Friday, 4 December 2015



All will be revealed in time

     Answers are coming. Be certain all will be revealed, and be understanding all opens to our time to answer to truth.  Know and share understanding of my words. Be sure all truth comes with our words. Know we are dealing with greater seeings than seen on Earth, as all opens to these trusted ways of all great used truth.

     Here is the thing about the flat Earth beliefs. These understandings are based on the uncovered truth about the Arctic and Antarctic places. These places are serving cold weather in conformation of how they are land masses moved away from the Sun. Here is the truth about this; these land and ice masses are covering great cities of the times of our seeing.

     These places were settling with many others, and responding to greater civilizations. But all ideals were changed by Lucifer, who answered to our truth, but only responded to causing harm. With the evidence of our arrivals and our return to Earth, determined to better the world, we had to open to freezing him into a place of security before we could serve with a better army.

     You see this now, but you do not understand why he was condemned by us. He visited many places to better his ways, and he destroyed many places (like Mars) to better his needs, but he tried to do the same on Earth, and served visits to other places (and other races) to keep all in place.  

     Be seeing how this is helping these possessed leaders of the world to cause chaos, by believed declaration of climate change chaos, that does only serve the rich and impoverishes the servants of laws. People are only living as they can, and are troubled by these taxes that only serve the rich to answer to their protection as we arrive. As they know we are arriving, they will be settling with us.
     Know they plan to start greater troubles. The users of lies are bridging with their own demises. Understand this was serving all renewed proof of how we are. Other users of truth were serving these times also. Our armies were depleted, and we needed to go across the Universes to open to greater seeing in manifestation of our bridging ways with others.

      We became well known in all places and learned many truths with others, in evidence of all these places. And with this knowledge and greater seeing, we are now returning knowledge and light of understanding to Earth to stop these plans (the control and destruction of all souls) from occurring. 

     These leaders of lies are serving with Lucifer's ways; they open to greater lies. But all lies will be dealt with at the time of questions because many other lies must be dispelled. Be seeing the works of Lucifer in all places of the world where inequality of people, poor care of children, the evidence of great wars and atrocities lives, as it did in his (Lucifer) time of great worship.

      He does all this again because he sees we are returning to Earth. He believes that with his helpers, he can cause more chaos in display of his manipulations of spirit possessions.  Be dealing only with these words for now, as there are more troubling seeings of how all settles on Earth. These ways are becoming evident with the practices of the hadron colliders that open the gates for the spirits to pass through.

     Be ready as these days will be full of troubles and deaths, and be seeing how all serving truth will be only lies coming from these renewals of dark ways, in evidence of our time to return to stop the "Apoonancies" non-believers of our ways and users of lies. 

( Za: Alice Bailey is a writer who's books are found in the United Nations library. In her writings, she tells of the importance to control people by removing their rights to open to the ruling time of Lucifer. We see this proof now of these actions with the deliberate killing of people in well prepared false flag events and the horrors of murders through encouraged "religious extremist wars" escalating in all places on Earth).

     This is the possessed ones who cause this, and many more with weakness in them will be settling with this banning together as in one mind, but know these actions only serve the ones who are completely indoctrinated with the teachings of Lucifer in proof of this working deception. This is the reason why we are returning at this time, to remove the "Aponancies" (non-believers in God's ways) from Earth, and heal Earth from Lucifer's grip.

     Know this time is soon, and will heal all to answer to the growth of shared truths and care for each other. These answers can be renewed with all, and here all words answers many. Be understanding we are returning to our Earth, our home, and we will make manifested many truths with people, believing in greater knowledge, who serve with us and who open to truth.

     Here is the thing about the satellite called the "Black Knight". It is responding to our uses and our technologies, and it serves us information as our orbs do, to better see to any help we can provide without causing interference of how all opens to better serving renewals. Be understanding all levels of information answers to us, and this is what is being reproduced by these possessed leaders who better open to believing they are equal to us in technology. But be certain all are lies, and no destruction can equal construction.

     Better serving truth of our ways, believe, will serve all with greater seeing, and soon we arrive to open to the world.


      Received by Za, December 4, 2015

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