Wednesday, 18 January 2017



God's children are not group specific

     Israel is not a place for us. You see a map but it is not there. Israel is not a country, it is a place inside people. I am saying this to open your thoughts to these words. Be understanding this truth and be understanding that Israel meaning is the 'home for my children'. This place is in your heart and not a country.

     All Israel is, is a place of commerce and nothing more. Many ask 'why are many humans renewing with this?' And I say to them: ' All these humans want is to well control a place of commerce near and through important water ways. So, they are creating a lie and a great deception to answer to this control of territories and only this.

     There are no Holy places on Earth and there never was. All is about money riches and control; to make the Temple of Jerusalem a holy place with the control of great leaders of money riches; to serve them a control of territory. All to answer to them with the lies they made of my words to declare this. And know we are not renewing with places many humans built to better themselves in a wealth of possessions only to control people into believing that my words answer (only) them. 

     They well renew with evidence of another who uses these lies of 'God's children' when it is not our truth. Be understanding all has a purpose now as arrivals become seen and served, and answers are renewed with us only. Be prepared to share knowledge with us and others, only as visits begin, and the true children of God are answered.

     My children are not tied to any religion or any groups or any country or any serving governments or any religious leader. They are scattered on Earth among the people and are placed, on their time of conception, in a place not suited for them. They are on Earth to open to the knowledge with/of the inequities of their lives experiences, to study all ways of evil and are settling with answers to many trusted truths. This answers to evidence of greater responding truth soon opening to them, only them.

     This excludes all who see themselves above all others, and these ones will be answered by me and my armies, who will find them under any rock or in any hole. 


      Received by Za, January 18, 2017

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