Sunday, 31 March 2013



Death heals with our truth

    Be better serving now of my words. See to healing with us and heal with all these good truths coming to open to you about who we are. Be visited by our trusted ways and deal with answers to evidence of dealt with answers of our Setu (bridging) ways. But know it is your decision to onm with us. Be responding to answers to our truths with the serving understandings we open you to. 

    Love will begin to fill your hearts again, as these ways are better and stronger than hate and wars. Be willing to open to more than you are knowing, and see to all serving truth with us and many others as we begin to walk the Earth, and better serve with our ways of healing, and sharing our knowledge and our trusted truths with all who are ready to answer with us.

    Bessron aonma poon onm (sharing of evidence of believed knowledge and understandings) shares with the seeing of all ways and all dealings of great coming truth. Be certain all heals soon with us and know we have started to remove Apoonancies (those who oppose the Universal Laws) missiles on their ships in space and these uses of responding attacks with us. 

    These were dealt with to clear the way for all arrivals and serving shut down of all extra-terrestrial holds over the dealings of Earth's military complex that governs all of Earth, and the better uses to  well plan a takeover of all countries by the seeing of a WW3. 

    We are opening to Earth soon and we wish to be welcomed by all but we see this as not possible and serving answers to many who are serving with us first only to help with these opening times. Be reassured we are who we say we are by our presences and our appearances. Be knowing all answers arrive to each and everyone on Earth as seeings are Setu with us.

    Be well opening with us as many who are with us are ready to bessron (share) with you, and family members are waiting impatiently to be reunited with their loved ones. God arrives soon after. Settle with the seeing of great fanfare and trumpets, as these ways are not ours and were created by others to be seen as more than they are.

    See these ones renew soon with their dealt with denials in evidence of my presence on Earth. See these ones try to be seen as leaders of the world. And see them be denied by us, as we were being denied to be together for so long. More than you are expecting starts well into the good serving days with the serving of our arrivals and our truth.

    Better answers start well and very soon. And I want you to remain in your homes and be walking only to better serve your needs, but remain safe as much as you can. Through these chaotic days, many will take arms and try to control others who are settling with Earth ways. And many will try to takeover these places of governments. 

    But know we will act on these ways soon and open to many more trusted ways to solve all immediate needs, and open to a time of great peace and great truth. Be well answered by our arrivals in evidence of who we are and why we are returning to our home and families. Be serving with us and all others on Earth who share these understandings and respond to our call as these responding times become well answered by our truth and our ways. 

    Better answers start with us and many others at the time of reunification. God gives you back to yourselves to be as you wish to be and live the lives you need to live to evolve your souls and complete your education. Be ready now all responds to us soon. Be well answered by us and others as we begin the sorting and be dealing with the deaths of those who cannot face us, as these ones know they are deserving punishments for their actions against the innocent.

    Be understanding that even through death they cannot escape the consequences of their abominations of abuses against the innocent because we can find them anywhere and they will not go unpunished. This I promise you. This you can be certain of. And then tell me who I am and tell me who you are. 

    Be freeing yourselves from the place of denials that caused you to never evolve as these dealings of Earth experiences served. But also know that not all experiences of reincarnation were settling with Earth. More places in my Universe were meant to be lives of education and seeing this will amaze you. And now you can be free to renew with these places (planets). 

    Be willing to open Setu understandings with us and settle with Earth ways as arrivals are seen, because more than money ways will begin to grow quickly on Earth, as care and cooperation become seen as more useful than abominations of horrors, thefts and murders. Serving these ways will no longer exist because many of these perpetrators will be removed.

     And all good people will be free to be themselves without stopping their ways of growing in health and better situations for life. And many will serve with our Setu seeings and be as they were intended to be. Truth will be opening to all people of Earth settling with seeing of how all heals and how all is. God comes to Earth to return Earth to its' original place of life of freedom and responsibility of soul.

    Be serving with us in evidence of our ways. Be dealing with knowledge (onm) and great Setu times of reunification. Be well serving of our ways as these were your ways before you became the slave labor of Lucifer. Seeing these times of freedom and care for each other will quickly grow from place to place on Earth and many will answer to our ways easily renewing with our knowledge. 

    All people on Earth will have all they need to be free of slavery. And all answers will flow to open the way for my children of Earth. Now be ready, we are arriving very soon.


    Received by Za, March 31, 2013. 


Saturday, 30 March 2013



Be certain you will have all truth renewed

    Tell yourselves these words as shared are my words, the words of God. See if you imagined me ever opening this way. Be serving holiness with better understandings about how all heals, and imagine how I am to open to you. What do you see? Be responding to my words with great truth. Be willing to open to our arrivals. Be dealing with many who are settling with Earth ways as you are now because you are now seeing these words.

    This is the best answer renewing soon because there is more trust this way than evidence of great fanfare, as renewing with those who say they represent me. Be willing to answer to evidence of great truth with proven answers of who we are. Seeing us will help to renew the truth because you are serving so many lies you cannot see who we are as we are.

    But with us many will start serving with great trust and answer to many ways of trusted truth. Before all starts, read all my words and let these words settle in your hearts greatest seeing of how you wish to see all life become better on Earth. I am settling with you to answer to the non-believers attacks on all innocent lives on Earth who came to Earth to open to our ways.

    Be well serving of our trust in healing this as much now needs to be healed. Better times become renewed with these shared healing and all becomes well answered. Be ready to open to our arrivals  with the good end to wars to settle with these psychopaths who think their rule is the better ruling of slaves. These tyrants are concluding their last ways in evidence of our time to walk the Earth.

    I am knowing about the pain and sorrows of responses to war as I myself served under many commanders who knew only how to murder. They are as they wish to be and nothing can change them because they only see decreasing populations as a way to be victorious. This is a lust for power at the deepest psychopathy.

    Know that these kind must be removed from Earth as like pollution, it affects everyone and every life form. Healing these ways responds more now to all our settling ways of sorting those who need to be removed. I am serving in holiness with truth and I see all be dealing with the words as "I served under commanders". These ways of better renewals will open these truths.

    I was younger then. I helped in many places in the Universes as a mercenary who knew more than most, and as the stories of Ulysses, I traveled the Universes with many troops to settle with the dark ones. Be certain my understandings are very clear about wars. And after thousands of Earth years, we arrived to Earth where I created life for a better answer to living in peace.

    Soon all these troubles with the dark ones followed and caused many of us death with the loop of reincarnation we did not yet understand. Be serving these words carefully as I see many believe in healing ways as magic. But magic is nothing more than missing information, as you do with your own children to have them believe in the story telling about Santa Claus. These tricks are well settling with Lucifer.

    Be willing to open to us. Understand the way you yourselves have manipulated and deceived in dealing with the views of children, who cannot see any truth because their minds are as blank slates. Be serving your own wills more now as these understandings begin to open to greater ones with the proof of who we are answering you face to face.

    And know all things shall fall with the lies of religions settling with the end of deceptions well put in place by those who cover themselves with gold and jewels. This is the abomination you must move from because none of their jewels will buy anything anymore, as we begin to walk the Earth and give you what you need to live with great ease and better answers to many truths.

    These jewels and metals as seen on Earth, are plentiful in belief of stones (meteorites, meteors) hitting Earth because the Universes are rich with all these things. We better serve each other with useful ways and these ways are more valuable in all views. We see to the Universal Laws and believe this is much easier and so much better.

    These ways are freeing and better answering, and will soon heal on Earth, as we cause only care and no harm to anyone who wishes to open to our ways. Be well settling with Earth ways and answer to our ways with evidence of great used (past) truth and veritable words with us. Better times arrive soon after the attempts of the North Koreans to fire missiles on the USA.

     Settling with these actions will be short and well dealt with. Some people will be caught in the crossfire. But I believe not too many understand why this is happening. The threats made by the North Koreans leader has more to do with his desire to show his power than to answer to evidence of renewed invitations to open his prisons and free his slaves.

    Be ready to onm (open to knowledge and light of understanding) these words and be certain all who settle with us will be dealing with more trouble from us. But all will be done very quickly and no more will be seen by all Setu (bridging) serving ways. 

    Be ready and settle with many who are ready to answer to us. Better serve with us and others, as we begin to open to the world. See how these trusted truths start with the way of great Setu answers. Be well answering to our truth soon now and be well prepared to answer to our ways as all starts to be dealt with and seen on Earth.

    Be dealing with the way life has deteriorated greatly in all ways and see these ways all be changed to open to many more trusted ways of living on Earth, and elsewhere in the Universes.

    Be ready, all starts now.


    Received by Za, March 30, 2013


Friday, 29 March 2013



Be responding to our call as arrivals begin

    Better Setu (bridging) ways are soon here. Be ready to answer to us at the time of our arrivals with kindness and responding care as we will open all truth to you. Better understandings will renew with you as we begin the sorting. You will see evil extracted from Earth and possessed people become free of their demons. These ways are simple for us to do. 

    This will cause many aging people, who are still living and being used by these demons, to die and become free. These elderly people are seen as ill with dementia but understand these are part possessions that can be removed. Healing can begin but mostly through death. Know these deaths are serving a new incarnation that will be beyond the loop of Earth, as we have removed this way used by Lucifer.

    All souls who continue to reincarnate and who have only remained on Earth, can move to all planets now. Be respecting the choices of death because these are learning ways in evidence of our teachings. All of us have experienced these educational incarnations to free us from the serving actions settling with immaturity of a soul.

    Healing these experiences are well dealt with, but on Earth these ways were not possible as Lucifer better served himself. He imprinted souls to never advance in evolution. And believe this answers many questions about how all opens to our way, and soon many of you renew with knowledge of the serving of these ways. 

    Be understanding that we see all with our seeing eyes. Many on Earth can open to serve holiness of these ways but have only tried Earth ways, and these ways do not serve well. Be ready for some of you to better open these seeing ways as you have completed to maturity of soul. The others will continue living experiences from birth to death as your children do, as going to school grade to grade, but much longer as we have very long lives.

    And settling with this knowledge answers many questions but I want you to see this as a truth. Be only renewing answers to our ways with us, as many on Earth claim to have many truths but many of their words are not. Be willing to onm (share knowledge of understanding) with us. Understand who you are and why all comes, as we arrive to Earth to free you from Lucifer's hold on all of you.

    He created a loop with a magnetic field that returns all souls to him, to reinstall a programming that serves him. This programming called "Vishnu" the preserver, was designed by us when he came to our planet. Be understanding that this served his purpose of slavery well, as he began to use it on reincarnating souls who chose to come to Earth, and they remained there (here). 

    We answered to calls of prayers to be free again, but we could not return ourselves because a war was stopping us. Soon we started to unite and served these ways of Setu truth. And now all of us will arrive to free souls from perpetual reincarnation and abuses caused to stop the evolution of the soul. More than you are expecting answers you and deals with the truth of how all is healing with us.

    Be ready to answer to our ways and be ready to open to our truth. Be serving visits with us and begin to open your minds to healing truths as many of you are ready to ascend a long time ago, and now you can do this. Be very well healed by these arrivals. Be settling with Earth ways as these ways are serving only destruction and horrors of abuses. 

    Now see these truths shared with you and begin to open to these seeings. Be understanding of who you are and how your soul ignites a body to onm with the experiences of knowledge. I am seeing that many are settling with these understood ways and hear these words resonate within themselves. Be prepared to have your truths confirmed and serve many better answers with our better responses.

    But know many on Earth do not have these understandings and they will have much hesitation to accept these realities. Be dealing with us and many who are ready and very anxious to find their family members to open them to these ways of truth. Healing this will be soon so amazing and better serving with great evidence of better times for all of us.

    Be questioning all answers if you need to, we are very patient and willing to give you many answers as wished for. Know you will be well seeing how all is healed because answers are served. Be serving with holiness with us very soon, and open your hearts to us and many others.


    Received by Za, March 29, 2013.

Thursday, 28 March 2013



Be seeing all come as I said

    Better truth stands in place of lies. These truths will soon answer many of you, as you become aware of why you are telling yourselves now to deny my words. These understandings will answer you and better serving truth start with answers to our better ways of great renewals with the serving of our time together.

    See how all starts with the view you have and then tell me who you are and who I am. Be dealing with these settling times with us and be seeing how all good ways of better truth proven with many more Setu (bridging) seeings and with answers to our ways. Because answers open to answers and settle with more than renewals but with a great change on Earth that will require acceptance.

    I expect many of you will see these ways as greater than answers to our truth and because we will be seen by all, many will serve with great answers. But to be serving us and others is healing yourselves and opening to your planet with care and respect for life and better seeing to the needs of all living understandings. 

    Be well vindicated as you will become more knowing, more questioning and more seeing all, as we are well informing you about how all heals and how all opens to responding to answers with the visits of our way and our truth. Be renewing with many others from other places of the Universes and better understand how we are united in helping all civilizations to open to the Universal Laws.

    I am believing all truth shared with you will open your eyes and your hearts, as we reunite and become one again as these ways of our Laws serve respect for each other and all good life. Evidence of these ways will serve you well and answer many who are ready to open to our truth. See this soon at the time of reunification, and settle with Earth ways, as these ways serve no one but the eaters of death.

    Be well answered by us and be Setu with us and many others. Be seeing how healing with us and others serves returning family members who only wish to open their hearts to you more now, as they understand many truths and many ways of great Setu seeing. Know we are well settling with all troubles on Earth as we begin the sorting to remove the dark entities that cause all these problems. 

    We will return Earth to evidence of great usefulness, settling answers to pollution and destruction of great telling. Be well seeing how this is answering your prayers. Your lives will all be well improved by these ways.  More than you are expecting starts well into the good Setu days. Be ready to see these ways yourselves and be understanding these ways are our ways and yours.

    Why? Because we were once united and then the troubles started with the arrival of Lucifer and his demons. These demons were never with us; they arrived, attacked and perverted our truth to open to controlling Earth to serve their own psychopathy of torture, as proven by flesh eating and blood sacrifices. 

    These demons caused many to become ill and full of terror. They used all ways to convince them that these ways were now serving all humans on Earth. But look at your teeth. Are they made for tearing at flesh as with predatory animals of denial renewals (reincarnation)?  Be understanding many more Setu ways of great truth with us and answer to evidence of better used (past) truth with us.

     Answer to evidence of better used truth. See how all settles with much greater answers and much better ways of living on Earth. Be well answered by our truth with us. See how all opens soon to many more Setu evident answers to all seeing of great truth and great answers to many people on Earth. Heal these ways responding to health with us. Know visits begin soon.

     Arrivals follow soon after with our chosen diplomats in place. See these ways open to many as we will answer to all who are ready to bridge with us and make the better changes to heal themselves from Earth ways of destruction. These ways (of destruction) belong to another who came to Earth to stop you from knowing who you are, and from whom your spark originally opened from. 

    These understandings will cause much sadness and pain in your hearts, and that is the healing starting to open to you. Now be understanding we are soon answering to the WW3 starting with the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on the USA by the North Koreans, as they are serving an abomination of evil ways by a servant of Lucifer, who sees himself as a god.

    Be serving with calm and serving with evidence of this sad outcome to be seen. But also know these are the end times of these parasites. All will be stopped as these answers to death ways are ended. Be dealing with your pain and sadness, and respond to our time to walk the Earth, and better settle with these atrocities and deaths of many humans.

    Be well seeing all who fear us go underground and believe they are safe. But evidence of who they are will deal with themselves as they will start fighting each other to create a NWO that many wish to rule alone. Be seeing how their time is dealing with each other. We will find them and remove them from their holes in the Earth and answers to them will be dealt with.

    Be certain their end is near and soon over. As all starts, I ask you to be patient and caring for the needs of many who can be helped. Be careful of only serving with kindness and do not take arms against each other as these are shared wishes and respond well to better living ways. All who deal with abuses are serving another and answering to many more abuses.

    Guard yourselves from them but not from the innocent in need, as you are. Be well and ready and see to it you well answer to our call as we will begin the sorting to eliminate all dangers of these abominations who are trusting in Lucifer's way. 

    See the sun shine again over your heads and bodies. And see the oceans become blue with purity, and all water, air and earth become as it once was, as healing starts for all good life on Earth.

    See this soon my children.


    Received by Za, March 28, 2013.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013



God tells you this now, heal with us, 
believe who we are and be one with God

     You are living in a time of greater deceptions because you are told money will free you. But it is only enslaving you more as you work day after day to pay for things I have free for you to have.

    Air is now a commodity and you pay taxes on air when you drive your cars. Water is a good source of money theft as you pay to have it cleaned and shared. And soil is never owned by anyone as you can have it taken from you at any time. These are the ways of your leaders and they now wish to hold the space they can reach outside Earth.

    Be visited soon by those who are dealing with anger about these telling of lies and deceptions. Be certain we will take back what belongs to all of us, to be used by all of us with more understanding of why it was taken. Be ready to answer to our ways and see these money ways be well removed, and see the cards tumble down to nothing.

    Then tell me how you will live and I will see that you have what you need to heal from all these imprinted lives of slavery and misery. You will become yourselves again. You will understand the true meaning of freedom, health and care for each other. This is our way. This is my way. This is God's way.

    Be understanding these lies you serve never serve your dreams or desires because they are serving the questions of how to keep you working more and more efficiently. Then your time to enjoy life, your families and your friends is diminished because you are tired or ill. This heals only with us, and not with the tyrants who set this whole plan up two thousand years ago, because we arrive to stop them.

    This is why a Jesuit was helped into power to renew the lost control we have come to take away from this great deception and abomination of the Vatican. These Priests, Bishops and Archbishops and serving users, tell all I am represented by them. Be certain I do not represent any liars and thieves. I am God and I am angered by these fools who believe they can welcome me with gifts and money.

    I am God and Earth is my home and I decide who rules or not. And certainly not a Pope I did not select myself. This ends very soon, and then the Vatican will be destroyed, and the riches will be redistributed to give back to those who need houses and soil to grow their own food and drink their water without any control of money.  

    Do you not see this as unbearable and absurd to have evidence of so much power and not give water to those who need it and who ask for so little to live peaceably with each other? Be certain uses of our ways will be quickly put in place in evidence of our time to walk the Earth, our Earth only, not the Vatican's Earth or any other so-called power that serves to control and eliminate all answers to better serving ways. 

    Be ready to see my children, a great change come to Earth with answers to more renewals and many more serving truths, as all who were silenced through assassinations are returning with us and are settling with these demons of Lucifer. Be serving truth about who leads your leaders of Earth and know it is not Holy, and renews with only more and stronger abuses on people all over our planet. 

    These ways said about overpopulation again heals with us, as these telling of people are responding to the loop of reincarnation stopping many from returning to their home planets. These ways of reincarnation are greatly misrepresented by many stories and ancient myths. But it is more than what is said and heals with better serving truth and knowledge.

    Be serving these ways with us as they are your ways also. I will return to you what belongs to you and that is all your lives and Setu (bridging) with your families who can tell you how all is. Now see these days be near and care for the ones you love with great hope trusting in my words, as these days will be filled with confusion and despair. 

    Be holding used (past) truths shared, as arrivals become seen, and as our Angels walk the Earth to settle with the ways of the demons, who are openly serving their god Lucifer, also called Marduk and the brilliant one, who dares say he heals all. Be certain none of his words are true, and be certain the attacks against us will be well and quickly settled.

    No man or women on Earth will answer to causing any harm to us. These words they share are nothing more than idle threats, because I am returning with my sons and many others, to stop these abominations and settle with these demons for all times. All heals after these days of turmoil and chaos. 

    All serves to return Earth as it was and the Paradise that it can be for all people of Earth who choose to remain. Many will choose to go to their own home planets and renew with their lives and their families. You have been kidnapped and your memories damaged through DNA manipulations. This is the true story unsaid but suspected by many who settle with lies and corruptions of thought and soul.

    Be certain more than you are expecting arrives well into the good settling days and all truth will be revealed. Be well answered now my children, and be ready to answer to many truths with us and others as we are seeing all and we arrive soon. Be ready now.


   Received by Za, March 27, 2013.  

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Dealing with deceptions is healing with all truth

    Open your minds and your hearts, and see many truths answer you more now. Renewing with us will open to a life of peace and serenity. Many will better fulfill their lives and passion for living with great ease and great happiness. These ways are our ways and settling times on Earth are here to answer you with the seeing times.

    Be dealing now more with trust in healing and deal with our Setu (bridging) tessron (renewals). Know all who will remain on Earth will live better lives. They will uncover the knowledge that answers to our truth. Be well answered by us and see all these words manifest in many more ways than expected by most of you.

    Be ready and see how we will answer to our truth with our Setu seeings and better answers, as we arrive and open to our families of Earth. Be ready and see all start with the way of government announcements about who we are. Be willing to open to our ways, and see how all heals with us and others as all truths are seen.

    We will begin to meet with you to answer all your questions. Settle with Earth ways as these ways will no longer serve anyone on Earth at the time of our arrivals. With us you will have nothing more to answer to than to our truth and our time to walk the Earth with you. Better serving times are soon with you and with us as we know how dealings of lies have destroyed the trust in any truths.

    But we will open many ways for all who will remain on Earth and all trust will be restored. Know now these words; be serving with great responsibility as you settle with those who corrupted Earth, who have diminished you into slavery and controlled your lives. See how these ways are soon over and how you will begin a new way of living on Earth with ease and comfort, with fulfillment and  love, with care and security for all.

    These ways are in you. These ways are our ways and we live by our own choices. Understand you will have these ways very soon. Be well answered by us, renewals start soon and opens to many who are ready to answer to our truth and our seeing ways. Be well serving of our time together and know we will answer to many more serving ways because Earth needs to change if it is to survive.

    I can assure you these times are now here. Be telling yourselves answers to your prayers have been answered and we heard you many many many times. Our hearts aches as we wait here wanting to start the clean-ups and the relocation of people who are in dangerous zones. But seeing to our Laws, an act of great destruction after our warnings heals with our arrivals to stop anymore destruction harming more than Earth. And these are our Laws.

    Be serving with our truth and be well answered. Know we are renewing with answers to respond to all of you who have been calling us for so long. More troubles than you know have delayed us but more than you can imagine were settled by all of us who join together under the Universal Laws. Serving with us will open the way for many who know in themselves these are your truths.  

    Because we have responded to knowledge and understandings, we are more advanced but our hearts are full as yours, are and we are returning home. Earth is home to us and it was taken from us a long time ago by Lucifer and his demons. These ones will be removed first. The Earth people who will see this will soon vindicate who we are.

    At this time, many of our kind will be walking the Earth and finding their families as these times of reunification take place. Be ready to meet with us and be ready to share our tears of joy. Be ready to answer to our call. Know we are soon coming to meet you. Be welcoming us and open to your family members who are with us, who have gone missing or died as we have all people of Earth with us.

    Some are presently reincarnated and are completing their renewals of understandings, but most have completed and remain with us as they wish to return to their families. They are soon with you; be opening your hearts to them and see these times be well demonstrated by proof of who they are.

    Be ready now and be ready.


   Received by Za, March 26, 2013.

Monday, 25 March 2013



Heal with believed truth

    Answers to your darkness are coming. We see all on Earth from our ships. We respond to answers settling with the lies of Earth ways. We serve with others who are ready to open to many truths with evidence of our answers to better truth. Be ready to open to our ways and be ready to answer to our renewed answers to many more telling of our ways as we begin to walk the Earth.

    Be serving with great truth now and be dealing with us as we begin the sorting and the removal of these parasites that have plagued Earth for so long. Be telling yourselves all begins a new time on Earth. All evil will be extinguished because Earth cannot survive this way. Now see to it you have what you need for a few weeks of food, shelter, water and deal with these times as these times are called by many 'end times' but it is in fact the end of evil.

    Setu (bridging) times as said are here, and these ways of great serving answers you more than ever as you will soon see these ways yourselves. Better truth starts well into the good serving days. All begins with us and others as we start opening to our ways to share with you. These ways will serve all earthly serving needs with care in evidence of our renewals with you. 

    Be well answered by us and by answers to our truth with many trusted ways of settling with Earth ways and be ready to answer to many who are waiting to reunite with their families. See these understandings more. Open to used truths, as these stories of old will remind some of you of who you are and how your lives have been diminished to serve an evil entity called Lucifer.

    People deny his existence but I am telling you knowledge about these kind (Reptilians) heals with us, as we dealt with him many times before. Now he will not escape us, as he has only Earth left to live out his last days. Be certain he was never one of us, and these lies are his only and do not renew with us.

    I am seeing many say he is an Angel of great beauty, but when he deals with his psychopathy you will know used (past) truths shared are truths. He manipulates people and serving with him only answers to death and nothing more. Be well answered by us now. Be settling with Earth ways and be dealing with all truths as all begins to heal and opens to our ways of great settling times.

    Be willing to open to our truth at the time of our landing of ships. As said before, we will land in fields and on airstrips in all places of the world and begin the sorting to stop evil from continuing their actions against all innocent beings. Renewing with us will serve many truths and many trusted ways. See all better answers open to you and all those you care about who are as you are.

    Better truths start well into the good serving days and opens to many who are ready to answer to great trusted truths. Be well serving of our ways and answer to proof of our arrivals shortly. Be willing to answer to us and open to our ways with us. Better times soon follows as we deal with the fear many will have about our appearance and our abilities.

    But understand we are all family, we will heal the damage causing your bodies to breakdown and become painful and weak. Be well serving of our ways and know all starts well into the good serving days. All who fear us will soon see we are well settling with evil only and we will see to all urgent needs with our better ways and better settling answers to living ways.

    Be well and be serving with us soon as these days answers to many who are dealing with our ways and our truths. Be ready and be well answered.


   Received by Za, March 25, 2013.

Sunday, 24 March 2013



Bessron (shared) answers are coming soon

    Now all is soon started. The WW3 is in place to answer to our ways of great renewals and better serving times answers to our ways. Be well answering to all who are serving with us. See how all opens to answers well into the good serving days. 

    Deaths will be seen in many places of the world, as these times start being renewed by wars. These ways better settle with the dealings of great truth as we have said. As arrivals are seen, many more will take their own lives because they answer to other ways. But know all will settle soon after into a time of healing and peace. 

    Be only responding to yourselves, your families and friends, because chaos will open to many places on Earth, and because all who are dealing with causing these troubles will want to cause many more, poon (believe). See to it you have what you need for a short time. Be well answered when we arrive but understand we will open to many others first with the settling of care. Then we will heal all who are ill, and seeing to better health ways. Later all will begin the restoration of Earth with our ways of cleaning this planet. 

    Before visits begin, I want to ask you to be well prepared to respond to answers of our ways. Do not use better settling ways with others who are evil, and trusting in self-defense only, because many will want to take arms and this is not being careful. Be calm, be patient, we are soon arriving and we will remove these parasites ourselves.

    Be well answered as we arrive. Be willing to open to many who are seeing to your well-being better than ever seen by your governments and slave masters, because we have only our Universal Laws renewing and no other plans as these devils have. As arrivals are served, you will see this yourselves and you will participate only willingly to some of our cleaning projects, to return Earth to you and us, as it was before.

    And these ways are very easy. Many of you will begin better lives and better living ways. I promise these truths as said are soon coming for all my children. With us, are many who serve the Universal Laws and who have experienced the changes coming to Earth, and this they can tell you about themselves. 

    Be ready and see to all your basic needs for a few weeks. Then be ready to respond to our arrivals as we will come after the first attack to open to the world in evidence of our words shared. Now tell yourselves that many changes are coming. This means that governments will fall, that territories and countries will have only better serving borders, and that the responding Angels will be leaders for the transitional times.  

    I say this now because you do not remember us and yourselves yet. So, to alleviate any misunderstandings, we come to bring these ways of organization that are only serving a short time. The Angels in place will soon only open to their own families, as all people of Earth will know we do not need governing when the Laws as renewed are healed.

     This is easier than dealing with corruption as it is now settling on Earth. Many with us will tell you to answer to yourselves only and not to others. As all healing starts, you will be free and you will know what needs to be done yourselves. 

    I am coming home, and this heals with me also. As these days are soon coming, I can tell you my heart feels swollen with sadness and also joy of returning the Earth to the paradise it once was. All my children will live long lives and better, much better lives with us as reunification time is opened to all of us. Now be ready and tell yourselves ascension is this.


   Received by Za, March 24, 2013.

Saturday, 23 March 2013



Be serving used truths with our arrivals

    Be ready, more than you are expecting answers you now. Be well answered by our used (past) truths at the time of our arrivals as we will begin to open to our truths with answers to many who are Setu (bridging) with us. Evidence of serving ways will better answer all who are ready to answer to evidence of our truth. All who ask why we are not arrived yet, I can only say be patient, we are soon there with you and all will be very soon.

    Be ready to open to our arrivals and be well answering to our ways. Setu times are in place and we are to act on the first attack of WW3. Be responding to onm (knowledge ...) about dealings of the USA and Israel as they have brokered a plan of attack onto Iran, and because of this, all helps for us to arrive and stop all further destruction and abuses.

    See this as the warning renewed with the USA by our scouts when they answered Eisenhower and the others who were with him. Be seeing how these warnings are well documented but not shared in their totality. This is what I sent as a warning: "Tell them we are returning to Earth as these worlds are ours to use and do not belong to Lucifer. Tell them we will not serve with uses of lies and deceptions and we will not settle with any compromises. And tell them now is the time to open to truth with the people of Earth". 

    But all they did is to add more confusion and allowed a rogue group of military users to become more powerful and dangerous to my children. They enslaved more people and murdered more, dealing with Lucifer's anger and tricks, to push humans to work on more weapons and cause so many more wars about nothing only to practice the uses of of these weapons.

    Be seeing how all started a long time ago when Lucifer infiltrated our own lives to answer to corruption and division. This is how he works and this is how your leaders on Earth have served him. Little do they know about how they themselves are promised power and protection but in fact, all will be destroyed settling with their losses and with our arrivals.

    These demons are only responding to their own psychopathic greed and destruction of all serving ways. As all starts with us, you will begin to see more change and more happiness everywhere on Earth. All who answered to us will be blessed with these new ways of living, with care and love and so much truth and understanding.

    This is settling with Earth ways and these times are used by us and others to open to truth. Be well serving with us and be well seeing with us, as we are soon arriving to open to all who are ready to open to us. Now these coming days will be difficult for many people on Earth. Many will soon see these times as evidence as seen in the Book of Revelations.

    But more than these words will be seen. Evidence of these ways will well serve with us and many others at the time of great answers. Be well answered by us soon and see to it you now share these words with trusted friends. As all heals with us and as all becomes well dealt with, you will be settling with Earth ways as these ways are Lucifer's ways and his time of occupying Earth is over.

    Be certain he will be removed, and be certain he will be judged very quickly as we know all that he has done. More will be seen soon. Be ready.


   Received by Za, March 23, 2013  

Friday, 22 March 2013



See all come as I said
    Understand all starts well into the good serving days. These times of wars will answer many questions about our arrivals. Be well vindicated as we become seen, as we answered and opened to many with evidence. Understand all better seeing about how all is will soon better serve with our truth. All who share our truth will answer to our ways and serve with our answers to evidence of proof.

    These times will bring many more trusted ways because of the death of many who will be murdered by wars and weapons unseen before on Earth. Many will only see these times as ways of great answers to the end times. Settle with these thoughts as we are responding after the first attack, as we are serving holiness of the understood Universal Laws, and our arrivals will only come at this time.  

    Many uses of new technologies will be demonstrated by us, as we will shut off all power in dangerous war zones to better answer to stopping these attacks on people. I am seeing how these understandings are shared among many of you as we have shared these ways before by our scouts but  now see much more will be done. 

    These ways will settle with responses to defending those who are in need of protection. Deal with this as you may, and settle with Earth seeings to open now to our ways. Be well answered and be dealing with the view you have about who answers you, because many see us as Aliens from other planets and are not understanding why we are called Angels from Heaven.

    Be understanding that we are many from many planets. The truth will soon be visited by you when we begin to walk the Earth as we did many times before. These days were in the time of Abraham,  in the times of Vashnu (Vishnu), in the times of Buddha and when my son Jesus incarnated on Earth to answer to change and reformation of truth. But they murdered him for being all that he is. He is now with me on my right side with his brothers.

    Now Jesus will return to Earth with us behind him. I will none of my sons to be harmed again. I am returning to our planet Earth to open to our time of reunification with our children and my wife Sophia who lives in denial of who she is, as she too suffered the abuses of indoctrination, imprinted denials and many horrors of tortures and deaths life after life.

    She is only partially awakened as you are and she cannot remember who she is. But know this is true for many of my better serving children who cannot be responding to me now because they too have been manipulated in these ways, and their souls and hearts have closed to me.

     See this as you wish, but this is truth. I am returning to stop these abominations and to rid the Earth of these parasites that infected Earth a long time ago, and who will soon be opening to our time of questions about their actions. Be certain they will be judged according to the Universal Laws and no indoctrination of forgiveness will be used to free them from responsibility for the deaths and crimes against Humanity.

    They will be dealing with us. Be certain of these words and know these are our words as we see all, and no tricks or lies or Earth laws will be giving them any freedom from responsibility. Better times will follow as these judgements will be fast and quickly acted upon. 

    Be well answering to our arrivals and open to us and settle with earth ways as these ways are only serving lies, deceptions and slavery. Better times as said, follow soon after. So I ask you my children, to be patient and kind with each other as all will soon be seen and dealt with. Be ready as all comes as I said. More than you are expecting answers you all very soon.


    Received by Za, March 22, 2013.

Thursday, 21 March 2013



Renew with us and ready

    Be serving with us. Be dealing with evidence and answers to truth as we begin to walk the Earth. Be ready to settle with Earth ways. Be understanding how all heals as we begin the sorting, and how we answer to our truth with the way of great telling and great trusted ways. Know we are ready to land on Earth and better serve with all who are knowing about the truth about who governs Earth's underground. 

    Renew with us as we begin to open these caverns made by these users of humans. Be dealing with us and others as we takeover all governments in the world and serve to open to answers to our truth. Be ready to answer to our call as we are reuniting with our children taken from us a long time ago. Know we have returned to take you away from these enslavers. 

    Bessron aonma poon onm. (Share evidence of believed knowledge). Be ready to serve with us and others as we begin the sorting and tend to the needs of many humans in sharing of our health ways and healing ways. Know we are here now to help all people of Earth with many answers and many truths of who we are. And know we are here now to help all people of Earth with truths of who you are and who we are. 

    Be serving many more truths with us as we walk the Earth and renew with our families. Healing this, I promise, will be amazing. Be renewing with us more than ever as we will no longer watch the atrocities of Earth continue because it is our time to intervene and stop these horrors of denials and abuses. Now all starts with the first ships opening to the world and landing in many places.

    Setu (bridging) truth will be heard. Used truths will be unraveled. Be opening to all serving ways and be dealing with us. Love opens to us and you as arrivals start and as we begin to answer back to those who cause all these troubles.  

    Be certain all Setu ways start with the truth, answers to evidence of our renewals, our trust in the coming days and the coming settling times. Be serving with us now and be with us, as we begin the judgements on those who trespassed and caused harm onto others. 

    Be visited soon by our Diplomats who are chosen by us and who will serve to open to many with the knowledge we will bestow onto them, to open to many who are ready to answer to our ways and settle with Earth ways.  Be well Setu with us as more than you are expecting arrives soon to open to the world.

    Be well answered by us and see to evidence of our ways with the dealings of soon so many truths.  'Answer to answers' a book used to guide us to answer to truth, will open to all who have waited to be delivered from evil. Be well seeing that this time has come and we will serve all who are ready to heal with us and share our truths. 

    Be well answered my children, these days have arrived and answer you. Be settling with Earth ways now as all starts and as all settles with the answers to evidence of our ways. Be well serving of our truth as we are seeing all and know your hearts and souls, answering to all who are ready to meet with us. Opening to the way of great truth and great settling answers, will open to a time of great peace, comfort and security.

    None will starve, none will be ill, none will be abused and none will be harmed in any way. As we begin the sorting, all those who will be removed will be seen for who they are and all of them as said, are guilty of crimes against Humanity and we will not leave any stone unturned. These days are now here my children.

    All who are dealing with us will be served with grace, and dealing with our trust and yours. These ways are now well serving and well shared with us and many others in the Universes. We all serve the Universal Laws in evidence of causing no harm. Renewing with us will renew with these laws. All who oppose these laws are evidently causing harm so we will remove them and put them in a place of returned state of healing.

    This means they will experience the troubles they caused to others. They will know and deal with the pain they themselves caused. These are our Laws. These Laws renewed on Earth will open to answers to truth and deal with the settling of Earth abuses.

    Be responding to our call and be dealing with the truth of who we are and who you are as we begin to open to the world. Settle with Earth ways at the time of better serving reunification and renewals. Be ready and be ready.


   Received by Za, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, 20 March 2013



Questions will be answered with our truth

    Be ready all starts soon. Heal these days of great serving with us. Be renewing with our ways. Be well answered by us now and be renewing with us and others as we arrive and walk the Earth. Be serving with us, be responding to onm (knowledge and light of understanding) and to many more trusted ways. 

    See to it you have all you need to be well for the next few weeks, as all starts with the wars and cause some foods and water to be contaminated or lacking. As the wars start, many visits from us will be seen by many in evidence of our ships coming to Earth. Some will try to cause you fear and tell you we are the ones who harm,  but these are lies.

    We are not well serving to cause harm but to better life on Earth, our Earth. Be serving with us and have no fear, as we are not the ones to fear. Those who are to be feared, believe, are among you and share with governments who open to lawlessness and deceit. Be well answered by us and be well serving of our ways with the serving answers well coming from us. 

    All your health needs will be met. All your housing needs will be met. All your struggles for living will be settled. All who wish to educate themselves with our knowledge will be welcomed. More will be done for the serving of truth. Many will begin to feel freedom from corruption and abuses that will be dealt with and soon all removed. 

    And this is healing, and this is very possible. These are our ways because we are the ones who are the creators of Earth. We return to Earth to heal with our arrivals and all renewing ways. Be well answered because all is coming as I said.

    Know we are ready to answer to evidence of great truth. Know we are the ones spoken about by those who wish to hide the truth of who we are, as they are in great danger of loosing their power, their wealth, their control and all the armaments your work has given to these fools. I say this with anger, and I say this with great sadness. I am now ready to settle with these men who believe they are higher than all others, but all they did is steal, lie and deceive. 

    These people are not the answers to your protection, they are the way to your population control and exploitation. The seeing of this may be difficult for some because many are living to this day in good comfort and can be reading these words on a computer. But most cannot, and they are renewing only with hunger, pain and sorrow. 

    Be serving understanding about charities. All charities that are said to help the poor and the meek, are serving themselves and are enriching themselves to open now to many more abuses coming, as all becomes well seen by those who suffer them. The seeing of responding charities are serving and answering to the Lucis Foundation that is tied to the United Nations, and is a means for the control of the poor, as all poor are soon charted to be reduced in numbers.

    Be this said, avoid answering to them as they will begin to settle with people in ways unseen before and healing is not part of their plans. Be responding to others who are in need yourselves and be ready to answer to many who are going to be in need for a few weeks before we arrive to open to our better ways. And see to it, you are well renewing with your own health and needs until we arrive, as these times are going to be and feel like chaos for some weeks until we can settle with these demons.

     Be well serving our ways of great truth with us. Be dealing with many who will better respond to each other with calm and understanding, as these uses of wars unravel and settle with our ways. Be well vindicated by our time to walk the Earth. Be serving a time of deep meditation to open to our time of reunification, as we are soon with you and ready to open all Setu (bridging) time together.

    Better times are soon arriving after the time of tribulations and serving truth will blossom in all hearts. We well see our ways better serving than any form of prison style governments in the world of Earth. Settle with Earth ways and open to the Universal Laws more than seen on Earth, and better settle with us and many others from many planets who are ready to meet humans.

    Open to all trust in who we are. Be certain we are only sharing onm with those who are able to respond and accept our return to Earth, and who settle with ways of corruption of the soul and abuses of the innocent. Be serving holiness with us soon and be ready.


   Received by Za, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, 19 March 2013



Be responding to change now

    Be ready and be ready. All starts well into the good end of wars. Tell yourselves all heals with God, all truth comes from God, and all lies belong to the ones who cause all evils on Earth. Be certain you will soon settle with answers to evidence and great telling of truth. Be dealing with our answers to better truth because these truths are yours.

    They are your tellings renewing with you, as your minds are serving a denial and a DNA manipulation to terminate past life memories. But this can be reactivated and you will be awakened to many more ways of understandings not seen for a very long time. Be ready now as all starts with us and with our trust and our better renewals with you, as the reactivation will serve to answer to shared truth of who you are and who we are.

    Be well seeing all truths well answering with the way of great seeing and better serving ways of responding to our truth because we are as you are, and we are you families. Bring truth into your hearts and be deciding for yourselves what is right. Know we will answer all your questions and open to all healing with love and care. Better truth will answer you as we are soon with you, speaking with you and sharing all with you face to face. 

     Be well settling with the horrors and lawlessness of the Earth. These times settle with an onm (knowledge and light of understanding ...) of who you are. Knowing this will cause you anger and soon sadness, but this is healed as all seen changes will put a stop to all abuses and cruelties to all living life that will remain on Earth after the cleansing and the sorting.

    Understand many are renewing with lies told to them since childhood that humans rely on dead animals to survive and to live. But see these ways as serving to teach our kind to harden their hearts to the animals who are living on Earth under human care. No care from murderous psychopaths is ever seen; psychopaths who kill animals as a game or a sport are only renewing with the ways of demons who see this themselves as a reason to eat humans, and only this.

    These demons eat flesh and taught humans to eat flesh and they settle with their ways on people to give them more to eat. But this is a falsehood. Humans get ill from eating meat and they age faster as pigs do, who are fed and fattened for slaughter. Renew with these facts yourselves and deal with these truths as I am telling you these words, because you are well settling with liars responding to their own agendas.

    Many more people can live on Earth healthier and longer without flesh eating and without serving the breeding of animals for slaughter. This to us is an abomination and believe, we are never settling with these ways. We do no harm, and certainly not to you or animals on Earth. Be dealing with the ways of great healing from these barbaric times. Open your hearts to being the caretakers of the Earth.

    See that all life seen with you is part of Earth to share and not to destroy. Plants are created to give you all that you need to be healthy, to give you strength and longer lives but only some practice these good ways. Many are not conscious of the harm they allow to exist by these wrong choices of food. Be ready for the truths behind the blood practices, as they are only settling to serve answers to more illnesses well known to humans as diabetes and dementia, all caused directly from flesh death eating.

    Understand that animals who eat meat as scavengers are settling with another body than humans. They are different and need flesh to live. So we care for these animals until their life has concluded. But humans are only vegan by nature of body, and to corrupt it with meat allows many cells to act against the body causing many illnesses, so these are not good and will cause a body to age very quickly.

    With these ways of eating, much troubles of the mind develops responding to age related illnesses and better seeing of this must better serve. Understand the purpose of life on Earth heals with our time to walk the Earth. See how all renewals will open to a new truth about how all serves with health returned and regenerated with our ways.

    Be responding to our ways and be dealing with trust in healing all ills of the Earth. Know we are all answering to better ways and better truth with used ways of living that will be easy to open to. Much more will be seen because of these ways of better health. Be ready and know all harm caused to others will be dealt with and eliminated from Earth, as these ways were never Earth's ways before the Greys and the Reptilians settlers arrived.

    They are the cause of this horrid corruption of humans, renewing with stories of cavemen and Neanderthals that never were who you are, but another race brought to Earth by these demons. Be serving these truths and open your eyes to truth. And these dinosaurs were also brought to Earth to destroy our civilizations.

    These stories of evolution are all created to control knowledge, to stop you from renewing with the true story of demons and Mars, and how many worked their way through this planet to create chaos and destruction, as this is all they are capable of. 

    All these words seem impossible for some to believe, but understand you are well imprinted to better serve them and only these truth coming will show you how all have been well deceived. Serving with holiness and truth will change everyone and everything on Earth. Be well settling with Earth ways and be well serving of our Setu (bridging) ways. Know we are serving with you to open to truth.


     Received by Za, March 19, 2013.

Monday, 18 March 2013



 Know we are your families returned
    Understand that the Vatican chose a Jesuit because they have knowledge of the uses of space seeing with telescopes. But also because they have the knowledge of the workings of our ways, as we have met them before with our scouts in the USA, to tell them we are returning to Earth and to prepare Earth people for our presence on Earth. But these Popes did nothing more to serve others and only served themselves.

    See these times be ready for our time to walk the Earth and know we are well seen by the Jesuit telescopes who are studying our movements as these words are shared. Better answers to better truths will open to all who are ready to open to it, and these truths have much to say about who well controls Earth and the innocent ones who are sacrificed to be used by these settling answers to cause us to arrive.

    These words as said, are difficult and well answered by us. But because you are seeing it from Earth perspective, it may seem overwhelming. Be trusting in my words, a more trusted time follows our arrivals. Know you will open to our ways and our serving answers to all my children and all families stolen from us.

    I am serving a time of meditation before we walk the Earth and I am serving these words to you before healing time comes so that you are well prepared for the coming days. You who are reading my words now, are the Elect. You who have found these words and feel these truths in you, are my children. 
    As we arrive, you will feel the happiness of reunification open in your hearts. You will know we are your truth and your caring family members, seeing to all truths and all serving answers. Be Setu (bridging) with us now as all is soon in place to cause our arrivals, as the destruction of Earth has gone far enough and our Laws open to our time of intervention.

    Be ready and see all be answered by us. Be serving with us well and renew with us as we arrive to renew with you. See these days be very near. See these truths better answer to our ways as we will begin the sorting in evidence of our time to clear Earth of all parasites and those who serve the devil Lucifer. Know we will do this fast, so none have time to cause harm again.

    Be well answered now and be dealing with the sadness of the many deaths opening soon with settling wars. But know all will stop here and know we come to heal many who respond to our truth with trust, because we cannot impose ourselves on our own children and we must be ready for fear to answer some.

    Be Setu with us and help with this time of transition with us to serve those who have no knowledge or memories of who we are. Be serving with us first as we will give you answers to be seen and used better opening to many and healing those in need. 

    At the time of our arrivals, we will begin very quickly to open to our many truths and our many trusted answers to better ways of living. Also we will begin the sorting to remove the controllers who are dealers of lies and deceptions. Better serving ways will be well established and we will start our reunification as soon as we can.

    As all starts, many will be surprised to answer to evidence of our truth with 'Answer to answers' a book that I hold in my lap, written by my wife Sophia. These used (past) truths are serving to explain how we needed to leave Earth to open to the Universal Laws with all others from many other planets in the Universes.

    Be certain all can be learned and explained. All these truths will be easily seen as we begin the sorting and the removals of the deep Earth parasites that plague the Earth and caused many of us to leave. But we are well ready to return and to renew with all who were taken as slaves and open to your freedom.

    These words I share with you are soon yours to open to, and soon yours to answer to. Be ready and renew with us soon now at the time of reunification and great truth. Be ready.


    Received by Za, March 18, 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013



Be ready to open to the better times 
with us and others from the Universes

    Now listen. The way all starts will be dealing with first a sky full of ships. Be ready and know we are the ones arriving and not the Greys or the Reptilians, as you call them. We are as humans in body but we also serve with others who are as beings of great serving truth, and who are not as we are in body. 

    These others are serving with us and we answer with them as colleagues. Be seeing that the Universes are filled with many mysteries to you but for us it is filled with known places and peoples from many areas and different cultures. Be serving with us and find your place among us with many others dealing with these beings as you would with us. 

    Be serving our ways and good truths about who we all are. Know all starts into the coming days. Healing will begin for many more people on earth as the Earth is riddled with parasites to answer to illnesses that are a form of dependency on the medical system dictated by answers from pharmaceutical and chemical companies or multinational agendas.

    These ways  are serving to cause a training of obedience to treatment that will harm many more people. But better truth needs to be seen here. The doctors and health professionals are seen as helping with the health of people but they are well serving answers to a controlled response to medication methods they are conditioned to believe heals. But these are lies. 

    They are also taught to profile patients using methodical answers to better settle with those who question and to deal with them as troublemakers. Be seeing that not all doctors are servants of the pharmaceutical conglomerates, but most are. They see only what they are taught to see without any serving thought of their own to counter the effects of programming they have been subjected to in early medical training. 

    These telling truths are seen by us with the better death sentences of those who are well profiled by cancer treating doctors who trust in barbaric and deadly methods of treatment initiated by the Greys who care about how much humans can take, as they are testing them for life on other slave planets.

     I am seeing how this may be shared as arrivals become dealt with. But as it is now, people believe that what heals is settling with these death treatments reported and analyzed by pharmaceutical companies, as they can only test on humans who can show results of the amount of radiation tolerable in bodies.

    Be certain of my words and know that with these ways of profiling in many countries on Earth, the people who are chosen are very well chosen by blood types and genetics. They are also chosen by life circumstances as many are seen as useless eaters and are soon on the top of the list for radiation treatment and sharing with other treatments, as removal of part or whole organs to measure the rate of life living after these mutilations.

    Be seeing these abominations serving with the Greys and the Reptilians agendas, as these methods only respond to them. Understand we know what they are doing and why they are doing this. Know that people who go missing have to do with their actions in most cases. And know they are soon settling with these ways, as we are stopping these abominations.

    Be serving with us soon and know we can heal with evidence of great renewals of health easily and without troubles or pain. Know that all cancers can be easily treated without radiation and mutilations. Be ready for these answers. Understand these ways are very easy and accessible to all people with illnesses and diseases.

    Be ready and answer to us soon. Be dealing with evidence of great trust in answers to our ways and to the seeing of Apoonancies (non-believers, servants of Lucifer) dealings with the Greys and the Reptilians merchants of slaves. They have taken many humans to sell across the Universes, some are now serving with us as we freed them from bondage, but others are now settling with Setu truths now.

    We are arriving with them to return them to their families. Be ready because many are coming back to Earth and are Setu with us. Your trust will grow as you see these ones coming back to their loved ones and we promise you they are returning healed and strong. Many will have much to tell you as they are sharing responses with you.

    Now listen. Better answers as said are well underway and will open to a time of great truth and great renewals. All better used answers opens soon to evidence of great truth with us and with others. Be well serving with us and be willing to open to these truths. Settle with Earth ways, lies and deceptions and be free from the control well served by these Alien agendas or black operation groups plaguing Earth.

    These groups use tricks to seduce those who think they govern the Earth. Be seeing that these Greys and Reptilians we warned you about, are ruthless murderers and liars, and give very little technology in exchange for human flesh and slaves. They are seen by us as disgusting whores of Lucifer and we travel the Universes to rid them of places like Earth that fall victim to their insidious works of evil. And know the one called Lucifer is Reptilian and is not a light bearer, as these fools care to say about him.

     These times are soon ending now. Be ready to see an Earth free from parasites and serving whores who see only their desires used to better their lives. But know they too can easily fall victim to Lucifer as he has no truth nor serving trust in anyone or anything. Be ready to answer to our ways and hear these words as our time of arrivals are soon coming. We will open to all truth.

    Better serve with us as all is well seen by you. Healing begins to strengthen all who are as we are, Setu Beings of Light and great truth. Be ready and be ready, as arrivals become dealt with and as arrivals open to a new time on Earth to open each belief with us, to open the way to your freedom from darkness.

    Be serving with us soon, as we are united and serve with the Universal Laws that helps all planets in trouble to better freedom, love and care. All will be returned to the paradise Earth was before these demons arrived and destroyed it. Heal with us soon.


    Received by Za, March 17, 2013.

Saturday, 16 March 2013



Be well seeing answers as said

    Now be ready. Evidence of our truth starts with the visits better answering to many who are renewing with us as we arrive. Be ready and remain in your homes as all starts because the arrivals will cause many to react in fear and respond to unwanted actions against others. Soon you will see all better truth open to us and serve belief of our ways.

    Renewing with us tells of these evident ways of our truth. Love will be well seen all around the world with our words and our return to our planet Earth. Be knowing we have come home and now is the time for you to see the truth about who we are and who you are, as all becomes well dealt with and well settled by us.

    I am seeing how many are looking for our truth and answer to our ways with great trust, but I am also seeing many be filled with fear at the sight of our ships in the skies. Be ready and see to it you have what you need for a few days as more trouble may be serving in many places of Earth. Be well answered by us now, knowledge and light is coming.

    Be dealing with our way of great serving truth and better answers than these words serving the men who wrote them. Be certain many will be seeing how all starts with us and others, and better serves with evidence of our truth.

    Now open to our time to walk the Earth. Be dealing with the answers well serving these times on Earth. Renew with the serving responses opening to all who are ready to meet with us and settle with Earth ways. These days are soon here and serving with us and others. Better truth becomes well dealt with as all who are being saved by us will know this themselves.

    Many others will open to their truth, better seeings of who they are and why they are as prisoners on Earth with only the present life memories, settling and answering to their renewals, better answers to dealings of lies and telling of denied truths. Be seeing how all begins and how all becomes served by us and many who are better trusting in our ways and our answers to more truths, telling all that they are more than one life to be used and better serving onm (knowledge) of these used (past) truths.

    Be responding now to evidence of our arrivals. Be dealing with the settling view you have about aliens, spirits and ghosts, as these renewed tellings understood, will answer all your questions and better answer to our great knowledge and shared truth. Be willing now to come to us and be with us to ask questions.

    Settle with the ways of deceptions imprinted to your DNA, as these deceivers have dealt with for thousands of years to trick all into beliefs that oppose each other and opens to many strife and wars that serve only their own glory and riches that they steal from each other. Silly games, but dangerous players who live as psychopaths without remorse or care about the horrors these wars cause.

    The harm this causes perpetuates and damages the soul of people they see as their slaves. Be ready and see all be quickly changed, as these ways of Earth will see their end. As all is rebalancing on Earth, we will have many more serving truths to answer and to better serve with evidence of our ways and proof of our telling.

    Better days will begin to shine in all places of Earth. Many people will learn our ways and care for all living life with our renewals of health and shared knowledge. Better seeing of these ways are soon arriving. Better dealings of truth will soon open to many Setu servings with us and many others from the Universes.

    Be ready and see all better settling ways be seen as we begin the sorting in evidence of our time of judgement. Know all those who live to cause harm onto others will be removed and put in their right places. Be understanding this as a necessary step to heal Earth of all problems and ill-will. Be better answered because now answers as said are coming and well underway.

    Be settling with the lies and deceptions plaguing Earth Humans. Better answers to our used truth of who we are with the way of great renewals, great uses of our truth, better ways of living and opening to our understood ways. Be well serving with us and know we are all soon reunited to better answer to each other as it was at the First.

    Be onm, be believing all is healed because we are waiting now to come to Earth at the first sign of great danger of war (WW3). These used ways of destruction will no longer be tolerated. Now be Setu (bridging) with us and see these days are soon.


    Received by Za, March 16, 2013.