with us and others at the time of our arrivals as all becomes well served by better truth and better ways of great seeing. Be willing to answer to our ways and be used to our appearance as we meet, as we are different and taller than humans. Be dealing with us and with better answers with us, and be understanding how all starts used truth. Be dealing with secrets greater than these stories about our kind, (stories about the deities or advanced beings who came to Earth).

    Be knowing that our kind cannot mix with other beings from other planets. These stories are made to confuse humans into believing they are a created slave race who answer to serve the leaders of Earth. Understand we have greater truths and many more truths opening to our ways that will surprise all.

    Answers to all humans does not come from breeding with monkeys, as these words are taught. Answers to many believers of these stories are serving to open humans to being diminished by leaders because we are Beings of Light who know all origins of all humans, and we know where they have emerged from. This will change all settling knowledge about Darwin's theories about sub-humans.

    This thought about sub-humans was another way to better control the telling of who we are and made us unimportant in all ways.  But another truth does exist and the telling of great lies will be put to rest. People believe many lies when they are prisoners of a system of great abuse. Be willing to serve with us and be better answered by greater truth than the answers opening to people of Earth. 

    Now be understanding how we are arriving in a very short time and how we are settling with Earth ways. We will be removing all who cause harm on Earth. These are all leaders and oppressive regimes that serve to deal with these lies and these horrors. The leaders who recently met with the Pope, are planning wars and are  serving with many who want war and who wish for war.

     Be understanding how all becomes well served by us and with others at the time of great truth. You will understand we are in better Setu ( bridging) ways than they are as they continue to oppress and tell all we are Aliens with an agenda. These whores' agenda does not include peoples' freedom and lives, and these plans are only about giving souls as a sacrifice to Lucifer.  

    These lies about brokering peace plans as said in Israel, are nothing more than a ploy to destroy all neighboring countries around Israel, to deal with the sectional parts of greater NWO control and this helps the Popes' greater plan for a new religion. They have no soul to onm with and their plans are Lucifer's plans. 

    Be serving with us now. These plans of harm are only Lucifer's to rule Earth. When we arrive they plan to cause  destruction and chaos to all people of Earth, and then to control all surrounding planets to cause great destruction of the Universe. Know understood truth will change all and expose these whores and deceptions to all good people on Earth. Know we are soon here with all good people of Earth to open to better times and better ways as all becomes renewed, answered and healed.

    Be dealing now with better answers as we are Beings of Light and we know how all opens when all opens to better truth. Be serving now with us and be ready, all starts very soon. Know now my last words and be ready.


     Received by Za, January 5, 2014

Friday, 3 January 2014



Universal Laws

    Throughout this past decade of receiving this information, I have often questioned what are the Universal Laws. Presently, the knowledge of the Universal Laws as I understand it, is not all open to humans. To open to the Universal Laws would necessitate an understanding of the Universes, planets and other Beings living there and an opening to Divine Law. Many individuals on Earth claim to know these Universal Laws, however I choose to not believe these individuals. I require truth from those who are from other places than Earth.

    From the Apollo Temple in Delphi, carved into the walls and steps of the Temple are words of wisdom named the "Road of virtue and respect". These listed virtues are in part Universal Laws that Apollo shared with humans to strive for better living ways with oneself and others in society. It is the way to better communicate with the Beings of Light who are soon arriving to Earth. Practicing these wise ways opens to learning from "them" until we can be informed of all the true Universal Laws when arrivals begin.

Road of virtue and respect

    Be committed for justice and all good.
Tell the right and the truth.
Control anger, remain calm.
Long for wisdom, look for wisdom.
Do not blame others wrongly.
Do not downgrade or look down upon anyone.
Do not be insolent.
Develop your consciousness.
Exercise gentleness and kindness.
Stay away from evil.
Do not kill anyone or anything.
Use your time usefully.
Judge with divine thinking.
Do not be jealous.
Stay away from slanderers.
Honor good and polite people. 
Give love to everything.
Wish happiness for everyone.
Stay away from anger and disputes.
Respect other people's time. 
Be grateful and thankful. 
Use your skills and talents.
Do not be arrogant.
Do not misuse power.
Help the ones who are less fortunate.
 Look for balance and harmony.
Never stop learning.
Respect the elder.
Respect thyself.
Know thyself. 

    Because we have all been victims of abuses of some sort in this life and perhaps other lives, the conditioning and the imprinting of abusive ways become easily repeated if not identified and cleared. Change comes from actions toward change. This may need some help with releasing guilt and beginning with self-forgiveness to open to better changes of consciousness. The following verse is used to release guilt,  opens to self-forgiveness and to God's words. 


Bessron aonsuut tessron
Aonma poon deers ut poon
Utah bona tessron aonma
Tessron bronma
Tessron bronma
Tessron bronma
Herstuut sertuu
Tessron onm poon
Tessron aonma restuu
Bona restuu bona aonma
Deers tessron aonma
Herstuut bronma onm

    Open your hearts to God and be ready as arrivals are said to be very soon.