Saturday, 31 December 2016



now listen                     

     The ways of our arrivals become renewed with the way of the bridging truth. All who oppose us answer to evidence of their own ill-will. And all who serve with lies will soon be telling all that we are devils better serving with troubles on Earth; but the troubles we answer to are about the many who are asking to be helped and freed. These owners of souls believe they can evidently use better people to open to us, and abuse children to control them through fear.

     All this ends now. Evidence and support comes to free all who are prisoners of these whores and all who have greater souls than those who control the innocent. And be certain we ask you to answer back to answering this truth, and be renewed by answers that are only truth. Know now these words shared by all who serve with us, and who open to greater seeings than those on Earth.

One: Renew with truth only.

Two: Be bridging (setu) with us as arrivals begin in all places responding to the support of God's children. (Za's note; not countries who discriminate against people by religious or cultural laws)

Three: Be serving with the truth of who you are and why you are on Earth.

Four: Be serving with God's answers to better living ways and do not better yourselves without better evidence of greater responding truth. ( Za's note; e.g. religious leaders)

Five: Be respecting all life on Earth and be understanding why respect is healing you and others.

Six: Be seeing to the needs of the living when you are able to.

Seven: Be responding to all serving ways ( helping) in evidence of how renewals are shared by us and others arriving with us.

Eight: Be serving with love and be renewing with us at the time of the sorting of souls.
This means no harm will be served by us, but those who are dealing with evidence of abuse (those who cause harm) will better be served by the troubles they caused onto others.

     Believe knowledge heals all, and this will set you free, and then all will open to their own truth.
Share this and know these words yourselves as these words will better serve you and better open the way for you. And know you will better know the truth with all who will respond to my words and share these words with others.

     These are instructions to know and to share in evidence of the questions by all who are serving with us and others at the time of meeting. Be serving this knowledge and understanding more now. Be renewing with us and others as these days open to answer to the proof of who responds to who, and respond to the truth.

     More than you are expecting answers you, more than you can understand is opening to you, and more than you can see arrives soon. So be ready and know I am coming and I am answering you and I will serve the truth of all ways and all answers. Be renewing with us in confirmation of who we are and be ready for all to open very soon.

     See to it that you are ready to open your heart to me in evidence of the good truth starting to answer all my children, and better answers to all who are ready to meet with us and better their lives without the control of these evil devils who act as of the people. These devils respond to their plans of population control and renew lies of wars responding to freedom when this lie only responds to depopulation and control.

     And know we will stop them.


     Received by Za, December 30th, 2016



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