Friday, 1 November 2013



Israel attacks Syria

    This morning I heard the news that Israel bombed a military base in Syria. This is the beginning of much more troubling events coming to the Middle East. What this means is the necessary retaliation from the Syrians in self-defense. From this morning's received messages from God: "Be seeing how the Americans (USA) will open to a greater war than WW2 as they become angry about Syria's retaliation and self-defense. Settle with these days quickly in evidence of our arrival and great evidence of how all becomes well served and well responded to."

    Now it is a matter of time. This aggressive action from Israel will cause a series of escalating events that have been written in these previous messages. It opens to the arrival of these Beings of Light and the followers of the Universal Laws. What they have said was these actions of great wars (WW3) obliges them to intervene because of the harm it causes to Earth and the people of Earth, but also to other surrounding planets. 

    Mars was dealt with recently. He said: "... the serving of Mars, be seeing this as necessary destruction of the Aliens you call Reptilians. They live on Mars and now many are destroyed because of their transgressions and the renewed attacks on us." It was reported by astronomers that as comet ISON passed by Mars, Mars developed a coma not seen before. (Please verify this information on your own as I do not have a link to this and I question all Earth information/disinformation.)

    Here are some parts of this morning's messages I can share with the reader. God said: " Knowledge about who we are answers to many as these ones understand who we are. But many others will believe that we are the bridging serpents that the dealers of lies have created to confuse all good people of Earth renewing with us and others. You will soon see these truths yourself and then many will begin to onm with us and many others, in evidence of who we are, and why understood words answers to evidence of who we are. Now see these days be long as nights of darkness, better seen as the eclipse of the Sun and Moon because of the Sun's flares and the renewed terrors of earth and the feeling that all is ending. But know all will end as these liars are put to rest in their right places. And people of Earth will respond to a new time on Earth that will serve and heal all who are in the path of goodwill and good truth."

    Be ready and be prepared. I have a feeling that all will come very quickly. Be kind to those in need during these trying times and be safe.