Tuesday, 23 April 2013



Arrivals of the Angels and the others

    Wherever you are on Earth readers, watch the skies. These Extraterrestrials are ready to arrive at the first sign of a devastating war. Now it seems that it is the North Koreans who are in place to start this third world war.  But as most people know, this is a planned war, provoked and started a long time ago to serve the "agenda 21" master plan by the oligarchy. Their actions are disturbingly blatant, open for all to see and causing a desire to pervert the American Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, as well as affecting other countries' laws to support big brothers needs.

    The Extraterrestrials are claiming the Earth is their planet and they have lost it in a war before they were united by the Universal Laws. The Universal Laws have one main and first rule; to not cause harm. I have not been privy to the other Laws, yet I strongly agree with causing no harm to anyone human or animal. 

    These arrivals will be promoted as an invasion. Derogatory information will be used to mislead the public to believing in these coming people as dangerous aggressors. The dissemination of such information opens to a particular political position and an already put in place strategy of disinformation about who and why these beings are coming to Earth.

    I believe that these Angels are truthful. I believe that their arrivals will result in peace and serenity on Earth for all who want peace and who themselves would not cause harm to others unless greatly provoked. Remember, there will be a sorting of those who are well known to them as tyrants, persecutors and tormentors. They are the ones who will try to point the finger at the good and accuse the Angels of being what they are themselves. Was it not the former Pope who said recently: "We are all sinners may God have mercy on our souls"? 

    Some sins are actually errors in judgment, misinformation or a lack of maturity. Some are far more serious sins and actions well intended to harm. There is a great difference, and these sins cannot be forgiven because there is no intention of change nor remorse. They will not be forgiven, there is no forgiveness for such evil, never.

    God said: "Be with me as we will start the sorting with all our ways of settling with all corrupted beings who cannot better themselves in any good serving way. Be understanding how all will better answer to those who are pure of heart and pure of soul, and who can unite with the knowledge of the Universal Laws."

    And He said:"Be well open, evidence starts very soon as the North Koreans are seeing to answer to attacks on all American ships and stations near them. And know they will attack in the next few hours* causing our responding arrivals and better dealt with settling Setu (bridging) time. Be dealing with the way all starts. Understand how these beginnings of war, opens to our time to open to evidence of our truth, and better opens to evidence of our ways, with renewed telling of lies believed by most people that we are invading Earth. But know we are returning to our home taken from us with our children, a long time ago and all these stories of returning, as read by people of Earth, are now opening to our arrivals."

     This is what was shared with me this morning, and I am sharing this with you. 
    March 23, 2013

*N.B. The timing of these events are depending on freewill and not on Earth time construct.
           These events may change.

Saturday, 20 April 2013



Evil is at the door

    There is no other way to get out of this mess than to fight evil itself in all forms. Discernment  is needed, and more precisely spiritual discernment. Do not participate in evil. It is necessary to be intolerant to evil. All that is cruelty, inhumanity, psychopathy, sociopathy and tyranny serve only the purpose of destruction and opposes all that is good and righteous. Whoever practices evil is in aversion to all people who are righteous, who live with truth, nature and morality and would not consider causing harm to another being. 

    Now is the time when evil doers hurry their actions and works to get as many souls as possible before the whole thing blows up in their face. But the game is over. The despots are careless and the events in the USA are all becoming too suspicious for most people. Everyone in all places are speaking about this weeks horrors. People are awakening to the truth of the totalitarian regimes that have taken over their countries, destroying our lives and murdering our children. And truly, I feel very sad for the victims and their families, all the victims including the alleged culprits. 

    "Dare we imagine a world without despotism?" The only way governments could possibly restore the confidence of their people is to be truthful and transparent. But they have all gone too far by loosing all humanity and being aligned with Lucifer by their visible actions. This is who they serve. However you want to see it, whether it is a living being in the middle of Earth or an energy that spreads like a virus, this thing is destructive and none would be spared. This is why all evil will and must be removed.

    Here are the messages I received this morning: "With understanding, answers are soon healed and answers tell all who we are and why we come to Earth to open to our truths and our settling answers as we begin the sorting. As these times open to our truth we will open to many who are searching for a better way of life on Earth. Understand we can easily open to these ways for all and we can better see to answers with the way of great seeings in evidence of our ways.

  Be seeing how all these truths as shared are known by a few who respond to another (Lucifer).  These parasites are the cause for these troubles on Earth, and are the reason for these understood lies and great serving deceptions. But also know people on Earth call on him to have knowledge with him, serving his will in evidence of gifts given in return, and helping their cause of domination and reduction of population.

    Be seeing how all who see these words are only settling with some facts but cannot see all as we do and as we have experienced a very long time ago. Soon all changes and soon all becomes renewed with answers to better ways of living and great care for all who are ready to open to us and serve with us. These times are soon arriving and answering to all people of Earth with us and many others who are serving spiritual truth. Be ready all is near, God".

    I hope this comes true very soon.

    March 20, 2013


Tuesday, 16 April 2013



The time of reunification

    Most Humans who are aware of the perpetrated deceptions are wanting responsible governments to disclose the truth about extraterrestrials existing on Earth, in Earth and in Space. Imagine how this will look to us simple people who have been lied to for so long. Envisage governments admitting to their actions of secrecy or creating wars for profit, dumping oils in our oceans, water ways and our homes, and spraying us with chemicals through their "research of weather modifications" causing extreme health problems.  How can this be explained, accepted and even forgiven? Do you believe governments would dare tell us more than we are finding out through brave whistleblowers and so called conspiracy theorists? 

    After the horrific events of 9/11 and the consequences, it is difficult to accept the idea that terrorists have committed the bombings in Boston yesterday. Of course these are the actions of terrorists but who are the terrorists? We can include governments in this list. Look at the people who are ruling the world right now. Would you invite any of these people for dinner at your house? Would you be friends with some of these people? Could you trust them? Did Eisenhower heed the warnings he received from the group of 'Aliens' who came to earth in the 50s'? I was informed that the three extraterrestrials who remained on Earth as observers and advisers were murdered.  

    The actions against the innocent people who participated in the Boston Marathon barely 24 hours ago will cause confusion, sadness and eventually anger and rage. Moving emotions of a group this way serves to open to new security actions and finding expected accused who may not be the culprits. Expect to see more reasons to heighten security in all public places. 

    And what about the threats from North Korea? Yesterdays messages, God said: "... open to our ways as all starts with the actions taken by the North Koreans who are nearing to launching their missiles and causing themselves harm because the actions (in response) against them will only cause them more troubles. So they will better serve with answers to settling with the good serving changes fast approaching, to open to all people of the world". 

    "I am renewing with more now with many others and better serving with others who are seeing answers to our arrivals. Be this said, all who see us as Aliens are not understanding who we are and will not understand until we ourselves open to the truth and evidence of why we are serving these times of reunification. But all who see us will be reminded of the times before Christian responses to organizing people to obey laws that serve only a few. Be settling with these times now and open to our truth. Be bridging with us soon. Heal these lies with truth".  

    God asked me to write some words today in the blog but I had very little to say I thought, so he added this to help me get started: "Death is the defining moment of truth, when all has been culminated to an end time through all layers of life experiences, be it good times or bad times. Death settles with the soul to answer to all questions asked, and all will renew to open to a new destiny, to a new outlook and to a new question "where to now".  Be dealing with these thoughts and tell all that death heals a life of many troubles because these Earth experiences serve only this, and after life begins to open to a new time to become yourselves, as your soul wishes to answer all questions. These are our ways; and then comes the 12th life that concludes all stories and opens to everlasting life".    

    My heart opens to all the recent and long time victims everywhere in the world and certainly including the victims of the Boston Marathon yesterday. 

    March 16, 2013

Sunday, 14 April 2013



The standoff

    North Korea and the USA with South Korea and Japan are in a deadlock. Talks are encouraged by the Chinese to diffuse the tension and return to negotiations and agreements. However, the war in Syria  has not stopped, people are suffering there. The media's focus has changed to North Korea and away from Syria and Iran.  

    This is the message I shared with God this morning. He said: "Tell all who are Setu  (bridging) with us to be ready. Know we see who they are and we are soon opening to them. Better answers are coming now as these standoffs will not serve well and will answer to our arrivals as the first missile is launched in our path. See how we are settling ourselves with Earth ways. Know we will not answer to these deaths with evidence of great servings, because these souls will be settling with a new incarnation to heal the imprinting serving to become an army for Lucifer. These souls are evidence of great manipulations and breeding that need much healing. They will all be dealing with the necessary life experiences needed to better their souls. See these ways be soon and open to many who are dealing with us and others and know all is coming as I said." 

"Settle with us as arrivals become well dealt with and well settled because chaos will be seen in many places. Many will open to our ways only later to respond to their needs as they overcome their fear. Heal with us first and settle with answers to all better serving truth".  

    So we wait to see what will happen. Be prepared, be careful and be safe.

    March 14, 2013

Saturday, 13 April 2013



Judgement is coming

    The wars are very near. North Korea wants to test a missile. The Americans are warning them. They are provoking each other. Charismatic leaders who see themselves as divinity are egotistical and psychopathic.

    On April 6, I received a message from my contact, Alien/Angel called God, ( I write this with no intention of disrespect), he said: "Be ready and be dealing with the better serving truth starting soon as the North Koreans are responding to rage about the murder of their leader's character with the image sent by Anonymous. And this is how we will answer back to them with our time to walk the Earth".

    Like all of you from all places in the world who are reading these messages, I have no way of knowing anything for certain. All I can wish and hope for is that these Beings are truthful and they are coming here for the reasons they have stated. It would be amazing to better the lives of people on Earth.

    My Earth father is dying in a hospital. His mind is not his. He seems to be possessed in part and has been for a long time, perhaps the remnants of serving in WW2. He is wide open to any Being speaking through him. When he saw me a few days ago, the first thing he said was, "This is not the world we created, is it?".  I found this interesting, deeply touching coming from him at this time.

    My belief is that death is not death, it is a crossing over for the soul. This is so difficult when another entity has moved in, because the entity wants to continue living, the diminished soul wants to be freed. At the time of death of a possessed human, the entity may jump to another body weakened by illness or 'dis-ease'. One can see this becoming more troublesome because these entities are feeling the time of judgment approaching. God is coming to Earth to judge the living and the dead of soul.

    Earth ways are not my ways. This is not the way I want to live or what I want to be part of. I do not want to see people and living beings suffer. Who in their right mind and heart would want so much suffering and pain to continue or even worsen? Look at the way people treat each other and animals. Why is so much harm caused? Who benefits from causing harm? What happens when harm is perpetuated? How can harm be eradicated from Earth?

    If anyone could change the misery on Earth and replace it with true benevolence and care for everyone, than this is what I wish for. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all good people and animals. He said:"We are the Seers of these ways and we are the ones you wish for. God gives you back to yourself and because you want to be healed, we will answer to your call and to your visits with us and open to your freedom".

    The true Saints are those who have risked their lives and died for sharing truth. To this list comes the names of William Cooper and Phil Shneider, may their souls be at peace. God said: "Be ready now and settle with Earth ways and be dealing with the worst answer to an attack ever seen on Earth because your neighbors, the Americans, are preparing to murder thousands of people to open to wars that are led by the demons from the middle Earth. These words as said, are shared by many of us here who see these whores and parasites better open to these horrors and these understood stories that are now being revealed, because these hidden stories are now opened by the heroes of Earth who died for you, because they wanted to warn you of what they themselves have discovered. Bessron aonma poon onm, (sharing with evidence of the way of proven and believed knowledge)".

    When an evil person kidnaps a child to enslave her/him, the captors will tell the child truths and lies to have her/him comply. The child is ignorant of the complete truth and depends on what she/he is told to survive. Keeping people in ignorance of the truth, creating a spin story that they must observe and accept as their own truth, only serves the deceiver. With true benevolence there is truth, trust, freedom and choice.

    Take care.

   March 13, 2013

Tuesday, 9 April 2013




Be ready all is in place

    The messages I am receiving now are in preparation for the coming times. Basically, stay calm and be ready. And truly, what else can one do under these circumstances. These amazing Beings are coming to Earth and we will be processing our feelings about it. They are coming soon because we are nearing another terrible world war.

    People say if an advanced civilization arrives, it would mean the end of the less advance civilization. The way things are on Earth now is not safe for any living being. Communicating for ten years with these Angels give me hope that they are the only ones who can help us now. I have never met them. I have not been abducted by Aliens as far as I know. I don't know what these Beings look like, although they described themselves to be very tall, about eight to ten feet, and there are many other kinds from other planets. Their words are kind and I imagine they are beautiful. I believe they are our only hope.

    The powers of the world have been warned before about their nuclear arsenals and their treatment of humans. Many are aligned with the Greys and Reptilians to gain more power and control over people. We are used by them and our lives mean nothing to these psychopaths. Nothing has made our lives easier, healthier or safer, quite the opposite. Those who live off the avails of war are eager to try out their new toys; dangerous fools with dangerous toys with no care for any reasonable outcome and certainly not the security of their own people. We are the people who will suffer their actions and consequences in some form or another.

     We see this every day from our corrupted media. We are so close to a big ugly war with the clear possibility of countless victims. What can we hope for? Everything is in place, it is coming.  It is all about timing not time. This was a difficult concept for me to understand in the beginning of my receiving. You see, it is not about the construct of time; time as we know it is an Earth concept. All comes as a predictable series of escalating events. Predictable because evil is predictable, it never gets better and it always gets worse, unless it is removed. Evil works are destructive.

    Removing the evil that permeates our cultures and societies will improve the lives of those who wish to live out their lives in peace and serenity, to learn the necessary lessons we have been sent here to experience. Living in peace and serenity does not mean that everything will be perfect. It is not about perfection. It is about having the tools and learning systems to open to new ways of handling our own problems without the bullies around us who stop us from growing and developing. This might sound like the Georgia guidestones monument but it is not my intention to support any Rosicrucian type groups or Earth created religions, I have less than little faith in these kinds of organizations.

    These organizations have more to do with causing more trouble and harm to humans than creating better lives and living conditions. Look at the charities and look at who actually controls them. The safety nets of our "better" societies are dissolving because they are infiltrated by harmful managers.  People who are caught asking for support or help are soon denied and/or abused even more. There is no care for the helpless, the ill and the poor. Theft and bribes are an accepted way of life. Try to complain about any injustice through any board or legal means. Try to prove that you have been attacked, disrespected, abused, harmed or robbed by strangers, and by employers or housing project managers. Any complaint needs money, and most resolutions are made to serve the aggressors. This corrupted system is plaguing all areas of society on Earth. There is no justice. Victims are silenced. Truth is hidden and lies prevail. These Angels are our only hope.

    Those who are reading these words know all of this too well. It is time to move to the Universal Laws, and learn what this will mean for us. In my opinion, anything is better than what is being prepared by Lucifer's armies.

    I wish you all well. Speak to God yourselves through you own words and with your open heart. Be caring for each other and be ready for the better changes coming from the Universal Laws.

    March 4, 2013

Tuesday, 2 April 2013



A few words from the scribe

    Yesterday I was informed that these messages will be stopped for a short time as these Beings are preparing for their arrivals on Earth. It is expected that there will be a coming time of disclosure, more information from our governments, to explain who these Aliens are and what may be their plans.

    Like you, I have many questions.  Like most of you, I am informed by the information I am given from these Angels/Aliens and from limited and manipulated media sources. But I am seeing a possibility of a cataclysm coming on the West coast of America, South America, USA and Canada.
With this, the obvious threats of  a WW3. The advice received from God and Earth sources to keep safe in our homes and have provisions, seems like good advice to avoid being caught-up in the turmoil.

   I am expecting that these messages will soon resume again as they prepare to arrive to walk the Earth. Some are already here, although I have not met any of them.
   So hang-in there and may God bless us all.

    March 2nd, 2013

Monday, 1 April 2013



Be serving with patience now

    Be well answered by our time to walk the Earth and deal with the shared words I gave you until these opening days arrive. Be willing to answer to our call at the time of our meeting and know we answer to many who are settling with these uses of Earth slavery to answer to the needs of the dealers of lies. 

    Be well serving used (past) truths about who we are, as Angels from space in evidence of how we appear in our bodies. Be serving with us and be renewing with our ways. Be free of slavery and torment because all opens to our truth and all answers to our ways. Tell yourselves all answers you and responds to evidence of Setu (bridging) servings with answers to many more truths.

     Be well answered by our seeings of great changes coming to Earth, opening to freedom and better ways of living with all basic needs met for all people of Earth. These ways answer to many people who are becoming responsible with the knowledge we bring to Earth by opening to a better way of heating homes/houses, and providing the necessary power to feed families on better power that is none polluting and open to everyone for free.

    These ways are as settling with sun source and air source. Become knowing of these free energies better and see all start changing for many people. Be answered by these ways and see these money systems based on power usage and power pollution be eliminated. Respond to our ways and become independent with your needs met. See how all serves everyone better and responds to better settling Setu ways.

    Be ready to share many more ways of becoming independent from the power dealers of Earth. See their empire be declining at great speed, as these uses of money have only to do with the will to exchange, for truths are settling with lies. Be ready and see how all will be ended as these dealings of power are stopped, and all answers serve with great ease of living. 

    Then see the pharmaceutical companies starting to loose their hold on their victims with useless ways of healing that only maintain diseases and cause many more. See these empires start crumbling down as our health ways will cure all illnesses and diseases that will serve with our dealings of returning all better Setu lives to better health. And this is easy for us to do.

    Be ready to open with many more renewed ways of healing, as many are serving answers to healing without troubling the soul and without causing any pain. Be responding to answers to better transportation using your cars without petrol or polluting acids to run these motors, with new sourced power wells induction. 

    Be well and ready to open to these changes that will serve all people on Earth with more help than controls. Know these ways open to all people of Earth who are ready to bridge with us and open to their own freedom without fear of being abandoned by their slave masters, as arrival become well serving all.

    Be ready to answer to our Angels who will be coming to your homes to open these ways for you, and who will be teaching many how to use these power sources, opening to all needs of living in homes. Be understanding this transition will soon open easily to answer to all serving uses of dealt with appliances in place now, and soon better answers to these things will replace them.

    These transitions will be led by human initiatives and endeavors. We know many are well serving on Earth and will be well answering to creating a better planet Earth for all people in evidence of help and healing ways. Be Setu with us soon and be ready to open to our better shared ways of living and see all start changing on Earth as people everywhere will no longer be ill, weak or poor. All will be participating as they will with these new ways of living. 

    Be visited soon by us, settle with Earth ways and be ready to open to our truth. God gives you back to yourselves, and because you are of my spark, all will grow and flourish to become the Earth Paradise I left to open to better ways in the saving of it. Be well answered by us as we begin to renew with people of Earth and be well settling with Earth ways soon.

    Be willing to onm (share knowledge and light of understanding) with anyone who answers to our ways returning with us, and be amazed by their will to open to you, and their desire to help you through these times of transition. Be ready and see answers open soon.

    More truth, more care, more love.


    Received by Za, April1st., 2013.