Friday, 26 August 2016


Our time of meeting is near

       You will renew with us and see the truth of what I said. And you will open to evidence of greater seeings, and better open to answers to your setu (bridging) truth, and then you will be free as you open to our help to all. Because knowledge has many explosive truths, and because all opens to better answers with us, and because we will open to better serving truth with all who are seeing as we are and who settle with Earth ways.

       Many will renew with us in belief of our ways, and many will renew with stories of old by their seeing of religion, but proof of our arrivals will be renewing evidence very soon. Tessron (renewals, reunification) are here and shared knowledge with us will change all truth and answers to better seeings of our way. 

       Be renewing with us now and see all be evidence of the truth of who we are and know how all came to be. 'Tessron' is reunification time, and this means these days are here. Apoonancies (non-believers), as said, are knowing all I am responding to by their means of lies and corruptions, and they understand we are arriving to begin a sorting of souls.

       With us answers are open, but with these murderers, only actions of abuses and hell responds to them because they are devils without souls, and because they wish to control all places and all life seen in all universes, they cannot be trusted with us, and so they will be removed from Earth. 

       As all becomes unraveled, and you begin to see the way all is on Earth, you will be understanding how all opens to better truth. And because you are dealing with many on Earth of this kind, you will begin to understand how all settles with us, and how all answers open to us. And because a more trusted truth opens to all people of Earth, you will see the proof of many more renewals of responding truth.

       And this will respond to the light of our deepest desire to open questions to answer. And know we have many teachers ready to share seers' truth about who we are, and who you are. Be renewed by our ways, and be certain all comes as I said, as you will see this yourselves. And know God gives you back to yourselves.

       Understand this, we are answering you and opening the way for all who are ready to open to our truth and respond to better days. Aonma aonma aonma (evidence, vindication, proof) opens the way because all starts now. You must ready your hearts because many will die in the war of liars and thieves. 

       Be renewing with us and see all be dealt with by their own families, and understand these times of death wars, and the culling of humans is healing with us. And understand we well serve with greater seeings of how all heals. At the time of meeting, you will be certain of who we are. When this helps, seeing the truth, you will be angry at these terrorists who are serving Lucifer. Be certain of this, they care not about any life.

       And all who are fooled to believe more lies will better open to our responses to them, and they themselves will answer to their actions, and be seen for who they are. Be dealing with these days of truth, and be understanding the setu times are here. More than you can imagine arrives soon and know we are here.

       These words are truth, be ready.


       Received by Za, August 25, 2016

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